Tuesday, 12 June 2012

You May Now Decapitate The Bride

Hey guys! Following from my other post about Hollywood Bites movie cafe...I have pictures of the new cake for you.

Since then I have obviously been back :) As I was delivering the cake I realised my blog post made an impact on you guys! I turned up to hand it over and my Mum and Dad were sat in there eating bacon and egg toast sandwiches ha ha. They said the coffee is amazing, and they actually got enough milk for it (apparently they said other Bury cafe's don't give you enough milk jugs for it lol) Take note....they are onto you!

To make the new cake 'fit' the cafe more I decided to take elements from it. Some of the impressive models in there are Alien and Predator who stand together up one corner:

Seriously....how could I not?!

So I pulled up screen shots from the film Alien to help with the top two tiers, and decorated the bottom tier as a jungle for the Predator.

Notice the level 3 sign?! Yes? have a medal you sharp eyed dudes. The level 3 sign was from the cafe wall.

I added a facehugger, because no matter how many new films come out with all their over CGI'd creatures I still believe this is one of the creepiest. I think its because it resembles a weird spider - lightening fast and just darn well FREAKY

This picture makes me physically shiver. eeeek!

I have watched countless horror films, most of which I find laughable for their ridiculous creatures, or over computer generated. Some are amazingly good.....but none have a had a lasting impact on me like the facehugger, they are far scarier than the Aliens.


Any SUPER geeks among us here?! You might like this diagram:

Yes I found it interesting too LOL
If this is the first time you have encountered one of these....shame on you! Get those films bought dang it!

They even now sell little plush versions of these creepy creatures:

?!?! Pahaha I'm usually such a geek for things like this, and want to own all sorts of geeky memorabilia. Id even happily stand a full size Freddy Krueger in my bedroom....but this......this SOFT TOY, I would feel uneasy owning it LOL

Here is my sugar version....

MMMM gooey!

Just look at the dashing young couple:

Don't they look happy :)

And yes it goes all the way around the back too!

Give us a kiss you sexy extraterrestrial being.

And of course written in Alien style font :)

I think they liked it judging by the gasps, wide eyes, 'Oh my god's' and pictures snapped of it. And I'm SOO glad they did :) I really wanted to do the cafe justice and tie it onto a cake for them. Hopefully next time I'm there I'll get a picture of the cake between their amazing models for you guys :)

We sat down for some food near Predator (how awesome does that sound!) and we decided to tackle the amazing 'Armageddon'. Protect your eyes...they might just get blown from their sockets:

I was talking about the food...not Adam's stalker face lol

And sorry...this is me getting crazy with the tommy ketchup:

EEEEEEK More Man vs Food stuff going on right here. Its a huge megamuffin, stuffed with chips, griddled beef, onions and gravy. We both gave it our all...and between two of us we STILL didn't clear the plate!

And the best part about this cafe? If the kids are running around and wont stay seated, tell them Predator is watching, it worked a charm haha. My 2 year old got told countless time to sit back down until I told her 'Predator is watching you' she looked up, eyeballed him, and crept back onto her seat without looking away from it for a second. ha ha awesome.

Just as we were finishing up (stuffed yet again!) My mates Rachel and Mike popped in with their Best Man. (I'm creating their wedding cake this week, aswell as their wedding photography) This girl knows how to multitask! Ha ha Seems the post about the cafe really did have an impact ;)
As far as I know, Rachel ordered a burger, and was too full to tackle a dessert - something Ive struggled with too. I'm DYING for some Top Gun fudge cake! ha ha

and she also got this picture of my cakes on display which she kindly let me rob off her profile :)

Later followed by a picture that was tweeted from Lee and Donna at Hollywood Bites:

with the caption 'Dee Dee loves de cake!' ha ha Love ya guys! x

I know a few other people from my facebook page are planning a trip to see them too, and got a phonecall the other day from my convention buddy (yes I realise that sounds tremendously geeky...but I don't care! lol) who seemed to be on route asking how to get to it. ha ha Y'all get your butts in those seats and get some Armageddon down your neck!

You will probably see me there drooling over the desserts menu ;) x


  1. Love it! It's completely nuts and cool at the same time!

  2. Holy moly, the amount of detail in that cake!!! Amazing, as expected :-)

    The facehuggers creep me the hell out too.... yeeeuuuuurrrgggghhhhh *goes off to stroke a nice cute furry guinea pig to take her mind off nasty spidery egg-laying parasites*

  3. Thanks Fiona :)

    LMAO yeah I do find them one of the creepiest things out of all films! ha ha awww guinea pig :) we have one too! x