Monday, 2 April 2012

Customers RAWK!

Yes they do :) Especially MY customers. They order such awesome themes!

I thought I'd play catch up with a few of the cakes Ive made since Kai's birthday (theres lots so will only choose a few) As soon will be the dreaded first Wedding Fayre in Blackpool!

Ok lets jump straight to it.

Ive done a few Toy Story themed cakes in the past - I still find the characters hard to replicate! lol and this was no exception

They have so many 'bits' on them! lol

Next I had chance to revisit an old design,

Which was fun because I changed the animals slightly, and I love using bright colours!

I also got an order for a little cheerleader turning 6. This was fun because I got to use a colour scheme I haven't used before, to match the theme of the Pioneer Cheerleaders.

And then came another fun wedding cake. A Bride dragging her Groom away from a pool table :) I love how personalised wedding cakes can be!

The Bride loved it and said it was even better than she imagined, and that the figure looked SO much like her husband to be when I didn't even have a picture to work off!

This next cake was a mish mash of themes. Taiyah's mum didn't know whether to go for Charlie and Lola, or a pink girly theme - so I said have both! We can make a girly Charlie and Lola cake :)

I was hesitant at first to make the characters in 3d (as they are originally 2d and very much have a 'hand-drawn' look to them) But I think they came out ok.

All the pink and fluffyness a princess could ask for! Along with Lola's pink milk and her favourite biscuits to accompany it...also pink of course!

I had fun eating all the purple, orange and yellow left over party rings lol

I delivered this one to Manchester and she said it looked even better in real life! Hope Taiyah had a fab birthday :)

Next was kind of a last minute order (compared to how organised my other orders are! lol) But how awesome were these guys to order a retirement cake. Not your usual old style retirement cake...Boooooriiiiinng, but SHAUN THE SHEEP! Frickin' sweet!

I used to LOVE Shaun (from the Wallace and Gromit days) I had a backpack, pyjama case, air fresheners, cuddly toys, bumbag, pencil toppers, stickers, bubblebath, and even an electric toothbrush which were all Shaun branded :) (Even now in the bathroom I have a Shaun shower scrunchie still with its tags on lol)
After all these years Ive never been asked for Shaun....till now :)

Seriously!! A Shaun retirement cake. I don't even know the dude this was for but I love him for liking Shaun enough, that his family ordered it as a theme. :D You rawk x

Bitzer - the dog from Shaun the Sheep on CBBC


and the last cake picture I have for you is a cake I was so excited to make....for months!
Children's cakes are so fun because they are usually bright, and this was certainly that!

Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Cake. A show on Cbeebies which my daughter loves watching, though she calls it yaa yaa. Voiced by Lorraine Kelly, and featuring an abundance of jungle friends.
The Jingly Jangly Jungle is where he lives and I was excited to turn it into cake form.....using one of my favourite colours. Lime Green!

ooo ooo the monkey

Topsy the Giraffe

What was even cooler than a Raa Raa theme? The birthday dudes name!

I love it! The only time I've ever heard it was an old cartoon that used to show on Nickelodeon back in my kiddy days, but spelt 'Rocko'

Awesome :)


Lots of hand painting on this cake!

Yes that certainly was a fun order :) It was going all the way to Middleton to a play centre called Snakes and Slides where at least 3 cakes of mine had been!

I will always remember it, as my very first 3 tier Waybuloo went there where the staff cooed over it and actually rang the boss in the office to come down to take a look. lol. It resulted in the owner also ordering a Waybuloo themed one for her own daughters birthday, and a lovely bloke who worked there thought it was so good he actually left me a review! :

We had your Waybuloo cake at one of the parties in the play centre I work at in Middleton this weekend. Having seen a few hundred cakes over the years big and small, I must say this one was absolutely fantastic. It seemed like a crime to have to cut it. The detail was amazing and the cake was certainly the talking point for the day.

How lovely was that! Its the little things like this that I remember the most, someone actually taking the time to just say a few nice words and letting me know what they think :)

Sooooo that's a few of the cakes caught up with! This week I'm working on another theme I've done before not long back ;) A wedding cake which is taking a trip to Scarborough (hope to god it arrives in one piece! lol), a new christening cake design for my own little niece, and another Mickey Mouse cake.

See you on the other side - covered in icing sugar!

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  1. Wow!Your cakes are totally AMAZING! a friend sent me the Raa Raa cake you did as inspiration for a cake for her son's party today and it is just wonderful! would love it if you did workshops on characters! Jeni xx