Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pop Pop Pop Pop.....Pop!

The sound I heard all over Xmas :)

So guys, did everyone have a good Christmas? Did you get lots of nice pressies?

I had a brilliant time, I got the least amount of pressies this year as we had agreed between a few people not to get each other anything and just buy the kids instead...but the presents I DID get more than made up for the 'missing' pressies.

With wedding planning and slightly pushing my business forward we are skint, and me and Adam vowed to not get each other presents this year, and make up for it next year instead. That plan kind of crumbled! He is a HUGE kid at Xmas....absolutely LOVES it, so there's no way I could not get him anything to open.
 I thought I'd be abit practical though and buy him things he would use rather than the goofy useless stuff I usually buy!

Xmas Eve I did the usual tradition of helping over at the parents house setting up Xmas table n chairs, returning home to set out the kids presents on the couch and then climbing into a new clean bed, with a new pair of Pj's on......bliss!
I don't know whether it was the new pillows keeping me awake, being too warm, or just the fact my brain was racing with what jobs I had to do, but when Adam started to wake around 6am I had already been laid awake for hours! We got up, had my breakfast (which consisted of a mince pie and hot vimto) and we watched the kids fast asleep catching flies. We must have spent an hour waiting for them to wake up before we gave in and crept downstairs...Santa's been!

The little mound on the left hand side of the bottom picture are mine and Adams LOL
We opened them, and in one of my packages was something off my Christmas list!

They are even cuter in real life, chunky and warm :)
I also got a hat with a bear face and 2 little pom pom ears with matching scarf....quirky and perfect :) someone knows me very well.
I opened a few other bits which comprised of Pimms (which I'm having a cheeky glass of right now!) chocolates, more chocolates, a top, scarf, and bath set.

We had opened our pressies in 2 minutes flat, and as Adam sat there quiet I said 'awww did you want more pressies?' Right behind him in that big blue snowman bag was where all his pressies from me were hiding....disguised as Kai's!
Next minute he disappeared and came back with a little box full of wrapped presents.....that he had bought me! So much for not buying each other something, we just couldn't resist.

In Adam's bag there were pressies like:

Back to the Future boxers
Animal boxers
Spongebob boxers......these are hilarious :)

Some new loungepants because the ones he has are BORING!


And one of his childhood fav games.....Sonic The Hedgehog ones.

Then he picked up a rectangle present...and I knew what it was. As I plunged my hand into my own presents I pulled out a similar shape and we began to the paper came off we both just looked at each other. WE BOUGHT THE SAME PRESENT!

What can I say, it's a good film, and even though the story line is a million miles still reminds me of the Goonies, one of my all time fave films.

What else did he get in his snowman bag?....
a pair of these!

He gets a new pair of slippers every Xmas so I wasn't going to miss out on these ones! They look so funny on him when hes walking around :)

He also got -

And an awesome Army of Darkness T-shirt :)

I also treated him to a giftcard for the Vue Cinema.....we love a good cinema trip!
Some Ferrero Rocher's 
and new pairs of socks featuring junk food - hotdogs, burgers, pizzas etc :)

In my box of presents I got a Simpsons 2012 calendar, The new Professor Layton for the DS (addicted to those story lines!) Some Kopparberg - yummy, some chocolate, some naughty calorie filled  fox's chocolate biscuits and the Super 8 dvd (he he)

Now since my Xmas list posted on here, I added one more item to awesome popcorn machine I spied. It was a retro looking worktop one....not one of those small argos type! It was shiny red, with a door, a tray, a popping kettle, and LIGHTS! I added it to my list very late so just expected to buy it myself at some point if I ever had the guts to part with the money for it. I LOVE popcorn, I'm the type of girl you see emptying the popcorn tub before the film has even started!

Imagine my surprise when I was presented with a last minute large tear of the wrapping paper revealed a box with a picture of a shiny red lid....and a door, and a tray.....


Its the most amazing thing you will set your eyes upon today, I promise!

