Thursday, 16 February 2012

Can you feel the love?

Yeah, a few days late for a Valentines Day post but hey ;)

Did everyone get goodies? Get spoiled by the other half?...or are you single and hate Valentines Day?...cheer up Pancake Day is on the way!! lol

I started the day with a little red bag waiting for me downstairs, a lovely card,a bag of mini eggs and a DS game inside. He knows me so well! I don't need flowers and cuddly toys (not unless the cuddly toy is horror related, or something like Nightmare Before Xmas etc lol) give me some chocolate eggs and a video game any day!

But before I go any further I should point out that any time Adam tries to surprise me, he manages to get something wrong. He either lets slip about a surprise (through not thinking before he speaks), leaves something lying around in plain sight (like receipts!), doesn't cover his tracks very well  or just plain gets something wrong ha ha He knows himself he never succeeds in a plan, and this Valentines Day was no exception.
Don't get me wrong, he hid them and kept them a secret to a score of 10/10, But what he bought me was a 3DS game........and I don't own a 3DS ha ha.

Knowing what reaction I'd get I text him at work and told him I didn't own a 3DS grinning as it sent. I was right! What followed was an abundance of swear words. Pahaha....failed again Mr R!
But that's what makes him even more lovable, hes such a goon :D
I'm just glad he hasn't tried pulling a major surprise like a trip to America. If he was left in control I would have found the 'surprise' tickets left on the windowsill, opened a suitcase to find nothing but a pair of pants and a t-shirt, and end up spending a night with a drunken Mexican under a row of airport seats due to him forgetting the passports.

So whilst he was at work I put the plan into motion for a handmade card, cupcakes etc.
If its the 'thought that counts' then that's what I was going to do, I handmade lots of daft little things for him to use when he got home.

I made a card that looked like a 3 year old had done it...using paper cupcake cases as 'flowers' LOL, a paper 'fortune teller' you know....those things you used to make in school!

As he wrote in my card 'save me an egg!' (meaning the mini eggs he bought me) I added them to a little bowl so we could share, a fizzy vimto in a fancy wine glass, 4 cupcakes with dolly mixture toppings, and finally his tea.
Its the simple things :) like drinking fizzy vimto from a wine glass....

now the special part of the 'tea' was a heart shaped egg:

I had great delight in telling Adam that I bought this very special egg for £4, and had it delivered from Devon where they have special chickens that lay heart shaped eggs.
I managed to keep a straight face throughout when actually I just wanted to burst out laughing.
Instead of 'don't be ridiculous, heart shaped eggs did you do it?'
I got 'You paid £4 for an egg?!'
In shock that he had been sucked into the story I continued  'I cant believe you just ate the egg without commenting that it was a heart shaped...I paid £4 for the bloody thing and you scoffed it!'

I'm still giggling now....that he actually believes there are hens that can pop out heart shaped eggs, and has no doubt already told his work colleagues I spent £4 on a 'special egg'. I could of told him that farmers modified the hens hoo-haa into a heart shape to make it possible and he would have still believed me. lol
This is what relationships are about....pure total fun 100% of the time. Even if its just me having the fun :) lol

But how DID I get a heart shaped egg? It certainly wasn't from a modified chicken from Devon I can tell you that for free :)

Stinking out my fridge with a boiled egg was totally worth it.

I might make these heart shaped burgers next year...

....and tell him I got them imported from Africa where they tie wooden posts to young calves to make a dent for the heart shape. Pahaha

Awww I love that goon ;)

Here is the little table I had set out for him, I even lit 2 candles...get me Miss Romantic LOL

 Check out those heart shaped them from Devon don't you know?!


In the envelope was a note telling him to get his coat on because we were off to the flicks! We do love a good cinema trip.
I had seen trailers for 'The Woman in Black' and thought it looked pretty good. After a few comments on Facebook that it was 'sad' I thought maybe it would be a good option as no-one had mentioned it was scary. any new comers Adam HATES horrors/ghosties/slashers...basically anything that I think is awesome!
We got our tickets and of course the mandatory popcorn and took our seats. It was BUSY!
The film started and within the first 15 minutes I realised it wasn't an 'Adam' film, this was going to be far too scary for him and was hoping he wasn't going to leave a brown present for the popcorn clean-up crew.

 I sat there pretty much glued as the story unfolded (I love a good story line!) Adam was doing his best 'looking sideways but pretending to look at the screen' movements and almost bruised my leg through squeezing it at one point. BUT hats off to him, he wasn't as bad as one guy who actually shouted out loud during one scene. For those of you who have seen it, you will probably know which part I'm referring to when I say 'rocking chair face'. What made me laugh, (still 5 minutes after it happened) was the fact he didn't shout 'aaaaahhh' ...but rather ' WERRRRRRRR' . The whole cinema laughed out loud at him, the poor weed, and the ultimate insult?...that Adam the coward was even laughing at him.

Now I haven't seen many Harry Potter films all the way through (maybe two of them?) shock horror gasp! But I know the films are big enough to know that Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter, and when a character is that big, the actor who plays him is going to have a hard time convincing the world otherwise. He can't be seen as anyone other than Mr Potter. WRONG! I was blown away by him in the Woman in Black, I have a new found love for Daniel Radcliffe (not in that way guys... lol) but as an actor. I knew obviously he would have to be good to get the lead for all those films, but this opened my eyes. He did an amazing job and I thoroughly enjoyed the film.

The ONLY critique I have (not that it matters what I think!) is that I would have concluded some parts of the back up story better, after leaving the cinema I was pining to know abit more back story of why and how. BUT its certainly one to watch at the cinema....easy 9/10 from me :) Go see it!

On the way home it was clear the film had given Adam the willies but he enjoyed it! I just have to train him not to wretch at gory films, squeeze all the blood out of my knee, 'pretend to watch the screen when something scary is happening when really his eyes are on the left over popcorn on the floor in the corner', lay in bed afterwards thinking of all the things he saw that might come and get him in the night, and he MAY just make a good horror film buddy, none of my other ones seem to be around these days!

Soooo that was my Valentines Day. Wouldn't have it any other way!

Though I'm now going into hiding....Adam is about to find out that heart shaped eggs don't come from chickens, and I have a feeling I'll be typing my next post with broken legs.

Pray for me :) xxx

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