Tuesday, 11 September 2012

When I cry I don't want tissues, I want bad-ass skull and crossbone tissues!

Yayuh! How are you all!?

Well its past the 2d September, which means I am now a Mrs!

I have a huge story with so much to share so I will have to do this in parts :)
Here goes...

Saturday 1st September 2012 -The day before the wedding

The car was packed with the last minute wedding bits that needed dropping off at the zoo. Sweets, donuts, flapjacks, cakes and more sugary stuff. We had driven through the zoo before to get to Oakfield Manor, except this time when we pulled up the doors were shut - a little odd but we got out the car anyway. As I slammed the car door shut a crackle came over the tannoy, followed by '*Animal Alert! Animal Alert! In the Oakfield area, can all members of staff report to their designated areas...I repeat...*'

I glanced at Adam who's face was a little like this:

I might add at this point we were about 8 meters away from the Lion exhibit and Adam doesn't really have a head like a Lego man...

We heard a latch click and saw a little head pop from around the Oakfield Manor door, 'Can you please step inside for a moment - we have an animal loose! Please take a seat'
As we sat down I started wondering which animal it was....something amazing like a rhino charging, or even a rebel tortoise strutting its sexy shell through the dinosaur walk. Either way I had a car FULL of sugar I was hoping would be safe outside. After about 5 minutes we were told it was ok, we could go back outside as they think it was staff just messing about on the tannoy. Erm....yeah lets hope so because I don't want a tiger feasting on my leg as I'm bringing the cake in.

We dumped all the stuff in the staffs capable hands and left for a few free hours around Chester. According to signs, Chester was REALLY busy due to Ladies Day and a Motorbike Show nearby so we opted to go to a retail park and scout out a cinema.
The only viewing that early in the morning was 'Brave' by Disney. If like me you watched the trailer and didn't think it was amazingly enticing compared to other Disney films you still need to see it! I hadn't spent too much time reading about it as it didn't seem too good, but I was wrong. The storyline is something entirely different to what the trailer shows, otherwise it would be a huge spoiler!

Sitting in the dark with abit of Disney, and of course popcorn, was just heavenly after all the stress and rushing of wedding planning. For those few hours we had nothing to do, nothing to worry about and nothing to sort. We managed to fit movie time in right at the last minute = happy Tracey.

After that we booked in at our hotel. The Double Tree Hilton at Chester no less! ha ha

Now most of you wont have met me in person, but if you've been here on my blog a while, you will soon grasp that I'm not a very 'posh' person. Damn I try my hardest sometimes when we visit somewhere nice. Not that I worry what people think about me - but I'd like to think I can control myself in some cases, just to prove to myself I can be normal when needed ha ha.
I am me...a geek, a chatterbox, and a lover of all things horror/quirky stuff, but sometimes.....just sometimes I call upon myself to at least TRY and seem like I belong in a place like that. I fail miserably when I'm presented with 3 different forks for one meal. I feel a little bit like Ariel from The Little Mermaid combing my hair with one of them.


The family were slowly arriving at the hotel, and we had planned to have something to eat together that night.
What better place than the hotel in which we were all staying?

but a Marco Pierre White restaurant is in there for Pete's Sake!
This guy......

That is of course, Marco....not Pete.

Yeah I'm not paying £28.00 for a steak, combing my hair with your remaining forks and challenging THAT.^^^

Frankie and Bennys it is then!

How many of you have been to Frankie and Benny's? The answer is probably ALOT, but this was only my second time. I have a new found love for the place, the menu has some lovely little things on it, each time the staff have been really upbeat, and the atmosphere (not to mention the music) is fab! Reminds me a little of an American Diner (remember my bucket list?) Not that I've ever been in an American diner, but I'm guessing its a little similar.

We went there with the Father-in-Law, my Mum and Dad, and our 2 monsters.

After full tums of pizza's, calzone, and ice- cream the kids left with balloons....and the Father-in-law.

We retired back to the hotel to sort out our rooms. Mine was a standard double room...pretty small considering I had to manoeuvre (spell check tried to make me write Vancouver lol) around the bottom of the bed in a wedding dress, so I asked if I could upgrade. 'Sorry we are fully booked due to Lady's Day'.

