Monday, 16 January 2012

Well hello January

Afternoon Cupcakes! :) **ive just had to edit this post as half of it was missing and didnt make sense! LOL **

We are on our first month of 2012, and so far its 50/50. At this moment in time I want to skip January next year altogether!

But there is good with the bad :)

My first cake of 2012 was a new character, and I was looking forward to it as he is such a cute bear...Little Charley Bear from Cbeebies.

I thought he turned out pretty well, and was really happy with him, but I wasn't expecting his creator to think the same!
Out of the blue I had a lovely comment from the guys who created this little bear on a show narrated by James Corden, and thought I'd made a great version of him. I thought it was awesome of them to take the time to let me know, and if your out there now somewhere....THANK-YOU, you made my day :)

This next cake you have seen a few times before, but I assure you its a newly made one....see it has a different name on it!

Yes its another 3-tier Waybuloo cake. I love the bright coloured cakes, and it seems so do a lot of other people. In fact this couple loved it so much that they paid me to deliver it 3 hours away to their home in Gloucester (and back = 6 hours) as they didn't want to risk anyone else trying to recreate it. THAT IS FLATTERING to say the least. This restores my faith entirely in people. Every so often you get dragged down by the 'how much?' and 'I can get it cheaper' (to be fair I haven't had any of these recently!) BUT when people really appreciate how long it takes you to make and realising your spending all your waking hours on THEIR cake and ignoring all your own day to day jobs, its a good feeling. And again to you...THANK-YOU!

I bake the cakes fresh - I don't freeze, I spend a lot of time making figures and trying to get the details just right, and I spend all day working on your cake (yep, so much so Adam has to keep on top of the washing and ironing! ha ha), I don't fire through models and details like a factory, I take my time which is why dates are limited, and I get booked up WAY in advance. I also hate turning people down, I can see how excited they are to be buying a cake and its gutting to tell them their date isn't available! All I can say is be REALLY organised and book in advance, you can also secure a date and decide on your design at a later date :) x

It was a great start to the caking year - to deliver to somebody who truly understood and appreciated so far away, your crazy...but you made me one very happy lady :)I would like to point out the delivery cost more than the actual cake too.

Another colourful cake coming your way....Peppa Pig and her family doing what they do best.

Complete with a Peppa Pig style duck...and another 'little duck' number 2 :)
I got a real cute picture of the birthday girl with her cake too!

Then another first character came up...Mike the Knight! It's quite a new show on Cbeebies, but very popular already. I created a tall grey castle for him as the customer only wanted one turret. In the show his castle is pale in colour with a red pointy roof, and I was worried that if I only created the one turret it would look like some sort of dodgy rocket :) So I thought a more grey boyish castle would fit better.

I LOVE how little Mike turned out! Usually I find fault with every cake...even found fault with the above, but if there's one thing I'm actually proud of...its the modelling of little Mike.

And did anyone catch Dancing on Ice on ITV? I never usually watch it, but this year COREY FELDMAN is skating! Never in a million years did I expect that name to come on the line-up. To be fair, he is the worst skater in the competition, but you can see how hard he is trying bless him. I don't expect him to last long but I'm sure it will be fun to watch whilst hes in :) Go Corey....and your random strand of hair!

Now it would be so much better to watch all that skating action on our usual 37" TV (Yep I said with the good came the bad) but we got downgraded last night to a 19"...tiny! Our usual main TV of 4 years (LG LCD) has died! The picture is fuzzy no matter what setting you have it on, and we've tried multiple methods of unplugging different cables and things, but nothing makes any difference. Sound is spot on though!
Not only that but our Virgin Media box likes to play up too, so if Ive asked it to record a few shows it usually fails due to it turning off and not coming back on. Damn you electrical ITEMS!

That wasn't the only electrical item to bite the dust this month. Our lovely little black toaster has gone to toaster heaven after refusing to keep the bread down. Damn you.

Our fish tank filter has also been deadly silent over the past few weeks (yeah Its been on my to-do list for quite some time!) BUT good news for a change, it started working all on its own again last night. I think someone is seriously messing with us!

But from there we go onto more, Abbi fell over with a juice bottle in her mouth and cracked her 2 front teeth! Half of it wobbles a little so we don't know if the fall has killed her teeth..only time will tell. Shes going to be a mixture of these next two pictures by the time shes 5 :(

Oh my, she already has the curly hair....

On Friday the 13th (suffering from a very bad cold might I add) my clumsy self somehow manged to get her foot caught in her other pant leg of her Pj's nearly went flying across the carpet and ripped her toenail in half. Yeah, just try reading that sentence again I bet your thinking HOW THE HELL? 
Me too.

 And today Ive had to squeeze in at the dentist due to waking up with a painful lump at the back of my mouth. After an X-ray it seems my wisdom teeth have grown...underneath my gum...sideways...against my other teeth. I WISH I'd have brought the X-ray home with me because it was some freaky looking cannibalistic mountain man mouth. Awesome to see though ha ha.

Anyhoo...the cause was that there is a little space behind the back tooth where the wisdom tooth was supposed to push through. Something got trapped down there and caused an infection, so yep, I'm on antibiotics!

I don't have my own X-ray but I got this from google which is very similar:

 You can't actually see these in my mouth though, they are under the gum. Some.Very. Freaky. Shit.

Best part though, he managed to drain some of the infected cack so its feeling much better already.

We are only part way through January and look what has happened so far. I'm not even going to mention the curtain rail hanging off the wall....

Take the good with the bad, and chin up......Walking Dead season 2 continues next month! yaaayyyuuuuhh!


  1. Suck cute cakes!!!! :) Hope the rest of january gets better!! :)

    And I can't wait for the Walking dead to start again!!! :)


  2. Thanks Jen! ha ha yeah the Walking Dead is GREAT :) thanks for your comment :) x