Saturday, 4 February 2012

Its February!

Sorry for the most boring and 'state the obvious' title of a blog post ever, but my brain won't function, I have glasses of Pimms at the side of me that I'm making my way through and for the first time in months my head is getting a little fuuuuzzzy :S mehehehe *hick*

I was supposed to write a blog post about Britains Got Talent, we went to see the auditions in Manchester. But all the blurry images I took are stuck on Adams phone and what is a 'Spilling My Brains' blog post without pictures?! That's like..salt without pepper, fish without chips and me without cake!. We were told cameras would be confiscated so didn't bother taking mine - only to find out they WERE allowed at the beginning of the show, just not during! The boobs :(

We saw Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alicia Dixon, David Walliams and of course....Ant and Dec! You are in for a treat in April when the show airs on ITV....there were some right nutters auditioning, but some crackers too :) and the panel are MUCH funnier than shown on screen!

Aww that's a whole chunk of writing with no pictures yet! :( That will not's what cakes Ive been making since Ed the Skull.

Another Peppa cake but this time its a muddy picnic :)

A christening cake for a lovely little toddler who wears red glasses!

Gears of War 3 themed cake with birthday boys avatar!

My first Moshi Monster cake! Katsuma :)

Waybuloo sure is popular :) Heres Nok Tok

Kiss in Concert Cake! This one was very popular on my facebook page, they must all be rockers ;) x

And one last cake which was collected today:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake.


Even though its a new month and the dreaded January is now behind me.....we still have no toaster, the TV is still broke, and the curtain pole is STILL hanging off the wall . But I have my Pimms, and I don't care  :D


Tonight Ive been knocking up a few designs for my new website hopefully launching in March! The amazing Phillippa is in charge of turning my designs into something decent looking, and I cant wait, but I'll keep you posted on that ;)

Oh my word, I cant get through this post, I think its time to put the drink down. We are currently 'snowed in' slightly where we are, so I may just have popcorn for breakfast tomorrow to accompany my banging heading I'm sure to get.

ahhhhhhh *hick*, That's it....Ive had enough, can't type anymore.
Mehehehe see ya later guys :) x


  1. You are phenomenal. I'm such a HUGE fan!

  2. awww thank-you Peggy! Im such a big fan of you too! LOL xx