Thursday, 7 June 2012

I'll have a Krueger hotdog please....

Well guys, SOO much has happened since May that I'm having to break it up into several posts!

Firstly I would like to introduce to you an AWESOME cafe I've come across.

Due to cake decorating I haven't been able to go out shopping as often (I used to be at Bury every weekend!) But now I just never seem to have the time. However a few weeks ago I made it out of kitchen, yes the sun hurt my eyes and it was weird feeling fresh air - but I made it!

We took a trip to Bury, and my new favourite part is 'The Rock'

Hmmmm maybe its the fact there is a cinema right there....
Anyway as we hadn't been for a while we walked around where Frankie and Benny's is (pictured above!)
and a sign caught my eye....Lights, Camera, Eat! There were film strips in all the windows featuring Woody from Toy Story and Chicken Run. As my eyes grew wider I slapped Adam to get his attention as I read the words 'Hollywood Bites Movie Themed Cafe'

Click for Location

Are you serious?! Something this awesome is NEVER so close by! Its either down South, or abroad! I was so excited to see what it was all about that shopping went on hold till I had read their menu.

See that?! SEE IT!!! a KRUEGER HOTDOG! This girl is totally sold! I don't even eat hotdogs but you know Ima-gunna get one! At this point I hadn't even SEEN inside - and boy did I want to. Instead we had to finish up shopping but I KNEW we were coming back again.
 That night when I got home I searched for it on the internet and found plenty of pictures from inside the cafe....and if I wasn't already impressed with the concept and the menu, they have a freakin FULL SIZE MICHAEL MYERS watching over you whilst you eat, swoon!

I have never in my life been so excited about food....ever. This idea for a cafe was so up my street it was practically staring through my letterbox, I needed to be a part of it in someway.
As I excitedly posted pics of the cafe onto my facebook page, people were asking where it was and one friend suggested it would be a perfect place to show some of my cakes. DUH! Why didn't I think of that!? They fit hand in hand as I'm such a big movie fan and LOVE movie cakes (especially horror!).

Just a few movie cakes of mine:

A very old Freddy Cake!:

And that unforgettable day when I served up a cupcake on a blade to a legend movie star - My all time favourite horror villain Freddy Krueger aka Robert Englund (who's birthday it was yesterday! Happy Birthday Robert!)

I do not own a more perfect picture than the one was the most AMAZING day!

So then came the e-mailing to Hollwood Bites. I was actually really scared to hear the outcome as I was just so damn excited about the whole thing I would have been gutted if they weren't interested, BUT an e-mail rolled in saying 'bring one down and we'll see what we can do'. EEEEKK even the owners are as awesome as the cafe - well you'd have to be to have a Michael Myers standing up the corner wielding a knife!

I had the Nightmare Before Xmas cake left over from the Blackpool Wedding Fayre - film themed and perfect! It is such a huge favourite cake with you guys - I get asked at least once every 2 weeks if I can ship it to the US! lol, and I wish I could but unfortunately it seems impossible.

But I'm so happy to say you can now see this in HOLLYWOOD BITES. Woop!
And I wasn't passing up the chance to have a Krueger Hotdog so we found a seat outside in the sun.
As quick as I had ordered it was being served to us. VERY speedy.

Although my eyes nearly popped out of my head when my hotdog arrived. This was no ordinary hotdog, it was HUGE. For you guys who watch Man Vs Food: (A bloke who takes on massive eating challenges with the most ridiculous sized portions)

You will feel right at home! You don't need to trek America for huge burgers.....just get yourself down to Bury. Adam is a huge fan of Man Vs Food and once his plate came out he instantly said that Hollywood Bites is his new fav place to eat (and that's a huge statement as he LOVES the Flaming Dragon Chinese underneath the cinema)

Look at the Krueger hotdog in all its glory!

Adam had a Hulk Burger....

Check out those little movie themed flags you get with the burgers - Adam is going to keep each one as a little trophy of how many burgers he has eaten! It would be cool if once you had collected 10 you can bring them all in for a free side dish or dessert ha ha You wouldn't keep us away :)

The kids had a big bowl of fries to share and some yummy garlic bread. Although Kai had to help me eat some of my hotdog (shhh don't tell them I cheated!)

Adam did quite well, but here is Abbi waving the white flag...Daddy gives up due to a full belly :)

The cafe won me over straight from the get-go, and Adam's first bite sealed the deal :)
We went again the day after! ha ha
I had to jib out and have a bowl of fries, but I WILL tackle something else from that menu! Adam has a 007 Panini which I managed to have one little bite of before he devoured it all. We sat inside this time, and WOW!
The walls are COVERED in movie props, not one little bit of space to hang another:

And what I thought was just so cool was a JAWS poster in the toilets! ha ha

ANNND here is my humble little cakey on display

I'm working on another one this week to go along side it, a movie theme which will suit this cafe much better :) Plus its an excuse to visit again!

Although the meals are huge, you can also just get toasted sandwiches (which I didn't know about till I got the the counter) I would have ordered one of those if I had known too!
But you can tell a cafe is going to be awesome when they put so much time and effort into making it great from the start. Its FULL to the brim with props, the staff are really helpful, the food is fantastic, service is quick, concept is amazeballs, owners friendly and down to earth, and....they have one of my cakes in there . pahaha nah just kidding, they seriously are just amazing. One thing I would love to see on the menu though, either as a special or an addition would be pizza. I freaking LOVE pizza, and what those guys could do with it would be something very special. They would have to make some sort of reference to Freddy again for one of those! Especially how he became known as 'pizza face' due to the similarity in the make-up to that of melted cheese topping. And Freddy eating little meatball heads off a 'soul' pizza in Nightmare On Elm Street 4....god I WANT TO SEE THAT HAPPEN SO MUCH! ha ha

Id just have fun coming up with the movie names for them over everything else ha ha. I would love to hear the stories of how they arrived at some of the names. Obviously the flags help to theme the burgers (and the gherkin being green is a brilliant name-to-food concept for the Hulk) but how about the Krueger hotdog? They even have 'Tweedy's Chicken Nuggets' from Chicken Run ha ha

I have to be very careful though as I'm trying to lose weight for the wedding, however we have said when I hit 8st 9lb and Adam hits 13st 6lb we are celebrating with one of those sharing desserts! We have no idea whats in it but I'm sure we will have fun finding out.

Since this has been on my Facebook (yes I really have talked about it that much!) I've already gained them a few likers on their Facebook page: HOLLYWOOD BITES FACEBOOK PAGE and bumped into a friend on the Sunday who asked me how to get to it lol.
So if you do go tell them Tracey sent ya :) You will NOT be disappointed taking a trip here.

Well that's me for this post, I promise to show you pictures of the new cake I'm creating for them. I've taken elements from two of the pictures I've posted on here today ;) Can you guess which ones?!

*sigh* I'm SO glad something like this is in Bury, only 15-20 mins drive away when I need cheering up :)

Can you tell I like this place?! lol xx


  1. Hi Tracey!

    That cafe looks awesome, shame it's too far for me...
    Well done on getting a cake in there - brilliant publicity for you!

    So, when are you coming back to the MSE forum??? We miss you on the September thread... :'(


  2. Hi Fiona! Thank-you :)
    I know I keep meaning to come back but still feel bad ive missed out on so much! I might pop in again and see how everyone is getting on :) xx