Monday, 16 April 2012

Is this cake for a funeral?

Oh my days.

Well you know I had my Blackpool wedding fair coming up, it was yesterday!

Saturday night saw me up past midnight baking testers, packing the cakes tightly in boxes so they wouldn't slide, icing cupcakes, wrapping my nephew Myles' first birthday presents, and putting the finishing touches on his cake.   My head hit the pillow and before I knew it my alarm was beeping....6.00am
*groan* nooooo...not....enough.....sleep!
I got up, and got dressed. What do you wear to an 'elegance' wedding fair? I wasn't exactly sure but I could bet it was the opposite to what I actually wore :)

By 8am we were on our way (with 2x boxes up cupcakes on my knee) and hit Blackpool Hilton just before 9am. Only 3 other vendors were setting up at the time so we found our table and started to unload the ton of boxes from the car. I was so concentrated on what I was doing (and also panicking for no reason) that I didn't see much else that went on. In comes my huge sign for the front of the table, and I started to unbox the cakes. 'Lets start out gentle with the teapot cake' lol

I was tweaking the stands and proudly placing my (last minute) homemade signs for the cakes, throwing all my business cards in my bargain £1.79 cherry pot and stood back to take a picture.

An instant calm came over me at this point. I had done it! All the cakes arrived in one piece, the table was just about big enough, I didn't need to rush and........I was ready.

As I looked up I noticed an elegant table in the corner with white bird cages, a lady on the next table with white wedding chair covers and lots of twinkly lights and flowers in vases and another cake lady by the door with a cupcake tower and few white tiered wedding cakes (everything so white!)....I turned back to my stand, stared for a moment at the dark and crazy designs and then just grinned....I should have been a nervous wreck about being so different among the other vendors but I wasn't, one look at my painted skull and I was ready to take my place behind the table.

I took a few more pictures of the set up to kill some time as the fair didn't start till 11am.

Check out my bargain £1.79 cherry jar!

And this is the amazing little goonie who helped me the whole time:

My better half :)
He stayed up with me all night and helped write our Nephews birthday card out, ferried the boxes to and from the car....and also helped with eating the cake samples lol

With everything being set up I had the 'picture with my very first cake stand' picture ha ha I set all the camera up and just told him to click the button - he did pretty well with that too!

Then things got silly :) I was just so happy I was all ready to go that no matter who was walking past with their white stationary and pretty bouquets I was out infront of the table doing this...

After this quite a few more vendors were coming in to set up and one came round to browse. He came to my table, stopped..... frowned and then said...'skulls?!....for a wedding?!.... that's a bit macabre!' before I had chance to open my mouth he spotted the Nightmare Before Christmas Cake and with wide eyes said 'is this a cake for a funeral!?'
My VERY first comments on my cakes for the day - how comforting. I just replied that yes they are a bit different, and that the purple and black cake was actually based on a very popular film. He then nodded dismissively and walked away. I turned round to Adam who just glared at me and said....'DON'T'
Meaning 'Don't you dare take any notice, you have much right to be here as everyone else'
At one time I would have just slunked into my seat hiding behind the cake stands and pray that it was time to leave. BUT weirdly enough it actually brought a smile to my face....that even though he didn't seem to like the cakes, I bet he would remember them and talk about it when he got home!
Not only that but it was a great status update for Facebook:


My boots also make an appearance on that photo which I proudly wore with a rather cheesy name matching cherry dress :) and get I was painting my nails, I noticed the shade was 'cherry jubilee' LMAO utter cheese :D

Adam got a little trigger happy with my camera - he felt so important holding such a big piece of equipment lol

Then the fair kicked off and a few couples trickled in. I tried not to be too 'in your face' so I just let people browse and tried to slyly watch their reactions without looking like a stalky weirdo. As they were coming from the left they were faced with the Nightmare before Christmas Cake first, I witnessed a few excited pointing and whispering, some gasps and some giggles as they walked past the skulls, but 95% of it was positive! What I found the weirdest was that on Facebook the Owl cake got the most 'attention' yet at the 'normal' fair it was the most ignored! Not that it got ignored as such, but they seemed to like the others more.
It was so much fun trying to read the people approaching the table to see what the reaction would be. I was on cloud 9 when a girl approached the table and stopped at the NBC cake, she then said that it was 'her wedding cake' and she was torn between a NBC or a Corpse Bride theme. She proceeded to take a picture of it and complimented my handmade topper as Jack and Sally seemed more 'close'. I got so excited that I kind of went overboard with my 'EXACTLY' statement and started to blurt out that I wanted to make them seem closer and that was one of my reasons for making the topper from sugar. She just seemed to totally understand the entire cake and I was thrilled :) as to me the NBC was the most 'out there' on the stand.

Then I couldn't believe my eyes when a woman dressed in black floated in the room (ok focus guys, I don't mean literally floated as that would have been REALLY awesome like out of a horror film...but the skirt was so huge she seemed to just glide) My eyes popped out of my head and I was like OMGGG. I didn't expect to see something like this for the 'elegance' wedding fair. She came over and complimented on my NBC cake which couldn't have matched her anymore if I tried! The dresses on the day were from a bit of an alternative dress maker down the road!

We squeezed her in for a quick picture, but on the way out her ENORMOUS (yes it really was!) dress caught a glass vase off the table to the left of my stand.
Out comes the vac for the glass lol
Creating chaos already!

