Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Finally getting round to it

Hello my little cupcakes!

Ive recovered from the last post and raring to go, and its about time I caught up with a post that is overdue.

I'm talking about the awesome little gift I received in the post quite a while ago, remember Paul? I blogged a picture of a TINY little Freddy Krueger glove in progress that the very talented Paul was making for me.
Well it arrived! and its just pure awesomeness :D

For those of you who don't hang around much through my posts or have just found me 'hello! *waves*' This little Krueger glove will feature somewhere in the wedding. You should know by now my wedding shoes are Elm Street themed (I have to get my love of horror in SOMEWHERE for my big day!) but the trouble is I only have tiny size 3 pixie feet and 'normal' court shoes wont keep my feet in. I have to have some sort of fastening, elastic, or buckle across the front.....SO that means I have to modify my wedding shoes. I'm hoping to just put some elastic across, but that's just very plain so after searching for months for something Freddy related to cover up my boring elastic I found Paul who had made a 'micro' glove. I fell in love :)
Its the cutest smallest glove EVER and would be a great addition to my shoes! He took on the challenge of trying to make it a little smaller, and believe me...he pulled it off. Just see for yourself!

 But just how tiny is it?...........

Yes! Isn't it fantastic! the tiny blades, the tiny back-plate, its just a piece of pure craftsmanship!

When it arrived I was handling it like a newborn baby, it looks delicate, SO delicate in fact that I'm now worried about putting it on my shoes only because I'd be devastated to break it. Your feet are the most move-able parts LOL they walk, kick, run, dance, abuse the groom and I'm scared they will come to harm. I'm going to do a test run though and if I feel its too delicate I WILL find somewhere else to feature it in the wedding....I just have to! Its too ace to leave out :)

Thank-you Paul Fortune. I LOVE it x

More stuff on the wedding front, I have FINISHED the invites! Yay!
From rounding corners, cutting rectangles, ovals, hearts, elephants, hand placing dangly charms, sticking ribbon, printing and envelope licking they are DONE. I would show you but we sealed all of them without taking pictures Duhhh, but I'll sort a picture out for you guys soon :)

Ive set the ball rolling for a new make-up artist. The lovely Jodie who is highly recommended by my very talented photographer lady Miss Lisa Aldersley. I'm really looking forward to the trial run so I can get an idea of how I want things to be, I cant say anymore than that because Adam is my blog stalker....sssshhhhhhhh!

And Ive also kicked myself up the backside and lost a little bit of weight. I used to be 8 and a half stone (which I will never see again!) but my aim was for under 9 stone, something Ive been struggling with for a while! BUT ........*drumroll*......I'm 2lbs under 9 stone yay! *happy dancing*
Now the task is just trying to keep it off, and the KFC I had the other day isn't exactly going to help me do that. The graaaaavy.......the GRAAAAVY!

Did I also mention we now have the grooms shoes too?
What a fiasco that was.
We spotted some perfect ones which Adam liked the look of, so we went all the way to the Trafford Centre to get them. But what happened when we got home?.......2 left feet. Yes....two left feet in the box.

I mean seriously? who last tried them on...a leper?! When I rang them up they said they were very short on size 9's and they could very well be the last pair. Great. I had visions of us getting married, turning to walk back down the aisle and him walking like he had a cork shoved up his backside, or worse...walking like Louis Spense.

Luckily the lady rang back and found the LAST pair of size 9's and they were being sent to us.
Here they are :)

Ha ha...Yeah these are the GROOMS shoes. The Riddler. And do you know whats even better than the fact hes wearing something comfy, non traditional and something he likes? They actually fit our colour scheme yayuh!
Want to know something even COOLER about these shoes?....the question marks glow in the dark....they freakin glow in the dark! Can just imagine them shining out on the dancefloor ;) he he.

*sigh* I'm SO glad we didn't go down the top hat and tails, formal dinner and 'cookie cutter' wedding route. Planning this is MUCH more fun, and much more us.

I get carried away with fun wedding ideas though. Adam doesn't have many interests (*foghorn* BOOOO RIIIIING) ha ha only joking ;) But he DOES like theme parks etc, and I love all things theme park/fairground myself. So when I heard about North West Funfair hire I got slightly over excited. Since the beginning of planning the wedding and seeing my fabulous (did I mention she is amazing?) photographers picture of a bride on a carousel, Ive longed to have one. How fab would that be? Though I do have the small factor of getting married in a zoo with no room for one *whispers* but that didn't stop me entering a competition to win a funfair ride hire hee hee

 I hope this one doesn't come with added chavs though...

All its missing is a bride in a wedding dress :)
Want to see what else they offer? Check them out here: North West Fun Fair

OO I may just have to hunt down a fun fair now and go on some rides!

Happy Wednesday Everyone, will be back soon! xx

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