Sunday, 31 March 2013

Never underestimate the power of parcels!

Hey guys!

I still have so much to write about, Cake International, the awesome EWE2 wedding fair, the amazing Van Gogh project I was lucky enough to be involved in....
But I only have time for a small post today, and Im feeling the love (must be the easter eggs I had for breakfast!)

When it comes to these things I'm quite naive and just expect my posts to be taken as they are written. I never see how things I write could be taken in a different context as I'm just so simple and straight forward :). So I'm trying to be more aware of this fact, and would just like to say this post isn't a 'look at me, I'm showing off' but more of the fact I want to thank these people publicly for being so generous and amazing in the past few weeks and what impact its had :)

SO lets kick things off....

Firstly I want to show you what sits ontop of my fridge:

Yep thats alot of bottles! And no I'm not planning a party.
These bottles have all kindly been given to me by customers and friends. I haven't opened any of them, they just sit there ontop of my fridge to remind me how lovely some people can be. You are probably thinking I'm stark raving mad, why haven't you opened all these bottles and drank them already!?! That maybe because I'm more of a cider drinker ;) BUT that doesn't mean I appreciate them any less, it means I get to look at them everyday when I start baking. They are almost like little caking trophies :D

Then comes the really personal gifts, these are the people who know my personality, we have become friends through cake, they have been out shopping and spotted something which reminds them of me. THAT is utterly amazing. Majority of these gifts will of course be skull themed ;)
     I have no idea what I do to deserve gifts. A simple thank-you and a few words about their cake is more than enough, just knowing I have done a good job for them. I don't deserve such awesome gifts!

My lovely friend Lorna bought me the above. A pair of skull socks and a skull scarf, and such a lovely card! Blown away. Thank-you Lorna :)

Then more skulls!! Check out that awesome bit of paper eye candy!!
It came with a sugar skull scarf and an adorable cupcake necklace. This was bought by the mummy of the adorable twins Jasper and Archie, whose cake was a cartoon castle :)

As most people reading this will be cake makers you will understand the feeling of a parcel dropping through the door and thinking 'hmmmm what did I order?!'
I will always order things off impulse if I come across something for cakes but ALWAYS forget. So when that knock at the door comes and the postman hands you a parcel you can't help but think what cakey tool is this? What did I buy again!?
You can imagine my absolute shock at finding things like this inside, and with the most gorgeous notes/cards/letters too. Thank-you Amy :)

Then there are the simple words written on an envelope that make me grin from ear to ear.

Again, its all a case of people knowing just what I'm like :) Thanks Catherine for brightening up my day :)

Then get this, a customer baked ME some cakes! I NEVER get cakes baked for me! And they were yummy too :) Again a few simple words in a card...JUST amazing XD Never fails to make me smile. Thanks Joanna!

I am the luckiest caker EVER, I have some of THE best customers around! All laid back, generous, fun and quite a few nutters thrown in ;) I always did attract the nutters...ha ha :D

But these next two are special too, do you know why? These aren't even customers! These are two people I met through the EWE wedding fair, confirming what I already knew, 'alternative' people are the best :D

Firstly Jaime and Pete from Jamball, they make some kickass button and felt bouquets and have just branched out into some amazing felt brooches! The story? It's as simple as turning upto the EWE2 wedding fair and being presented with a cute pink and white striped bag. Inside?........

LOOK AT IT!! Its handmade just for me and no-one has one like it! Its cherries, it has a skull face on it, it has Jack style stitches for the mouth and freakin BUTTONS FOR EYES. I mean SERIOUSLY! So much awesomeness in one bag and this was given to me...'just because'! Jaime and Pete, you guys rawk. Thank-you so much for the unexpected surprise!

Want to see what else they can do?...

Yep that's handmade, and yes it will look awesome at your wedding :)

*sigh* People are amazing.

The next gift is also handmade, by one VERY special person. I must talk and waffle on alot for all these people to know my personality and what I love (I don't even realize I'm doing it!). One of my other loves is Adventure Time. Yes its a KIDS cartoon on Cartoon Network but I think it has a bigger adult following than children...

It comes as no surprise either that I'm also Zombie fan.
Cue the most epic mash-up....a ZOMBIE FINN...

I mean how talented is Jen?! She makes fab wedding cake toppers and keyrings: Little Ruby Red
Handpainted to perfection in all its Zombie glory.

I met Jen at the first EWE where we just instantly fell into a natural geek-filled conversation and we kept in touch on Facebook where I ordered Adam the most fab set of keyrings for Valentines Day!


Now to say I've had a tough month would be an understatement, there's been family illnesses involving various hospital trips which is still ongoing, an immense amount of work to be done in such a short amount of time ranging from the general cake orders, to my first competition, and a wedding fair to get ready for, and then I got ill myself. There were no hours to spare so I basically worked around the clock and exhausted myself.

Then during this another parcel arrived. It had the most gorgeous letter in I've probably ever received. It basically said she was planning to give me Finn at the EWE2 wedding fair but thought I needed it now during my busy month. I mean come on...HOW NICE IS THAT!? Not even a customer, we only met once and I feel incredibly lucky to call her a friend :D She wrote the letter basically giving me a kick up the bum, made me believe I COULD do all this and not to give up.
With that I finished all my jobs (didn't get them entirely finished like I would have liked but still...I did it)
I think I owe Jen big time.
At the time of writing this she's fairly poorly, so if you like her work shown here so far PLEASE go and check her out on Facebook, I'm sure some of you lovely people can cheer her up with a 'like'!

Little Ruby Red

Thanks Jen, never change xx

        So you've got this far, have you needed a sick bucket yet from all the soppiness?! ha ha sorry but I need to thank these people, I am not showing off at how many gifts I've got or 'look how many friends I have' I'm genuinely blown away every time something drops through my letterbox. And thank-you to all those people have sent me cards too, I am not forgetting you! I'm just showing the most recent. THANK-YOU for all your lovely words and lovely paper eye candy! I've kept them all :)

Yesterday I had ANOTHER parcel...yes more!
Inside was a 'scream' magazine (horror magazine) My lovely friend Lorna has sent me 3 of these now, off her own back, paid the postage and paid for the magazine to read herself. ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS!

Usually the only thing to drop through my door are bills. For years its either been bills, junk mail and LOTS of takeaway menus! I had started to forget that people actually still send things through the post, what with social media ready at the fingertips. Just a card with a stamp on it can leave me grinning for a week.

Never ever underestimate the power of parcels and letters. You might just make someones entire month  xxx

Thanks guys xxx

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