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Said in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger :D

All I can think of is this quote:

Awww how I love Arnold!

Anyway yes, we are here to talk about Youtooooob! or Youtube.

I've been dabbling around in more videos lately for cakes. I really enjoy making them, and hopefully it will give you an insight to how they are made, or just to see all the details in one place.

Regular readers will have already seen my first video, Dirk the Zombie. My second video is based on the latest cake - Tangled Tower.

If you haven't heard of the Disney film 'Tangled' where have you been!? Its a recent one which is going to become a classic such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Snow White. Rapunzel is the latest favourite Disney princess, and its easy to see why:

She is teamed with a sidekick (like so many other Disney films) little Pascal the chameleon, who to be honest is just ADORABLE!

We first saw this at the cinema, and it has easily become a firm favourite within my Disney collection (Yes....I love Disney too, I am allowed to love both horror and kids stuff lol)

Although the film has been out over a year (that's gone quick!) I only got requested for it in cake form a few months ago. The internet was already covered in Rapunzel style cakes, so when it came to designing I gave the customer a few options along with quotes. Most I had seen were round cakes with a small tower ontop of it, usually made from RKT (rice krispies mixed with marshmallows for you non cakey folk!). But I didn't want to make one like everyone else so I said "Hmmm you could have Rapunzels castle AS cake?! about 8" ontop of the tower". Among all the other designs I had given I wasn't expecting it to get chosen as I kinda threw it in there as another option.

But it did....

LOL. What the hell made me think at the time.....yes I can do a tall tower with a huge 8" round heavy cake and roof balancing ontop of a long skinny pole. Crazy!
However the day was approaching fast, I took a trip to B&Q and spent over £30 on all sorts of wood bits, dowels, MDF, wood glue, screws and fixings...and also a new powertool. The JIGSAW! It has now been added among my other tool boxes, saws and power drills.

That isn't MY jigsaw and hands....just thought you should know I stole that picture :D

With appointments the same week, Kai coming back from his first holiday abroad with his Nan and Grandad, a hospital visit and family occasions I didn't really have time to think how it would work, I just built it and hoped for the best.

Placing the 8" cake ontop of a swaying 14" high pole was was this going to turn out?! I didn't really have a back-up plan, so it HAD to work. I covered it in white fondant, and set about making RKT, (melting the marshmallows in a pan adding the rice krispies and mixing together.)
This stuff is STICK-AAYY. Stickier than a Chameleon on a stick.

I already knew you had to use wet hands to help mould this stuff, but I wasn't bargaining getting it all over my body. The marshmallow fused those snap, crackle and pops all over my baps, tackle and tops. I looked like an extra from a weird Star Trek episode.

When I had finally got them off (and had lots of  mushy pale krispies floating in my sink like frog spawn) I had a tower shape, and roof shape! Woohoo! The tower got covered in white fondant and I set about making the bricks, cracks on the tower and slightly painted parts grey to give it a 'worn' look (though that doesn't seem to show in these pics lol)

For the next few hours I concentrated on the top tower, making little windows, woodwork, ledges, flowers, roof tiles and of course little pascal:

The more I spun it round and round like a record on my turntable I wondered how on earth it was still standing - but I'm glad it was.

After leaving it over night and tackling it again the next day, many many many hours later I had finished it. The trouble is, it now stood 2 and a half feet tall and I had no clear space to take a decent photo. I looked outside and it had JUST stopped raining, I needed to be quick.
I grabbed an empty computer box and a green blanket and set them up at the front door, all the time getting dripped on by the crap guttering we have.
Now the box was smaller than the board, so it was going to have to balance. Cue the bitey lip.

I had to carry this cake outside. Cue nervous butterflies.
I had my camera by the stairs, the box waiting outside and the cake on a unit only 4 metres from the photo spot. Cue the 'walking back and forth 'you can do it' pep-talk'

I had kicked all possible tripping-up items from my path and took a deep breath as I slid the cake from the safety of the sideboard to my shaky hands. Now its not particularly heavy...well a little but not alot. What the hardest part of all was keeping it level, and trying to not let it sway, after all its REALLY top heavy, one slight misjudge in balance could see me catapulting it onto the grass for the slugs dinner.

Yeah you would like that wouldn't you,.. you slimy twerp!

I stepped into the front garden and started to squat to balance it on the box. Mid squat I realised it was swaying, in that split second of trying to straighten up again, the cake seemed to triple in weight and I got my 'huffy puffy jesus christ' face on with bulging scared eyeballs.

I have no idea if anyone saw me as I was behind a 2 and a half foot tower of cake shaking too much like a sh*tting dog to care.

I almost threw it on the box, and I have no idea why, but I did the 'stay' motion with my if it was going to listen! lol
I ran into the house, grabbed my camera and started snapping away, willing a gust of wind didn't come. I was paparazzi'ing with that camera so fast you would have thought Johnny Depp was in my garden, and I'm sure the passers by thought I was one of the crazed local ladies.

Mission one complete. Now I just needed to complete mission 2 - getting it back inside. I didn't reckon on this being the hardest part. Why was it hard? Because I had to START from the squat position and heave this cake up to normal level. I took a wide footed stance (must of looked like a right tit) and slid my arms underneath the board.  As the I felt my arms take the whole weight of the cake I slowly started to lift, with the knees, with the knees!- and if I didn't have a good sphincter I would have probably shit myself right there and then. Fact.

How does a not-so heavy cake weigh almost 5x as much when you have to keep it level!? Needless to say the little tiny voice of my two year old saying 'carefuuu mummy!' got silenced by my death stare as I crossed the front step into the living room with what felt like all the tendons and veins in my head popping out like Deidre Barlow's neck. I placed the cake back onto the sideboard , finally exhaled and could hear the sound of waves crashing around in my ears, thanks for that blood pressure! For 10 minutes after, my arms and hands were still shaking and I was still breathless. Its a bloody cake man, chill out!

I wasn't about to do that again anytime soon!

SOOO if you managed to read all that I will reward you with the picture. He he.

I don't think I have ever had cake-stress like it! But all in all I had such fun creating the little scene on the board etc.

So where does Youtube come in?...It hosts my second cake video:


Now when I had finished that one, I had so much fun I made a Mario one too, with a few more behind the scenes:

This was for Mike and Rachel (who called into Hollywood bites in my last post!)

A Mario/Mario Kart Wedding Cake!

And here it is at the venue and with the Bride and Groom (if for any reason you couldn't/or didn't want to view the video...shame on you! lol)

Well that's me for this post. Even just typing it out and reliving the stress has made my starfish squeak. Im off for a calming bottle of Kopparberg lol

Laters Dudes! x

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