Plugged it in, preheated the kettle, a little spoonful of oil, a small cap full of kernels and within 2 minutes hot fresh popcorn starts escaping from the kettle. It's ace to watch.....yeah its only popcorn but watching it lifting the little lid of the kettle to jump out was better than all the Xmas TV shows combined :)
Squeeze of honey and a spoonful of icing sugar.....and it was the best popcorn ever! and the LIGHTS...!!

We had popcorn on Xmas day, Boxing day, for breakfast the next morning, and lastnight watching Tangled. We may have some more tonight if we have time to watch another movie!

We had to wake the kids up to open their presents at about 8am, they were just fast asleep with no sign of waking up! Once Kai had found out Santa had been he was up and ready to go, Abbi walked into the front room and uttered only one word....WOW.

This is Abbi at my Mum and Dad's Xmas Day:

And Kai:

Adam sporting his new t-shirt!

Hot pink party hat!

There's never enough gut room in your pants after a huge Xmas it's time to get the loungepants out! Adam wearing his sonics :)

But the presents didn't stop there. We had a visit from Adam's sister and her partner on Boxing Day, and I opened this:

YEP!! Its only the book Ive been waiting years for! I finally have it....I'm up to Chapter 5....and its awesome!
It's not signed, but what the heck, that's EVEN BETTER because now I have an excuse to meet him again and get it signed in person :) Hes too much of a nice guy to meet only once.

I have been so lucky and got some FAB pressies and had a brilliant Xmas this year!

The kids got LOADS. Their toys are all over the front room and I have no idea where they are going to go!
Megabloks, Xbox 360, Camcorder, PJ's, Books, DVD's, Clothes, Animals, Hobby Horse, Shark Chase, a HUGE cardboard box full of chocolate, Playdough, Picnic Basket, Pirate ship water table, and LOADS of other toys. Totally spoilt!

Hope you guys all had a great time!! I'm off to choose a film for tonight so I get to make some more popcorn :) x


Friday, 9 December 2011

It covers your bum like pedigree chum.......

I'm sure all of us pretty much remember this rhyme, and we got reminded of it at 6.00am Sunday morning.

Its our holiday story....except its alot different to all the others.

It all started on Thursday 24th Nov, we were set to go on holiday on the coming Saturday to Folly Farm in Wales. I had a cake to get finished when I suddenly felt really rotten, a headache from hell, nauseous and bed bound. I spent most of the day grazing on rich tea biscuits, taking nurofen, and napping. Friday came along, I felt a tad better so managed to get some jobs done but risked a few chips for tea....not a good idea, queue the gurgly guts! Adam was adamant we weren't going to go on holiday, but the scrooge that I am, I wasn't wasting the hotel money etc, and I had started to pick up again so on Saturday morning we woke up and set off.......on the 5 hour long journey.

This was the first pit-stop, you can guarantee no matter how many breaks you take you'll be travelling down deserted country roads when you hear a whiny 'I need the toilet' coming from one of the kids in the back.

Halfway there we stopped at Burger King, Abbi had some chicken nuggets, Kai had a mini angus burger, and in true Adam style, he just bought the biggest one off the menu. What did I have? Nurofen and a rich tea biscuit :)

 We were driving for what seemed to be FOREVER, when we hit a familiar piece of road. Beyond that thick fog and mist is a HUGE drop.

The camera couldn't pick it up very well, but it was VERY foggy and the whole place was a weird yellow/red colour. Felt like some horror shit was gunna go down Silent Hill style!

It went dark almost instantly and the drive was too much for some...

We had a quick trip to Tesco to fill up on supplies (more nurofen and biscuits!) and checked into our room.
Abbi was mega excited by this point and was buzzing around like a fly on a donut.

Look at the face.....child possessed! 

A happy Abbi dancing around the room..

Check out my munchies! I know how to party hard LOL

 We had checked into the Travelodge at Pembroke Dock where we had stopped once before and Kai recognised the layout....he bagsied the couch this time.

 Too tired to bring in the travel cot we gave Abbi a go on the pull out bed to see how she would get she is in all her bed-ready-poofy-hairness glory.