I went up to my Mum and Dad's room with some bits. Jaw dropping! They had a small front room at the side of their bedroom, 2 TV's, a DVD player, a dining table, a sofa, complimentary robes, bigger bed, and a HUGE amount of space compared to mine. Guess which room I was going to be getting ready in after seeing that! :)

After bathing the kids, ferrying lots of last minute bits from room to room it was late, I was tired and it was time for bed. How was I running around like a headless chicken and the groom was sat in his room with his Dad with beer and X Factor?!
As I reached my hotel door with my flashy little keycard I could feel tears starting to drop. What is happening?! I closed the door behind me, the room was silent and dark and I started to ball my eyes out like a little girl. Why was I crying....I'd love to give you a reason, but I have no idea!
Was it all the stress coming out? The fact I hadn't said goodnight to Adam properly with being too busy? The fact I was getting married? The possibility of me not being able to say my vows for crying? Not a clue.

All I can remember thinking was how the hell am I going to cope tomorrow? I had tried reading my vows (to practice) in my kitchen at home wearing Adams yeti slippers and I couldn't even say those without crumbling. I was going to NEED tissues.
I sat in bed when I had a text from Adam. 'R U ok?'
Well, cue Niagara Falls number two.
He came down to my room to see if I was Ok. Technically we wern't breaking any 'traditions' (not that our wedding was traditional anyway! lol) because it wasn't the day of the wedding yet :)
After a cuddle and a few snotty tissues I was ready for sleep.

Sunday 2nd September 2012

I suddenly woke up. My alarm was set for 8.00am, but my eyes opened at 6.00am and I was wide awake. It's too early to get up yet - lets see whats on TV

Woo Hoooo cake programmes I cant get at home. After about 15 minutes the bloke at the bakery I was watching got irritating so I changed channels. On flicked a lion...hmm this is fitting for today, lets watch this.
Then a man jumped on its back, and he rode it around its enclosure...WHAT THE?!
End of part one made me actually giggle. The programme music was the CHEESIEST I had ever heard....

Listening to it now wasn't too bad, but at 6.15am in the morning in a dark room I couldn't help but laugh.

'Hes a... LION MAN and hes doing all he can.....'

After that giggle I got in the shower, feeling rather good...not teary, not emotional....just ok.

I had a knock at the door. It was my mum in her robe. Wait...a robe? She has been walking the corridor and lifts of Hilton wearing her robe? lol
She was delivering something to my room from Adam.

Now its not immediately apparent to those of you who aren't geeks....but I spotted it straight away!
 I was touched he had written 'Wedding Survival Kit' in Goonies font :)

I finished off my shower and wrapped in a towel I opened my bag. I came across an envelope which said 'open me last'. Some bottles of cherry cider with a bottle opener, some really naughty chunky chocolate biscuits, a giftcard for H&M, and these:


Its not everyday you can say your groom bought you a giraffe :)
We have some tickets to go and see them too. My name should be on their plaque after the 20th September so it will be a nice excuse to visit again :)



After drooling over wedding blogs for months/years it soon became apparent that the most popular gifts given to a bride by their groom  is expensive jewellery, expensive shoes, expensive perfume, expensive designer sheer scarves....basically the word being 'expensive'. What do I get? a FREAKIN GIRAFFE,  AN IPAD 3 AND CHERRY CIDER!. That my dears is why I love my groom...he knows just how random I am, and how I am not like the typical bride gushing over diamonds.

I read my lovely letter - made me fill-up again! But after that I had my 'cool' head back on. I got my crap together and made my way to the lift with bare feet. Surely no-one else is going to be up at this time? 'Ding' the lift doors open and out walks a girl...I'm standing there in electric blue leggings, a skull top, bare feet with purple twinkle toes, wild un-styled hair, holding armfulls of stuff like a tramp.
Great. My posh image lasted all of 2 seconds! ha ha

I scurried up to the next floor to my Mums 'suite' oo-er!
The morning was quite relaxed! I had jam on toast that Adam had secretly ordered for me, which came with a basket of muffins, croissants (yea I even think those are posh!) and other fancy bread things. I took my camera to try and capture some morning preparations as my amazing photographer wasn't coming till 11am.
I just got one of Kai chilling, and one of Abbi in her PJ's :)

Everything was ready, everything was tidy and all I had to do was wait for people to arrive. Whats even better is that I even had time to watch ANOTHER FILM!! 'Flushed Away'

Well...part of it anyway ;)

Then all at once everything kicked in...2 of my bridesmaids, 2 ushers and my nephew and niece arrived with the flowers.

