Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lions, Tigers, Zebras...and lungs.

Hey guys!

I take it quite a few of you liked the first part! I've been asked for the second part already LOL...Here is some of the rest :) (apologies I'm just using photos robbed from guests! The professional ones aren't ready yet. Its gonna take some mighty fine photoshop skills to fix my face!)

So when I left you guys I was on my way down to the lobby. As soon as I exited the lift I was aware of a sudden problem - I was tripping/standing on my underskirt. Ok so those of you who don't know what one is, its like a loopy skirt you wear under your dress, keeping the dress fabric off your legs so you can walk. As far as I know they are pretty much a set size, with me being so short (yes I know!) I had to pull the skirt right up above my waist, almost under my bloomin armpits. But I am obviously a little skinnier there than my hips, so the skirt had slowly made its way down...meaning it was too long and I was tripping on it.
All I could think about was me walking in...and tripping flat on my face.Lovely.

As we got outside I was about to sort the skirt out when I noticed loads of people, and the campervan driver holding the door open for us.
Yes we had a campervan! She was gorgeous, cream on the outside and purple on the inside. Her name?...Tiffany XD

I climbed inside and had to pull all my 'fluff' in (from the dress ha ha)
My dad and my girlies all got in and we set off!

Its only about 6 minutes up the road to the zoo so in that time I looked around at my lovely bridesmaids all wearing their purple dresses and holding the colourful flowers and seeing how nervous/excited they were getting for me.
We thought about undoing my dress and fixing my skirt at one point but as we entered the zoo gates there were HUNDREDS of people. They all got ushered upto the sides of the paths as zoo staff walked the car in, and everyone stopped and stared.....Yeah suffice to say I didn't undo my zip and let my back fat flop out for all the general public to see!

I was trying not to look out of the windows, but everytime I glanced there were hundreds of eyes staring back at woman in a wheelchair even waved at me ha ha. So I waved back trying to not look like the queen (not that I have grey hair or a crown...)
The bridesmaids were getting butterflies for me and also couldn't believe all the people staring!

As we pulled up I could see the photographers snapping away, I just thought to myself now is not the time to fall out of the van head first. I got out and made my way into the entrance hall. I NEEDED to sort my skirt out...still too long! As I walked in the registrar and her assistant came to ask us the usual questions, as soon as I was done the first thing I did was started to heave my dress up and pluck at the waistband. It was not a pretty sight. There were staff all over Oakfield Manor, I noticed a videographer filming me....but I didn't care, it needed to be done. I was wriggling, writhing, plucking and grabbing at my dress (anyone who has gotten married in a large dress will sympathize here with how darn difficult it is to even grab any type of undergarment! lol)
I just hope the videographer forgives me and most of all...edits that part out ha ha

For the ceremony we had left sweet popcorn boxes and flags on the guests seats (to fit in with our film theme), film theme tunes playing (yes we even had ghostbusters!) and some comical reserved signs for a few of the wedding party :)

My Dads was - Inspector Gadget (he loves new gizmos and gadgets!) Go go gadget tissues..
Mums - Inch High Private Eye
Kai - The Foghorn (he likes to make noise lol)
Bridesmaid Christine - The Goblin King (Labyrinth fan! ha ha)
Bestman - The Fisherman
My Auntie - Gollum (she likes Lord of the has nothing to do with the fact with how he looks....ha ha)
Adam's sister - The Jockey (she has a horse lol)
and plenty more :)
I was hoping these went down well.

As I looked up, my bridesmaids had already disappeared and had been ushered in. I could just about see my bridesmaid Christine's hubby and children stood at the door and could hear her 2 year old daughter shouting 'mummy! mummy!' it was so cute XD

Our entrance music was abit of Bryan Adams :) Thought the words were really nice, and were also used in the film Spirit (what? we have to stick to our film theme!) ha ha

I can remember in that split second wondering what Adam would be doing. He had said in the run up to the wedding that he would be fine in the this:

And that when he knew I was arriving he would be quiet and silently pooping his pants...but he wasn't going to cry.

He he.

This was it....when was I going to cry? Would I trip up? How fast should I walk?
We got ushered in, the music was playing and I set off. My Dad held me back and said 'now now...your rushing!!'
I walked a little slower and turned into the door way...I looked up and saw Adam standing at the end in his converse, looking back at me with his cute little belly hanging out of his waistcoat ha ha. I'm sure he won't mind me saying that...I love his cuddly egg :) (and if he does... there's nothing he can do because I've posted it now anyway!)

I looked back at the floor, I didn't want to look at him too long just incase I started to cry already. I looked at my arm, back at the floor, glanced at Adam again, glanced at the floor, then back at my arm...and before I knew it I was standing beside him. I didn't see ANYONE else walking in. I didn't know who was sat where, or who came...I was just trying not to cry or trip up.
Because I hadn't looked at Adam for long, he later told me he almost blubbed when I walked in (which was really weird as he doesn't cry at things like that!) as soon as he saw me walk round the doorway in my dress he had to bite his lip multiple times to stop the tears falling. Awwww.