I was amazed to see something like this at the show, and with some sort of acceptance and what seemed to be a few like minded people there too gave me a great buzz. A groom came to the table and was interested in the solid chocolate skulls for his shop....he was a tattoist! Seems I didn't have to go searching for my alternative people afterall...they were arriving at the normal fairs and were totally shocked to see a stand like mine in the middle of everyone and took the time to talk to me about it :)

The Teapot got a fab response too and seemed that for the people who didn't really 'get' the skulls, they LOVED the Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Tower instead. I also have a confession to make with that teapot, I don't mind sharing my flaws - im not proud lol, I am only human too!
With it being created for the other wedding fair, it was made from real cake. But with the other wedding fair getting cancelled  it had to wait a few weeks to attend this one - and real cake isn't going to last that long! I pulled it out of storage and thought OH NO! I cant take that! The cake had started to settle and the icing had developed a 'sag' near the bottom. I had NO time to remake it, so I pulled out an extra string of pearls and draped them around the base of the teapot and down the stand. Naughty Tracey. :D
BUT no-one is going to have the cake for weeks anyway and everyone who stopped to admire it said it was stunning!

Bucks Fizz was also being handed out, and I wasn't one for saying no! A few glasses later mixed with the great response it didn't take long..

Then within the space of 2 minutes one of the helium balloons had popped and the white dove they were using for photos went crazy and started flying up the walls. People were running around trying to catch it and I was totally unhelpful as I stood there laughing and pointing as it tried to land on the wall lights. Says it all really doesnt it?! I just find stuff like that funny LOL

Safely contained again I chatted to more brides-to-be who liked the 'Till Death Us Do Part Cake' and then had a little wander around whilst it was quiet. I chatted to the other vendors and left Adam stood at my stand with his scared face on. As I turned round again he was stood there all formal with his hands behind his back talking to someone about my chocolate skulls LOL He looked so wrong on that stand and was if he should have been selling wedding insurance or something. All in all it was pretty quiet throughout the day but Ive had a few competition entries already! If any of you bride and grooms to be are reading...get entering!:

I don't think it was a majorly productive day, but its opened my eyes to the whole wedding fair scene, and now I know I have the balls to stand among the white pretty stuff and not even care about standing can only be a good thing right?
Well one other vendor didn't seem to have trouble expressing her thoughts. She arrived at my table already with a frown and said don't you do traditional cakes? I pointed her in the direction of the Ipad which was showcasing other styles of my wedding cakes in a slideshow and she said yes those are nicer, 'not this' and waggled her finger up and down my Till Death Us do Part cake whilst shaking her head with the most disgusted grimace on her face. She then looked up at my NBC cake just widened her eyes, looked at me shook her head and walked away! I mean I totally get people have their own opinions... that's fine. But I wouldn't dare walk upto someones invite display pick them up and go 'what the hell is this!?' whilst tossing it into the air lmao
Even though I was fine with her comments, (she has a right to have her own opinion) I was a little taken a back at the way she delivered them, and I got another 'DONT' off Adam lol But I bumped into an old photographer friend there who had informed me about some 'clique' wedding fairs in Blackpool so I just passed it off as that and put another smile on my face as Adam muttered obscenities LOL

So that was it, my first wedding fair completed. A quiet day with a few snippets of chaos thrown in, but it's made me more confident to arrive at another wedding fair with even MORE alternative cakes.....can you imagine the comments on a zombie wedding cake?! I'm going to do it just for the giggles and to annoy other vendors :) lol


  1. Yaaaay! I'm so glad it was a success!
    The pic with the black and purple bride is amazing!

    I hope you get to make good use of your new contacts too- the alternate dress maker and the tattoo shop- sounds like it could be the beginings of the next Alternative Wedding Fair- I'm still think that the other organiser was silly to just give up.

    Looking forward to the story of the next one!x

  2. I don't want to say I told you so, but "I TOLD you so!" I knew your cakes would be great at a traditional fair!! What about getting your cards in the alternative dress shop down the road???

    Also you looked so pretty. Well done, so proud of you I think you are so clever! :) xxx

  3. I would have LOVED to do the alternative wedding fair, its still something I think about now! It was hugely successful in London but not so much in Manchester. Im hoping though they try again and make it a success this time!
    Thanks Melanie :) Unfortunately I didnt get any cards from the day LOL Plus the dress shop was in Blackpool. But im certainly going to be looking at places to showcase some of my cake dummies :) aww shucks thanks! xxxx

  4. Your cakes are fab! Not everyone wants a boring traditional cake, some people want something a bit different fun and quirky.

    Well done :-)

  5. Stumbled across your blog when looking at Waybuloo cakes :D just want to say that I think your cakes are FAB. As for the 'alternative' ones, they are amazing! I know so many people who would love them. I did a Spartacus cake recently and it was nice to do something different and not so 'pretty'. I'm only amateur with my cakes and they aren't anywhere near as nice as yours. I definitely aspire to be though! P.S Love the dress/tunic you were wearing. Anything with cherries on is a winner with me!

  6. Ha ha alot of people find me from waybuloo cakes!! Thank you for the lovely comment :D Glad you enjoyed making a 'different' cake, I find them so fun and exciting! Would love to have you on my facebook page if you ever get the chance to pop by! xxx thanks again! x