I managed to get a pic of all the kiddies on the bed :)

Looks like my Niece Bethan is telling my 2 a little story! ^^^^

Bethan spots her Daddy...

My Nephew Myles :)

And my Dad having time to relax with a cuppa!

No sooner had they arrived I heard a phone ringing...It was the Hilton bedroom phone! Never had anyone ring my room before...ha ha
I answered to be told my make-up artist and photographer were on their way up.

EEEKKK....its happening now!

The lovely Jodie of Jodie A Smith  (wedding industry award winner by the way!) came in with her HUGE trunk of make-up. She is going to need alot to do something with my face! ha ha
She also has a facebook page which I'm sure she would love for you to join!

Followed by Lisa of Lisa Aldersley Photography - who also has a facebook page, and is often published on the fronts of magazines found in WHSmiths ;)
They both work together quite alot, and also were brides themselves this year!

Within 2 minutes I was sat having my hair put into rollers and having my extensions curled! For someone who has never even touched an extension in her life this was a pretty weird experience LOL Holding up pieces of real hair that weren't attached to my head, watching them being curled with straighteners.
I was in very capable hands though!

I only seemed to be sat there a couple of minutes before my hair was all up in rollers and I was free to gather my wedding goodies for Lisa to photograph and it was Mum's turn for make-up.

Everything from then on got a little hectic! My Mum couldn't find Abbi's shoes (which I know we packed!) so she got into a right tizz and was flying about all over the place, which in turn made my Ushers take over the task of finding them and made them late ha ha.
My Dad was supposed to take the kids down to my empty room so they could get ready and us girls could all chill out getting ready and sip Bucks Fizz (Schloer for the pregnant bridesmaid! lol) from the glasses I brought with me. But my Dad disappeared for a beer somewhere with the room key so Lisa had to entertain Abbi with 'round and round the garden' and Jodie got hounded for pink lipstick. LOL They were both amazing that morning with what they had to put up with!

I had a trail with Jodie before the day....but that was back when I owned my first wedding dress, a silver Sincerity dress which just wasn't 'me' and didn't fit the 'fun' element of the day. So when Jodie arrived, saw the new dress and all my bits of crazy jewellery she said 'I thought you would have gone for something more adventurous with your make-up'  So I said...go for it! She just worked her magic and did whatever she wanted with my hair, and I was chuffed because I had wanted abit more impact on the lips which she certainly delivered! I ended up with 2 cute little plaits in my hair too, and my homemade (bodge-job made from a claires accessories flower, purple clip and a diamante button off an old pair of jeans!) hair clip which she placed at the front for all to see. I'm go glad I just let her loose, after all she knows whats shes doing and what shes talking about! And I had individual lashes for the first time which I was REALLY pleased with, I loved them!

The Ushers kept popping in looking all flustered that they were late and finally set off to the Zoo. I seemed to have said goodbye to Jodie as quickly as I had said Hello! Lisa was in for the long haul though :)
The next part was a blur, I remember having to almost throw my dress on, leaving my blue leggings on under my dress which I almost forgot to take off, bending over to try and put my garter on and hearing the back of the dress pop, and struggling to get my shoes on. Cue me starting to sweat and panic at being late as stuff was suddenly all hurried! Luckily someone got the kids ready for me! ha ha

My third bridesmaid arrived. Bearing an awesome gift......

If I was going to cry (which was highly likely) only the bad-assessed of tissues were going to do the job for this bride


We managed to open some champers, have literally 2 sips, and it was down to the lobby where my wedding car was waiting........

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  1. I know what happens next but just like reading your blog ,Jodie and Lisa,where amazing and where great with the kids ,wish we could turn the clock back and do it all again ,everyone said what a great day they had .Can't wait for the photos,off Lisa and the DVD of Paddy and Sparky .