Wednesday, 25 April 2012


It was Adam's birthday on Sunday! and that can only mean one thing.....more cake!

I had 3 designs in mind, one of which was to revisit a really old cake design (Adams 21st birthday cake infact) It was Bender from  the show Futurama. I would love to see how I made it now with the skills Ive learnt since making him the first time. My original Bender was unstable, leaning, and he eventually fell backwards with a 'thump' off the cake.

The 2nd idea I'm going to have to keep to myself just in case I use it for next year ;) lol

And the 3rd idea which won, was a zombie cake. Now regular readers of this blog, or people who personally know Adam will know he HATES horror, hates any sort of horror related programme and film and his worse nightmare (has admittedly said) Zombies are his phobia. Chalk and cheese comes to mind - I cant get enough of horror!
So wouldn't it be really cruel of me to make his nightmares come reality in cake form? mwahahaha.

In my defence though, I made it for a reason. Although he poops his pants at every zombie film going (when I can force him to watch one - which is not often) he actually became really fond of the show 'The Walking Dead'.

Now I found this REALLY weird. Out of all the other horror things like vampires, werewolves, slashers and monsters he chose to watch a programme containing his most hated undead friends.
I think he enjoys following the storyline more than anything (whereas I'm the opposite and just want to see someone get their stomach ripped out lol) and the episode where Dale gets attacked has been the one with the most lasting impression on him. So much so that even when the scene changes from people sat at camp, to them walking in a field it will make him jump!? WTF?! lol

Anyhoo, we haven't missed one episode,  he cant wait for season 3, and I wasn't passing the chance to make a zombie Dirk was born.

I went on such a journey creating Dirk, I turned bipolar and went through every emotion possible.
I hated him, then I loved him, then I wanted to rip his head off and dropkick him out the front door, then I wanted to eat his brains....

Its not something I would do again in a hurry, but I would try something similar again one day - hopefully when I have more time to work on it properly and not 1 day!

I got inspiration from the new season 2 special boxset which I came across:

I didn't want to make him the same though as I was excited about making my 'own' zombie :D

So lets see some progress shots....there aren't many! I was too busy stamping up and down the kitchen between stages. Here he is 'padded' out with collar bones etc and just started ripping his lip off :)

Next I added clothes and started abit of shading along with his 'open' eye :)

For this eye I was inspired by what I would say was the freakiest zombie in the entire 2 seasons. It wasn't the huge fat one down the well:

It wasn't the iconic half a zombie:

Nor was it any of the really gruesome ones:

It was this dude:

Not many open wounds, no disfigurement and not much gore....but that face, the painful expression, skinny body and the way he walked aimlessly with those very much soul searching eyes made him one of my favourite zombies from the show.


I would have probably had an eye very similar as when I was making the zombies ragged shirt I bent down and almost skewered my own eye on the stick protruding from Dirks other eye socket! Can you imagine walking into A&E with me carrying a zombie and a stick connecting us both by the eyeball, I wouldn't have known how to explain that one!

So after much more painting, blood splatting, and adding drool to his mouth Dirk was complete.

The Walking Dead Cake

Some close ups too. If your already grossed out and a nervous wreck from all the above I don't think you should scroll down lol

Dripping blood and smashed up cheek bone:

Ripped lip

Mine would have probably looked like this on the end of a stick! lol

What did the birthday boy think of his cake?.....

eating braiiiiiiiinss

Then I decided I was going to create a video, so I shot some footage of Dirk, closeups, moving round the cake etc But by the time I had put it into the computer, I didn't have the software to work with AVCHD. I just put together a slideshow instead :

Abbi is TERRIFIED of the zombie noises he he he

Then Dirk took a knife to the shoulder...

This would be me carrying it into A&E....if you were doctor what the hell would you say to this walking through the door?!

I would change loads of things if I ever made him again, but I always do that with each cake!

The best part? Giving Adam a nightmare about Zombies, and Dirk - even in cake form give Adam the willies when he turned the kitchen light off, looked back and saw Dirk sat in the darkness with just the outline of his eye staring back at him. It was one of those *I'm the last person downstairs at bedtime so turn the light off and run up the stairs as fast as you can because something might chase me* moments :D

Dirk was given his name by a lovely lady on my facebook page, so many suggestions rolled in which nearly made me spit my Vimto on the monitor. Jeeves, Fred, and Seymore Brains were among the suggestions, but Dirk won....he just looks like a Dirk, and reminds me of the word dork :)

SOOO the next day (now Sunday) We headed to Blackpool for the circus (Remember Kai's birthday letter from March? Yep...killing two birds with one stone)

We headed to Coral Island for a carvery, one of the best carveries ever, followed by a treat of melted fudge cake = stuffed!

Then we had a bit of time to kill in Blackpool tower, so we headed to the balconies of the ballroom

I found this painting on the roof rather freaky! A hazy blue pointed hat wearing demon looking creature at the side of the Olympic torch holding couple (yes sarcastic!) with a Wizard holding a flaming bowl of soup warding away 2 evil spirits.

Kai's big head

Circus time! We found some seats and took a couple of sneaky shots

This next picture was my mum being threatened by Adam. 'You better have not told Mooky (the clown) its my birthday, I'm not getting up...they are not singing to me, I will kill you if you've done anything, have you done anything?' Then he turned to me waggling his finger and saying the same thing 'I will seriously fall out with you if they come up to me!' ha ha ha

The interval arrived and it was 'birthday shout out time' The whole time Adam sat looking out the corner of his eyes and drumming his fingers. He was safe, though now I'm wishing I really HAD told Mooky about his birthday :) lol

£1.50 facepaint...I could have done better with my eyeliner and lipstick out of my bag

Here are the stars of the show Mooky and Mr Boo. Adam loves these two more than the kids :S

Awesome show at the circus, you all need to go and check it out!
Then we had just enough time to ride on the donkeys! (well I didn't...But Abbi and Kai did)

And no trip to Blackpool is complete without a face cut-out

Right that's me done for today...I'm off to eat the rest of Dirks Braiiiiiinnnnnssssss


  1. that's absolutely awesome work - but omg - I'm going to have nightmares !!!