Monday, 2 January 2012

2011. What a year!....and 2012 to look forward to

Yay Happy New Year guys :)

What a year 2011 has been!

Early 2011 me and Adam decided to finally make a date for our wedding (after about 6-7 years of engagement!)
We chose 2nd September 2012 at Chester Zoo...plenty of time to plan, but wow is it coming round fast!

Our 'not so little' dude turned 5 (he will be 6 in March...eeek!)

 I met a total legend! A man who I had wanted to meet for years and was the star of my all time favourite horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street. Mr Robert Englund!

I also got my 2nd Tattoo!

I appeared on Channel 4...Twice! A total once in a lifetime opportunity at the age of 23 (24 now!) I was asked to go on the Fern show for a fun cake competition for the Royal Wedding.....and I met some amazing people!
I even got to meet more celebs....totally mind blowing stuff!

John Hannah! I caught a bit of  'The Mummy' on TV over Christmas and sat there I met him! ha ha how cheesy am I :)

If the experience of actually being amongst all these people and being live on air wasn't be announced winner was something all together different - I'm a very lucky girl.

2011 also brought me my first open air concert...BON JOVI one off gig in rained and poured but god was it good!

Our 'Doodles' turned 2 years old.....

Me and my friend Keiran photographed our first wedding together!

 And I didn't expect to be in London again but I was to meet, Corey Feldman, Christopher Lloyd, Super Freddy and to sit in THE DeLorean!

And believe it or not last year was the first time we had a picnic as a family of 4!

I became an Auntie for the very first time to not one, not two..but THREE babies!

Nephew Myles

Niece Bethan

and Nephew Blair

My very first cupcake class...a role of a teacher!

December brought me a LONG awaited gift

Which I have now finished reading, and it's a MUST read for any horror fan :)

I also racked up more than ONE HUNDRED cakes just in 2011!

In between ALL that we squeezed a few family holidays, getaways and days out, most of which are recorded right here on the blog :)

WHAT A YEAR! Its been amazing from start to finish, and I still can't believe I've done some of the stuff that I have. 

2012 Brings:
Kai turning 6
Abbi turning 3 and starting Nursery....eeek!
My very own cake website
Our Zoo wedding
and hopefully my first wedding fair
Everything else that gets thrown at me this year will be a bonus......Hope you'll stay for the adventure :)


  1. Truly amazing! What an action packed year! So many highs! Love our cakes - you are truly gifted! May you have more fun and success in 2012!!!! Have fun planning the Wedding! :D

  2. Thanks very much for leaving a comment! Im having fun wedding planning, but im expecting it to get stressful at some point in a few months! LOL xx