Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Spreading Myself Around a Little Bit

I've been a busy Little Cherry putting together some tutorials!

I'm a sucker for designing things in Photoshop (not very good at it, but I try!) and had so much fun coming up with colour schemes and design ideas for them. Yes I am aware I need to get out more ;)

Anyway firstly I have TWO FREE tutorials for you to download! You may have to be on a computer to do this, as once you have gone through the check-out process the download will be e-mailed to you in a link.

Owl Cupcake toppers using only circles:

And everyone's favourite (or most requested!) pink piggy...Peppa!

In the shop I also have two paid tutorials, the very popular Pug Cupcake Toppers, and a tutorial on how to make a whole hatbox cake complete with peeping Panda!

I've had great feedback on them all so far and pictures of what you have made using them!

So yeah I've been spreading myself into other areas such as tutorials and I have more planned when time allows. Hope you like them!!!

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