Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I got a picture for you!

I opened one of the finished invites to get a picture for you guys :)

After all that hard work (even though they look simple!) here it is!

They are all printed out inside ready for the wedding, one job down....just a million to go! lol

Since the last post we also got to see 'Safe House'

Another awesome film. LURVE Denzel Washington in this!

Just because I'm a horror fan doesn't mean to say I hate action films, as long as it has a good story line then I'm hooked, and this was no exception.
Denzel plays the role of a wanted CIA rogue agent, and with Ryan Reynolds playing a CIA rookie who has to look after him it makes a great pairing for a great story line.
Usually I don't pay to see something like this at the cinema, I only go for any good horrors, or maybe the odd 'big' film like Avatar and Pixar's but if I HAD paid to see this, I would have been happy :)

9/10 from moi!

Now onto the cakes. Ive made quite a few since (which I cant show you yet till I do my first wedding fair on the 1st April!)
But I'll just post a few of the birthday ones Ive been working on:

The customer wanted Mickey Mouse for her son, so I came up with a few designs, including this very colourful one which was the final design.

I find Disney characters very hard to replicate! But here is Mickey:

And one that has just left the house...A Gruffalo Cake

Ive made a single tier Gruffalo cake, but I really do love to get my hands on a theme like this in multiple tiers. Anything bright, fun and detailed I love to put on 2 tiers or more.

I jumped in with both feet right at the last minute with this cake. I was going to put bushes and plants around the bottom tier, until I glanced at the book again and realised on every page were lots of trees. I wasn't sure what it was going to look like, but I bit the bullet and started sticking on tree trunks....too late to go back now! Luckily I was glad with how it came out lol


Hope the twins have a fab birthday!

Today I'm working on parts of Kai's cake,'s his birthday again soon! I blogged about his last birthday which means my blog is now over one year old! wow that's gone fast!
He's 6 this time, its crazy :S I have an almost 6 year old!

He still has toys in his room still wrapped in the cellophane since Xmas. He just has TOO many. So instead of buying him even more, we got him tickets for Blackpool Circus, and there's also the Jungle Jims (no I haven't spelt that wrong...that's what its called LOL) That will be sometime in April though when the Circus is running.

So for his actual birthday we will most likely let him choose what he wants for tea, and we have got him a Nerf gun to open. (think Abbi will have the raw end of this deal, and when I get my hands on it, Adam will have a raw rear-end...) :D

I got him to write me a list of programmes, or films or themes he would like his cake to be. Seriously I have never seen a list like it. You've been Framed, The Biggest Loser, The Exit List...and wait for it......ITV News.
Yes really.

So after I showed him my wall of cake orders and pointed out that Cain's mummy got a Mickey Mouse cake because that's what he likes, and the Twins mummy got a Gruffalo cake because they liked the Gruffalo, he had another think about what ELSE he liked watching on TV. Hes a huge fan of game shows, and to be fair if that's what he wants then he can have it, but I just wanted to make sure he had his head screwed on right when I asked him the first time LOL

Luckily he came back with another list, and he has even decided on a theme for his 7th Birthday cake! His 6th Birthday cake theme is even something I love so I was super excited about that....and if he sticks to the theme for his 7th birthday, I cant wait to start that one either!

Sooo I'm going to be pretty busy with cake dummies, the wedding fair, birthday cake orders and more wedding planning over the next month, but I promise to drop in on my blog again before then :)

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