Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Shiny New Look!

Wooooo look at me!! Swanky new blog - what do you think?

I've wanted a customized blog template for quite a while, I knew how to do a few bits - but not exactly how I wanted it so I sent my friend Pip at Open Door Media a mock up of what I wanted it to look like and BOOM here it is! She had this knocked up in a day!

I chose the colours - I wanted to stay blue (my old blog was blue so didn't want to stray TOO far from that.) and I created that 'mini me' picture in Photoshop. A HUGE achievement for me because I can do diddly squat in it so was quite chuffed how it came out :)

I practically live in my military boots and have a dumb expression on my face most hours of the day so its quite fitting! It is rather pastelly and 'pretty' which isn't usually my style but I have thrown brains and skulls in for good measure.

I have neglected my blog LOADS these past few months. I rarely have time to sneeze most weeks but I'm hopefully sorting the business out so I actually have abit of 'me' time. Blogging, films, Xboxing, other creative outlets and time with the family are seriously lacking in my life!
It will mean my cake prices go up, it is afterall my full time and only job, and I'm working 7 days a week for WAY less than a normal 5 days pay. But less of that for now :)

Hopefully as a result of a business change around I may get more time to blog AND add some tutorials for you guys!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Heres to hopefully abit of blogging action :)