Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I'm Late

We are on the 10th January 2012...and I'm about to post about New Years Eve 2011...yep sorry guys, really behind!

So many of you will have spent New Years Eve with a drink in hand...and maybe at a pub/club/party. There was a time I used to do that too! Maybe only once or twice...but it used to make you skint. For the past few years we've stayed in, and probably been in bed for about 10pm..in fact the last New Year's Eve we went to bed early and was awoken at 12pm with a huge amount of bangs. Anyone with a brain would have guessed those will be fireworks going off, but I laid there and thought WHAT THE?? I thought bombs were going off. I was like 'WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!' trying to look through half closed eyes that wouldn't focus. Adam just replied...'Happy New Year' and I put my head back down and went back to sleep LOL

SO this year with the 2 kiddiwinkles we thought we would do something. Me, my Dad and Adam went to the cinema to watch Sherlock Holmes, and the two kids and my Mum went inside one of those 'Snowglobes'. You know...the kind you see at shopping centres where kids are running around like lunatics inside throwing fake snow about and the Dad who got dragged in is stood at the back in a large inflatable bubble with a fake smile on his face thinking....get me out of here! People walking past pointing at him and laughing.
Yep, so glad I decided on the cinema :)

Then it was nosh time....we treated ourselves to the chinese 'Flaming Dragon' which you have seen me blog about before...less of the corn cob incident the better!

Kai LOVES coming here, he said he wants to come here for his birthday LOL

Abbi sat in the window

Can you see my tonsils!?!?!?!

Combine these next two pictures and you'll see where Abbi gets her Susan Boyle eyebrows from:

I dreamed a dream in times gone byyyyyy.......
Yep...poor sod, she will have to have them plucked at the age of 4! lol

This has got to be the campest way to pull a cracker..... ha ha

Ice Cream!

Adam having a little pose with his bowl of ice cream

I feel pretty oh so pretty....

WE feel pretty....oh so pretty.....

What the hell do the chinese put in those crackers?!

After stuffing ourselves silly, we headed round the corner for a few games of bowling.
Sorry totally booked up! Bahhh. But I suppose its a good thing we didn't bowl with full bellies. I could have just rolled myself down the aisle and guaranteed a strike.

So we headed to Mums house for abit instead. Kai kept checking the clock...'its not 12pm yet, I'll tell you when its midnight'
We flicked through the Tv... 2 films were on back to back....and they finished 5 minutes before midnight.
It was Paranormal Activity 1&2....nice one...abit of horror on New Years Eve!

Did Kai make it to midnight?

Not a chance!

We all know horror is a no-go for Adam, so he sat there most of the time playing on the Ipad, but he just cant resist peeking now and again when he hears something. He should never have looked because even now, 10 days after, he is still talking about the ghosties LOL

There was a scene in the first one where the girl gets dragged from her bed and across the landing, but in Paranormal Activity 2, she gets dragged repeatedly down the stairs, and then into the basement...Adam had goosebumps on top of goosebumps. Those were the parts that scared him the most and what he can't stop talking about.

The other day he said he was sat on the toilet (of all places!) early in the morning when it was dark, and the stairgate moved all on its own, he said 'I proper cacked it' hmmm bet you did considering where you were sitting!. I was laughing at him, and then Kai said.....'well at least you didn't get dragged down the stairs.'

Pahaha awesome :)

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