Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I want an Orangutan in a tuxedo

Hey secret readers! ;)

I've been doing alot of wedding 'stuff' lately, so thought I'd give you guys an update.

As you know I'm getting married in the lovely Oakfield Manor at Chester Zoo, and we took a trip there on Saturday to collect lots of maps for the guests and dropped into the manor to measure up tables for the dessert/candy buffet.

I was previously told I was unable to hang anything in there (can't start pinning things up!) So I was a little gutted about not using my tissue paper pom poms I've been practising. Not to mention I already bought a TON of tissue paper.

But when I had the chance for a sneaky closer look, some small nails have been left in all around the tops of the panelling - I can use my pom poms!! Yay!
I was talking about alternate decorations which didn't require hanging, and could only come up with balloons, I didn't really want them as I just think they are more for 'parties' (apart from the foil animal may see a few of those! lol) My Dad was saying he had some helium spare, but the only things I have to inflate, are some inflatable toys for the disco:

Can you imagine one of these floating around the roof of the Manor?
'Jeez how much did I have to drink...theres floating monkeys!!'
Or the staff may come barging in with nets thinking one of the chimps had escaped and is clambering around on the light fittings lol

But I'm glad we can have the poms, these are the colours of tissue paper I have got for them:

Aptly named 'Halloween' colours (its over a month before Halloween) but I LOVE that time of year. Ghouls, slashers, boney skeletons, zombies!

We also found a great plain panelled wall for the candy buffet back drop, which I'm majorly chuffed about. Until now I was wondering how to make things work, where things would fit, so I'm glad I took the time to sneak in and have a look around. The woman there (who we found out was going to be doing the decorating for our wedding) was awesome! She was so excited about our themes and ideas that she couldn't wait to get started. Its a HUGE weight off my mind.

I also took a quick picture of the face painting options for the guests on the day ;) (guests who are reading this...which one are you going to be? lol)

I know a few chimps that wont even need their faces painting ha ha.
My faves have to be the tiger and red panda.

The sun was out with a bit of a breeze, Mrs Mother Nature, can you do the same on the 2nd September please?
We had a walk round some of the hidden gardens Chester Zoo has, to look for nice picture locations. There were flowers EVERYWHERE.

They have a small 'Chinese' Garden straight across from Oakfield Manor

A roman garden round the side of Oakfield

And an AMAZING sunken garden with lots of water features which I've always heard about, but never seen! I purposely hunted it down with the map and its across from the giant otters, so just a short walk from Oakfield too!

I'm hoping for some pictures with animals as backdrop too!
How awesome are the pink flamingos on this one:


We had more of a wander around until we came across a familiar spot. Right at the meerkats was a fence I recognised, but something was missing. A certain bench Adam had sat on 8 years ago on our very first day trip out together:

So I took a picture of him in the same spot to compare. How much has he changed (and the fence lol) in 8 years! I cant even remember going out with the guy on the left. He has no goatee, more hair, one chin and is slimmer LOL But I wouldn't change the 2012 Adam for the world...well maybe his smelly feet - but I'm living with it.
It would be great to go back to 2004 for the day just to remember what it was like, look at his little boy face :D


On the wedding day when the zoo is closed to the public we get to go on a little 'safari' to an animal house of our choice, and to stop at a few enclosures on the way. We are pretty much 95% decided on the Jaguar house. They said they keep a piece of meat back to throw for them to ensure you CAN actually see them! lol And the best part is there will only be the guests there, so they wont be fighting tooth and nail to get a glimpse. I had heard about abit of renovation going on in there, where they had installed an aquarium so I went to be nosey.

Its glass the entire way to the floor, and is half filled with water for the turtles to get out onto logs. The kids there were very taken with it so that should keep them occupied! They have also put the ants back in on their tree stump. But couldn't see them on the day :(

I'm torn between the Jaguars and the Giraffes, because I LOVE giraffes. Adam likes Gorilla's but Chester doesn't have them.

On the way back to the entrance I spotted the most awesome little hut in the Zoo....the 'Animal Workshop'.
Its JUST like Build-a-Bear workshop!

Build a bear workshop:

 For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you choose an unstuffed bear, and you literally build it! You stuff it, put special things inside, it gets stitched up and then you choose from a TON of outfits and accessories for your new creation along with its 'birth certificate'.

 The Zoo's version was just as cool (if alot smaller!), and I spotted THE most cute Orangutan and Zebra ever. As I was browsing a few of the outfits on offer I spotted a white wedding dress and a black tux! So Adam has been told we WILL be building soft toys on our wedding day ha ha. Its such an awesome keepsake for the day, and I'll be sure to dress the Orangutan in the tux, and not the dress ;)

We headed into Chester centre after that to have a look around. We were looking for 'Mother of the bride' outfits that were abit more casual than all the taffeta stuff (aswell as them being cheaper too!) Our groomsmen are hopefully going to be comfy in their outfits. We are aiming for relaxed and not too formal, like this:

So we don't need the mother of the bride in a giant hat and taffeta that makes her look like shes off to eat caviar with her little pinky finger stuck up at a royals wedding. She will stick out a mile against the informal feel of the day :)
But as she's so picky, its going to take a while for us to find her something.

I still have LOTS of wedding stuff to do. Seeing as I'm making everything single handedly and most of it DIY I'm trying to fit jobs in here and there between cakes. Yesterday I got on with making some signs for the candy buffet. Hopefully you will see things like this crop up:

Just to fit in with the day :)

My next job is making all the order of service packs, making more animal chocolates, cupcakes toppers, more pom poms, no doubt more invites, spraying wicker baskets, photoframes, wedding cake, and then will probably have to help Adam with his ONLY ONE JOB he has been allocated.....writing his speech! Just a never ending list.

But the service packs are the fun part, adding maps, bubbles and one part of the favours in etc. Should have pictures of those for you soon :)

But for now I will leave you with some pictures I have saved on my comp as a kind of 'mood board' for the day:

Bye guys! xx

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