From then on, it went so fast. She asked for us to turn and face each other.....o dear. The vows were coming. Even when saying those I only glanced up at Adam for a few seconds at a time, then back down to my hands as I concentrated.
'Adam can you please pick up the ring you chose for Tracey'
....he picked his own up. Ha ha.
When it came to mine I just repeated what she said...I wasn't nervous, I wasn't emotional, I was just concentrating. I looked down after one string of words and saw Adam wearing the bracelets I bought him...but one was missing?...
O crap! Slip of concentration..what did the registrar just say?
After trying to repeat what she said in the wrongest way possible like a demented tongue tied Tasmanian devil ...TWICE I just looked and her and said 'No.. you'll have to say it again' ha ha

I almost had no skin left on my hand by the time Adam had finished his vows, he held it throughout and stroked it the entire time with nerves. Ha ha, I was just really enjoying the fact I wasn't full of snot and tears.

I had almost forgotten about the vows we had written for each other, I knew I would have no trouble saying these :)

Adam's were :

I promise to clean your kitchen after you have made a mess (a few titters)
I promise not to argue with you because we already know your always right (a few louder titters)
And I promise not to fart just as you get in bed (quite a few louder belly laughs)

I responded with:

I promise not to raise my eyebrows when you stand at the sink washing up in your yellow Marigolds
I promise not to buy new clothes, hide them in the back of the wardrobe for a few weeks and tell you I've had them for years
And not to physically force you to watch horror films till you scream like a little girl (the guests loved this one!)

After that we were announced Man and Wife. What? That's it? I did it!?

BOOYAH....I didn't cry one bit. I was cooler than a cucumber with frickin' laser beams attached to its head!

Now just to sign the register? No problem.

We played these for signing:
Feel free to listen to those whilst reading...they deserved to be played all the way through ha ha

Lion King - Can you feel the love tonight - instrumental

Goonies!! Good enough. This song brings back memories from the Goonies all riding down the hill on their bikes for a new adventure :) (Yeah I'm a soppy geek aren't I?) I even have one of those maps o.O

And the last was Hakuna Matata of course!!

                                                Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours.

DONE...DONE!! Married! Can you believe it. 2 years of planning for those couple of minutes.

We walked out to yet another film song. Power of Love from Back to the Future

Now I thought once walking out you would be placed in the entrance so you could greet each guest as they made their way out, and once everyone was outside you made your arrival as man and wife where the confetti (in our case bubbles!) would be used.
We got ushered around the corner and outside as they said Afternoon Tea would be served. As we walked out, all the guests came piling out behind us onto the terrace and there was just no way from there we could greet everyone. They all made themselves comfy on the terrace in the sun....yes SUN!! so we didn't get to see everyone, or use the bubbles :(
But the kids sure had fun playing with them and I got round to greet everyone EVENTUALLY!

From Left - my brother Darren who helped give out sweets and toy animals to the little ones as they arrived
The Groom...who typically isn't looking at the camera ha ha
My Dad - couldn't get his tie off quick enough :)
and my other brother Chris who gave out the ceremony packs :)

They included a little run through of the day, a zoo map, a tube of bubbles and 2 badges (all varying designs)

At the end of the day the remaining packs were raided by the people who wanted to collect them, ha ha

My bridesmaid Louise enjoying the Afternoon Tea

The guests piling out onto the terrace - you can even see Lisa our photographer here, shes fab! x

Looks like some tigers raided the candy buffet :) ha ha

Sunshine!! Yay! I'm so glad it made an appearance...though I did have a back-up umbrella especially for the occasion!

Not needed all day!

After afternoon tea the guests were free to do what they pleased whilst we were whisked off for photos.

Here are a few pics of what they got upto....

Bit over dressed for the monkey house don't you think? ha ha

As obviously we were elsewhere, the guests were all fabulously dressed and had to walk round the zoo getting odd stares from people....'God...fascinator to come to the zoo is a bit much!' ha ha

Near enough all the guests wore something animal related ...and a few even with skulls! We didn't even ask them to, we just told them to come 'comfy' and look at the effort they all made! We had all types of animal prints, elephant t-shirts, flamingo dresses, bird print, skull shoes, skull t-shirt, a baby dressed as a moose, comic book ties!! It was just amazing and I'm so humbled they all really thought about outfits even when we didn't ask them too! ha ha

If any guests are reading were ALL AMAZING!

Face Painting!

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!!

My pregnant bridesmaid! Who is due any day now :)

The Best man (Adam's Dad) getting transformed....

Into a zebra :)

Abbi was halfway through having her face painted like a butterfly..

When we got called together for a huge group she was snatched from the seat with only the pink and white bit on (she didn't have the black or silver at the time!). I can remember glancing to the side and doing a double take....what animal is THAT? It looks like a pair of lungs on her face...
Which made Adam laugh :)

The lion needs directions.....ha ha

And here is my other lovely bridesmaid...The Goblin King! ha ha

Everyone said they had an absolute blast (I'm hoping they were telling the truth!)
They had about 2 hours to check out the zoo, have their faces painted, raid the candy buffet (and boy did they! I'm surprised you wernt all on sugar over dose! ha ha) explore the bat cave, monorail, water bus, gift shops, pub, or just sit back and relax :)

And that's just what the guests did!

We were off for those 2 hours having pics of our own...

(wow looks like its a 3 parter story...or maybe even 4! ha ha)