Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Sponge Head is 6!

Holy Patootie, I have a 6 year old.

Little Sponge Head turned 6 on 3rd March....SIX,... like 6 WHOLE years old!

Time goes waaaay too fast.

Before I get down to the good old birthday post, I will post a few cakes.

On Kai's birthday I had 2 other orders to fulfil, funnily enough, it was a cake for another Kai, and a cake for a Kian! I'm so glad I didn't get all the names mixed up :) lol

Firstly Kian's mum requested a cake with 'stars and the moon' on it as he LOVES just that! They said they have to go out every evening to look at them with him. How cute is that!?
I suggested maybe having more of a theme, like Twinkle Twinkle, or maybe even Hey Diddle Diddle (the cow jumped over the moon) She liked that idea, so that is what we went with. The main criteria was the focus on the moon and stars, so here is what I came up with:

I sprayed the moon and stars with silver lustre to give them a little shimmer, though you cant see that too well from the photo.

Hope you had a fab birthday Kian!

Then there was another Kai :)
He had Scooby Doo on his cake, and the design was inspired by the mystery machine.

Rut Roh!

I also knocked up some quick cupcakes for Kai's class at school. Makes a change from the haribo sweets he always comes home with! lol

I seem to be painting more and more on my cakes. On each cake I have a paintbrush in my hand!

That was no exception on Kai's cake either (my Kai!) He had finally chosen a theme, and I was really excited when he did, it was one of my favourite cartoons too.

Adventure Time! (on Cartoon network)
AWESOME cartoon, aswell as Regular Show too (which he wants for his 7th Birthday)

I had a much bigger design in mind. I designed it all out on paper, Ice kingdom with Jake, tree house, loads of characters. But when it came down to it, I was running out of time and I just knew I wasn't going to get it done. So I went with a slightly smaller less ambitious version, which by the way Kai still loved and that's all that matters!
One of the best requests Ive had so far is when Kai said.....'Can you do Jake farting, and have loads of green poof coming out the back' pahahaha......that's my boy ;)
Shame I had already finished the cake, packed up, and was almost bed time!

So after all that here it is. Adventure Time Cake (Birthday Time)

Bottom tier is based on the Ice Kingdom (which was also supposed to include penguins) But at least the Ice King is there!

It has ice mountains and snowy hills all the way round it and the Ice Kings 'castle' is the one in the middle.
2nd tier is Jake, hes a shape shifting dog so I could basically do anything I wanted with him lol
And of course you have to include his best bud Finn, totally mathmatical ;)

I also swapped the main logo (Adventure Time) into Birthday Time

Also included was the snail who is seen in almost EVERY episode of Adventure time barr about 2?! Hes hidden during the episodes as a running joke :) So he had to be included on the cake.

Then I made little BMO (beemo)

Watch out for Peppermint Butler!!

Princess Bubblegum also had to go on the cake!

Others included Marceline, Ice King and tree trunks. Although I wanted to fit MANY more characters on I just ran out of time :(

Here is the birthday boy with his cake, Jake is bigger than his head lol

He almost dropped it (it was heavy!) and it nearly crushed his little skinny legs, but once we had a picture it was cut up to reveal his fav.....chocolate cake!

So that was it, I had created his 6th birthday cake. I had made one every year of his life, starting with some very dodgy looking ones!

Kai had turned from a newborn baby with a black spiky sonic the hedgehog hair do, to a 6 year old Sponge Head whose brain just soaks up random stuff :)

Lets take a look:

'Bump' Kai

Yes he was a rather large bump, but still only 6lb 13oz of swimming baby!

Newborn 'Sonic the hedgehog' Kai

4 month old 'Balding' Kai

6 months 'Chunky' Kai

9 month 'Christmas' Kai

One year old Kai!

2 year old Kai

3 year old Kai

4 year old Kai

5 year old Kai

and NOW.....6 year old Kai! eeeek!

We started the day with Adam having to rush off to work because the alarms were going off, and he is one of the first people they ring :(
So when he eventually got back, we watched Kai open his stuff

Badge to wear!

 Reading his card out ^^

He got lots of money about £55!
and plenty of clothes to grow into aswell as 2 Nerf guns with extra 'ammo', a trip to Blackpool Tower Circus and Jungle Jims in April, and tea out at 'Flaming Dragon'.

Kai reading out about his trip to Blackpool:

NERF GUN! I shot Adam right in the face with this, and it has quite a force behind it. Awesome shot right to the cheek :) paahaha

pahaha, Awesome :)

Then the next day it was off for some tea at Flaming Dragon, he loves the place!

and so does Adam...... lol

Want a chip?...

Birthday Boy had 2x lots of ice cream :)

Cuddles with Grandad

 Birthday Boy with Nanna

Stuffed ourselves silly again :)

Then we have the circus to look forward too in April! Yay :)

Did I mention...I have a SIX year old? wow.

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