Monday, 12 November 2012

Come and look at my dirty motorbike tyres...

Hey guys! I have a day off today WOO HOO so catching up with my blogging :)

On Sunday 4th November I attended a wedding fair. But with a difference!
This was the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (shortened to EWE.... don't be a wedding sheep...get it?) It was to attract geeks, gamers, rockabillys, goths, punks and everyone inbetween, and you guys know I LOVE people like that. People who didn't want the cookie-cutter weddings of white 'prettyness'. But do you want to know the thing that blew my socks off....there was an INVITE ONLY exhibitor list. Yes! Invite only! on earth did I get to be among all this awesomeness?!

Well that's down to the lovely Assassynation Photography who was one third of the organizers along with Jo of The Couture Company and Vikki of Lillia

These guys had created a wedding fair that was so far up my street it was staring through my keyhole. I was mega nervous, we were told to create a stand that didn't look like other wedding fayres - give it a theme. I was abit of a late comer to the show, I already had cake orders to fullfill and I didn't have much time to go out shopping to create a theme (or the money to be honest) But I didn't want to let them down with a white tablecloth!
I needed to think of something quick...a rock and roll/biker theme came naturally due to the amount of skull things I own so set about sourcing stuff for it.

I have awesome friends! My mate Keiran brought me 2 huge amps to use and a guitar stand (for the rock and roll part) and my brother sourced lots of bike tyres for me (for the biker part!)
I bought some black bed sheets and silver drawing pins...why? To create a black tablecloth with bad ass 'studs' ha ha ha. A black leather table cloth with REAL studs would have looked much more awesome but ya know, gotta improvise!

I was winging this entire thing just hoping I didn't look too much like a tit among all the other amazing stands.
With all the references to the 'EWE' and not being a sheep, I took an old toy sheep of the kids *ahem...mine* gave him some studded leg gear and bandana *black ribbon with drawing pins...*cough*) and printed out a skull for his wooly jumper!

After getting all the bits and pieces ready we played a mean game of tetris in the car with 5 boxed cakes, skulls, 2 large amps, 4 bike tyres, tester cakes, a sign, props, table cloths and of course the baaaad ass mother flocker sheep ;)

We set off in the early hours to Birmingham which is roughly a 2 hour trip. Arrived at an amazing venue - Fazeley Studios to unpack. Sarah aka Sassy from Assassynation showed me to my table and we began the task of sticking drawing pins into bed sheets like total amateurs ha ha. As I left Adam doing that I went to the car and started hauling in the tyres. It was a surreal experience turning into the studios - black boots on, my leather jacket, two dirty big motorbike tyres under my arms...wait...dirty?! Holy crap we didn't have time to clean them! I'll just have to say the mud gives my table more character! ha ha I watched people hanging the most gorgeous things up, and here I was barging through with great big black (muddy) monstrosities!

The more and more items I brought in though the more I this could actually work! Placing the cakes on the table was nerve wracking, what would the other exhibitors thing? Are they TOO geeky/crazy? Would people like them? I took a step back to make sure everything fit and took a picture :)

My second wedding fair! But this time in the RIGHT place :)

I already owned the Outatime number plate, you know I'm a geek like that :) And thought it would go perfect with the Back to the Future Wedding cake!

Here are the 5 cakes up close...

The Till Death us Do Part:

Cherry Love:

Back to the Future:

Hakuna Matata (which of course was my own wedding cake!)

and the Rockabilly Romance:

I met some AMAZING people throughout the day all of which I've managed to track down through Facebook or Twitter and I get to see their amazingness on a daily basis. I highly recommend you check them out!

I first came across Shelly of Toast of Leeds and Jay of Jay Mountford Photography who stopped by my stand with some lovely compliments and were a breath of fresh air after a 2 hour drive. Genuinely gorgeous people who were a pleasure to giggle with. Not only that but they are T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D to boot!

I didn't have time to speak to the organizers much (Sassy, Jo and Vikki), but when I did they were all lovely too :) Jo had lovely warm hands (in a none creepy kind of way...I was freezing! lol) There were expect-idly busy with running the show which I have to say was just amazing for their very first one! It was so busy, friendly and in one word 'EPIC'.

Setting up next to me with some of the most random (but awesome!) stuff was Cabinets of Curiosity. They had so many things to look at!

Photo by Jay Mountfield Photography

We both disappeared off for a while checking out the other stuff on offer, loads of amazing vendors!
Jamball make gorgeous alternative bouquets, one had so many brooches and sparkles on it weighed a ton! It was so pretty!

by Louise Holgate Photography
There were dresses, headwear, stylists, stationary, shoes (amazing shoes!) Entertainers and everything inbetween.

As I was cutting up the sample cakes the floodgates opened and Mr & Mrs-to-be's were filling rooms quickly! Each cake pretty much got equal amounts of attention which was good! Grooms loved the Back to the Future cake, and the Till Death Us Do Part was still a popular choice too. I cannot...and STILL cannot believe how many business cards went, I haven't seen anything like it in my life! Some one asked me for a business card - I said 'yeah they are just on the.....'
The front of the table was empty,
'O just grab one from the guitar...' Oh, that was empty too!
I was just throwing business cards all over the table all day as they were going so fast!

Image by Jay Mountford Photography

The guests at the venue had the most awesome wedding ideas! One particular couple who were ever so sweet were just starting their planning and was thinking of having a Disney's UP theme. cute?! I loved those guys. I soon became to realize this is JUST were I was supposed to be, their ideas and weddings got me SO excited, and that's what its all about.

