Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Back to a little wedding planning!

Well hello! It's been two weeks since I tapped out a post....and I've been reminded about it!

So here is just a quick one for now letting you all know how I'm getting on with the wedding stuff.

Its 271 days away. Yep, doesn't seem alot when you see it like that really, which is why I've had to put my backside into gear the past few weeks and get some more wedding stuff done before it creeps up on me, and before I know it, it will be too late and Adam will be stood there barefoot exchanging jelly rings.

SOO I have been working slowly on the invites. I just get abit done here and there whenever I can, and so far so good.
I cut out all my purple ovals and elephants one night, added charms the next, and today I stuck them together pre-school style :)

Apologies for the shocking pictures, I just grabbed my dying point n shoot. I promise I will take more prettier pictures when I have time :)

I also got round to printing the invite wording, and rounding off all the straight edges into cuuuuuurves :)

Next I just need to cut all the purple rectangles, white rectangles, green ribbon, stick them all together and I'm DONE!

Whilst doing the invite wording I couldn't get it short enough, it just seemed so long winded! There's so much info I needed to cram in there, accommodation, venue info, what they need to bring, that I thought stuff it! I'll just do the nerdy thing and stick a link in there to a website! Yaaaayah!

So I introduce to you....our wedding website! Crammed full of all the info they need, they get to meet the wedding party before hand and get an idea of whats happening on the day. So far its had a brilliant response.....so go check it out!

I'm quite proud of it :) LOL

We also managed to get new rings. I bought my first one from Tesco, I'll never get to wear it due to the amount of cakes I make so I thought any cheap one would do. Using my Tesco clubcard vouchers and an online code my wedding ring came to a total of £40! WOOO!
It was only when I kept trying it on afterwards I realised it was too big....bummer.
SO back to the shop, they didn't have my size, nor did they have Adams size, I was told to sit tight and wait for more stock......None ever arrived!
Months ticked by, to the point where I just had to get my money back, I got a whole £80 cash for it! Yaaaayah! They couldn't give me back the vouchers I had spent so cash it was.....certainly not complaining.
We took a trip to Argos and got Adams ring, and I got a half price one at £70, bargain.

Yummy white gold :)

I do have a short family holiday to share, but I'm still working on getting the pictures together etc so sit tight dudes :)


  1. Hi, it's White_Sapphire here!
    Love your wedding website - I really want to go to your wedding now!! See you back on MSE soon I hope...


  2. o Hi Fiona! Thanks for the message :) I lost track of the MSE thread and didn't want to just barge back in without knowing who everyone else was LOL Hows the dress coming along? x

  3. Oh, that's fine hun, drop back in whenever - been a bit quiet on our thread lately!
    Done nothing on the dress lately - too much else to do! Going fabric shopping tomorrow though, CANNOT wait!!!

  4. Forgot to say, your invites are looking great - you changed your mind about how to do them then?? ;-)
    Still haven't started mine yet!


  5. Ooo good luck for tomorrow! I know how things can get brushed aside when there just seems so much other stuff to do! And thanks about the invites! I think I've only changed them slightly...added charms n whatnot :) aww you really need to start them! after all....they are the first things to go out :) LOL