Monday, 27 August 2012

Long time no see!

Really? Has it really been THIS long? My last post was June, I've missed out an entire month (almost two) and SO much has happened|.
I had my 25th birthday, Abbi turned 3, Adam went on his first geeky convention and we met all kinds of awesome people but at the minute I don't have the brain power to create a proper post about any of them! ha ha

Yes I'm getting married on Sunday, all that 'wedding stuff' I've been waffling on about here in my blog will almost be at an end! I have been crazy busy DIY'ing allsorts of little bits and generally making my way through day to day life I haven't had chance to update you all!

To catch up I have my wedding website:

If you want to trawl through that :)

Now like I said I have a ton of things to blog about, but as you can tell my brain is just not upto much at the minute!

So I will fill you in on something I started only the other day...a Bucket List.

Yes I just turned 25, I'm not about to die (hopefully) but your never too young to start one! In fact the earlier you start one the better chance you have of crossing off some awesome stuff you have always wanted to do.
I have major ones on there which many never happen, right down to some normal everyday stuff that can be achieved, but still have never done.

Today I managed to cross one off my list


How bad-ass is that!? Ive walked past that donut cabinet SO many times drooling, asking if Adam fancied one, or 'do you want to get some donuts?' and its all ended the same way...empty handed :(
I once talked about them and explained the different flavour combinations to Adam so much that I made myself drool a little bit, but donut.

But guess what my friends, bucket lists are powerful things. Adam read my list today (its soon to become a joint one when he can think of some interesting things to put on it!!) and guess what was sitting in the kitchen just over an hour later:


From left: a Raspberry donut, a 'homer donut' (what I call those type! lol) and a chocolate one which has chocolate filling!

I had the raspberry donut as dinnertime and MY GOD its the BEST donut I have ever had in my life....ever.
The chocolate one is waiting for me after this post XD and the homer donut was devoured by Adam (after I had a bite of course!)

One job checked off my bucket list straight away :)

And for those of you who are curious as to what else I could possibly have on my list, a few are:

To see a real life Panda and Hippo
To meet Mark Patton, Heather Langenkamp, Walking Dead cast members etc
Eat in an American Diner (like grease style!)
Collect every Disney on DVD
Eat Lucky Charms (I haven't had those since I was a kid!)
Stand outside 1428 Elm Street
Go to Disneyland (which would most likely cross off another one...'Fly on a Plane')

I have SOO many more - alot which include America funnily enough, you Americans have some AWESOME stuff!

I know this post isn't very long, and I hope you will forgive me for not being around lately, but I HAVE A FREAKIN CHOCOLATE DONUT WITH MY NAME ON IT....

I'm not a 'dieting bride' although I REALLY need to lose quite a few pounds, but what can I say, I love my food, and I eat when I'm happy! Screw the skinny bride diets, he should love me how I am LOL

Now wheres that donut...OM NOM NOM...