There was also a fashion show - some AMAZING dresses on show... including this one, which couldn't have matched my Rockabilly Romance cake more if it tried!

Image by A Very Curious Wedding
You can read their lovely account of the day in two parts: Here & Here

Also the model above (as were the others) were an absolute pleasure to talk to! They made me feel right at home and seemed to all love my cakes!
I got an 'OMG' when they approached the stand, and then after finding out my skulls were solid chocolate it turned into a 'HOLY SHITBALLS!' ha ha XD

The blogger who took the above picture (from A Very Curious Wedding) was lovely...and had also been on the wine ;) ha ha Such a fab and upbeat couple :)

After the fashion show and lots more talking to brides I decided to leave my table in the *capable* hands of Adam whilst I went for a nosey at the tables I had missed the exhibitors on the first time.

As I walked into the room I was greeted by a pristine red lipped 1940's styled lady wielding a tray of chocolate cake, I had eaten LOTS of cake only 2 minutes before hand from my own stall but felt rude to decline! ha ha It was Restoration Cake who had kitted out her stall as a bombed out cake shop!

Munching on yet more cake I found Love Illustrated who's first piece I spotted was inspired by Marceline from Adventure Time, I recognized it straight away!

image by Love Illustrated
Isn't it great!!

The stall next to these was a fab cake topper stall Little Ruby Red. As soon as she mentioned she knew about Adventure Time I knew we were on the same wavelength...not to mention she has the COOLEST electric blue hair!

Image by Louise Holgate Photography

Can you believe her stand traveled all the way to Birmingham on public transport?!
Her toppers were seriously up my street...the zombie one was my all time fav!

Image by Louise Holgate Photography

She was one of my fav exhibitors of the day and I now stalk her on Twitter XD genuinely gorgeous witty person :)

Another fav stall of mine was Revive Me Boutique again, same wave length, skulls, cherries and batman on shoes, necklaces and clutch bags....SERIOUSLY!

Image by Jay Mountford Photography

The above image is one of my faves from Jay Mountford Photography

Whilst eyeing up this stand I was joined by Kat from Rock n Roll Bride Blog she had taken a picture of my Back to the Future Wedding cake and Tweeted it as 'Best.Cake. Ever!' Squeeeeeee!

Whilst standing around chatting to all these lovely hair, blue hair, green hair, dip died, I realized just how short I actually was, they towered over me and I seemed to stand there like a little geeky shrimp wearing boots!

I headed back to my stand as the day came to a close and I was still buzzing from the amount of lovely comments, interest and just damn nice people I had met! It started a world of 'networking' which I had never done before. I wasn't even doing it for it to be helpful to my business...I was just doing it because they were all so nice I wanted to stay in touch ha ha.

Just before pack-up I saw this gorgeous little blonde haired boy approach, I had to look twice when I saw his arms full of tattoos and realized it was attached to his t-shirt! His parents MUST be awesome!
As I looked up from there I spotted the cutest little family of 3 boys with their mummy and daddy......which turned out to be Steve Gerrard Photography! Hes in the middle of re-branding so keep an eye out for more amazing stuff from them :)

Image by Toast of Leeds

The eventful day had come to an end, I feel blessed to have been apart of all that! And so thankful to Sassy for believing I was good enough to fit in with them all. There are rumours of another one next year...If they ever wanted me back I'd be there in a heartbeat! (aslong as it wasn't too far away ;)) ha ha. I don't think I have used as many 'good' words in one post before 'awesome, amazing, gorgeous, lovely,' I was running out, but I mean each and every one.

I also have to give special mention to all the fab photographers on the day who have given me permission to use their photos. I asked most of you, but if any of you want me to take them down just let me know!

Now there's also someone who wasn't at the show, but needs a special mention as I discovered her only a day after being asked to EWE and she very much fits in with this whole 'alternative' business. I found her RIGHT ON MY DOOR STEP in Lancashire...ClickClickBang Photography
I was originally looking for an 'alternative photographer' to maybe work with, I couldnt find anyone local.....I NEVER expected it to lead to this!! I came back with a whole bunch of new friends and contacts...loads of amazing exhibitors and photographers. I cant wait to see if any of them would like to use and abuse me for projects! ha ha. And if they do, I will be ready XD

So much exciting stuff happening right now :) x

Monday, 5 November 2012

How crap am I?

Sorry guys, I haven't been around for a LONG time. I totally miss my blogging, but at the same time I'm just far too busy. Some days I don't even get chance to fart, nevermind sit and write anything!

I really must try harder. I'm working on taking specific jobs which will hopefully mean working a LITTLE less so I can get other jobs done around the house. You don't even want to SEE how thick the dust is on my xbox!! I miss it so much!

So much has happened that I can't even update you on (even the last part of my wedding story!), but hopefully you've been hanging around on my facebook page.
My new website launched at Halloween made by my amazingly talented friend Pip at Open Door Media.
The sister site to Little Cherry.

I LOVE it so much and it really captures the look of being not your everyday cake maker!

Black Cherry type of cakes really is where my heart lies, I still love cakes with pretty roses, but nothing gets me more excited than a film/gamer or geeky theme.
I also attended my first 'alternative' wedding fair yesterday - it was AMAZING but I will report about that in another post if I can steal images from people who were there! I didn't get many!

Sooo...just thought I'd show my face so you know I'm alive. I have met some amazing people which you will no doubt hear about here on my blog in the next few posts, but for now......I'm going to dust, clean or play on the Xbox as I haven't had chance to for ages.......I think I know which one is going to win! lol

See you guys soon! xx