Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pipling's Take Over

What are Piplings?! If you have a toddler you should know the answer already.

Piplings are the little creatures from the show 'Waybuloo' on Cbeebies. It seems to be a firm favourite for cake designs so far, but I didn't realise just how many I had made until the last order came in.

My first encounter was somewhere back in 2009 I think with little De-Li

Then again in 2010

and last year (2011) brought a 3 tier colourful explosion of Waybuloo-ness that set off the hype of orders that followed throughout that year and this one.

The next was a boyish single tier

Then a replica of the first one with some slight differences to make it more unique

Then little Yojojo!

De-Li again:

All the Piplings:

A mini version of the popular 3 tier

Another 3 tier! Phew!

Little Nok Tok in the limelight:

The Piplings share a cupcake:

Nara bugs join in to play:

Which leads me to the last one - another 3 tier colourful version!

That's ALOT of Piplings!

2x of these 3 tier cakes have had great journeys!

One got delivered to Gloustershire (about 3 hours away - 6-7 hours round trip!) and we enjoyed our little road trip out to deliver it. I was blown away by the request of delivering it so far away 'as they didn't trust anyone else' which was so humbling and honouring!

But the last Waybuloo cake (pictured above) went much further. I was already chuffed to have one of my cakes make its way to Gloucestershire, but to have someone come up on the train from LONDON to collect, blew my mind entirely.

I had a phone call from Mason's mum enquiring about the 3 tier Waybuloo, We soon realised we were over 225 miles from each other! I wasn't expecting the conversation that followed....
She said she would ring me back once she had talked it over with her other half to see if he could come on the train to collect it! Although that would have been amazing, costly and rather crazy I didn't expect to hear from her again...but I did!

The cake was booked, I was to make little Mason a 3 tier cake and his Daddy would come up to Manchester to take it back down with him. WOW...seriously?! These guys are as awesome as they are crazy....I love them! lol

I manoeuvred through the hustle and bustle of the train station almost having it knocked right out of my hands  by people who could clearly see me struggling and heading their way *shakes fisties!!* ignorant people!

But I made it, set it down on the bench and waited for Mason's Daddy. 10 minutes later he arrived, took pictures of the cake to send to Mummy and seemed very chuffed with their purchase. We had a quick chat and I asked him if he was heading straight back down now, he said he was off to buy a ticket and he'd be making his way back on the train with it very carefully.

I left him there and it was only when I go to the escalator and I stood on it empty handed that I realised...I had made a cake...and it was going to London. Little me, in a little rough town (locals will know what I mean! lol), has just made a cake for a family in LONDON! I felt so, so proud, and honoured they had decided to go through with the order.

I got a text as we were heading home from Mason's Mummy, that she had seen a pic of the cake and it was amazing.....but Daddy had been told at the station there were no more trains going back down that night. WHAT!!? He had to stay overnight and travel back down first thing in the morning! I bet that turned out to me the most expensive cake they had ever bought! Their fun laid back attitude is seriously something to admire, the quote was simply 'the things you do for a one year old!' with a grin :)

You guys ROCK!!!

People who do out of the ordinary things, like pay double to have it delivered, or travel over 250 miles for one of my cakes really steal my heart :D I love ALL my customers - regardless whether they travel 1 mile, or 225. But stories like this make me realise how lucky I am, and really make my day.

I will never forget it x

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