Kai gave photography a whirl, and here you can witness Adam in his PJ's :) mwahahaha

 A bit of bedtime reading courtesy of the Travelodge

and also a bit of bedtime TV....yes that's 'In the Night Garden', so we were all pretty much in our PJ's for about 7pm LMAO

And no sleepover would be complete without snacks! Which these two decided to enjoy under the unit.

Caught this picture of Abbi helping herself. Literally seconds after the 'click' I heard 'bap, bap, bap, bap'

O dear..... an entire tub of mini sausages hit the carpet. How appealing do these look......don't you just want to get down on your knees and cram it in your mouth off that lovely multi coloured Travelodge carpet...


More snacks!

Then it was bedtime. Adam went to sleep early due to the five hour drive, and I watched abit of Xfactor. 10.30pm. Light off. Sleep. 'Waaaaaaah'. Check time. 12.45am. Abbi is restless.
Adam climbed onto the bed beside Abbi till she dropped off and then got back in bed. Little did we know the morning was about to get worse.
Sleepy eyed I started to stir..5.45am The only thing I did whilst laying there coming round was thinking...what in Gods name is that smell?
Adam turned over, I thought jeez man that's one rancid ass!
Even Adam had gotten up to shut the bathroom door but when he realised the smell wasn't coming from the bathroom he thought.....'Oh God, has Tracey shit the bed?'
I was still thinking at that point...God Adam you seriously reek!
Neither of us even expected a dirty nappy from Abbi because the smell was so strong.
We both looked around and spotted a small stain on Abbi's Pj's......great, cacked in her pants!
I was still feeling a little ropey and the smell was absolutely immense, so I sat on the bed composing myself for a while. I told Adam to change her in the bathroom and I'd be in, in a minute. Its a good job he did because as he undressed her, he laid her down on the floor and it all just ran out like chicken gravy all up her back. (lovely mental picture for ya!) Where was that damn bible when you needed it - we need to do an exorcism on her bowels because what came out of it was certainly unholy! We used up 2 entire toilet rolls trying to clean up....I mean we were in a Travelodge at 6.00am we didn't exactly have a mop handy. She went straight in the bath whilst me and Adam walked around heaving, cleaning up and bagging up stinky Pj's.

For the rest of the morning she was fine, helping herself to some pringles

I think the smell effected my eyeballs...

Calpol, and me dosed up on Nurofen.

We made it!

One of my favourite parts of the Farm is the huge giftshop! Packed full of lovely stuff that is over priced and you never buy....but its still fun to look!

Cakey shelves!

Breakfast time, Abbi had some plain ham butties, and the rest of us had some sausage butties, I braved half of mine before chickening out, the last thing I need on a farm is to be running round holding my ass in a field looking for a toilet.

Only us in for breakfast then?

The huge play area

 Abbi getting ready to go down the slide

Driving the boats

Riding the new big wheel....VERY windy!

Adam wants to get off.....

We saw the Zoo, the farm animals, went on lots of rides (well I went on the Helter Skelter with Kai but came off very wobbly after only eating rich tea biscuits for a few days!)

All the way to folly farm to see a robin.

and an alpaca...

Meerkats!! I'm not going to make a meerkat joke. I'm really not!

 Giraffes are amazing.....FACT

The kids on the rides....he he :)

 Santa's Grotto


Yay it's Santa! Though the dude really needs some help getting dressed...I'm not diggin those boot covers....why didn't he just wear boots!?

Last thing to do was the tractor ride

Tea time!...What was open....nothing but McDonalds!

Another early night for us.....there's a 5 hour drive awaiting us the next morning and I think everyone could do with a good kip. Gurgly guts....whats that? no early night for Tracey....just more toilet trips. Lovely. Thank you half sausage butty!

It was safe to say we couldn't WAIT to get home. 5 hours is a long time and we were praying every second that the time would go quicker! In the morning, up, dressed and dosed up for the day. Lets get home!!
We were in the car for 10 minutes when we heard another whiny voice from the back 'I've got stomach ache'. I turned round to see a very pale Kai....
'Ok Adam, we need to pull over...'
 'Arggghhh I just want to get home!'
Kai jumped out the car and heaved all over the grass.....lovely, just what we need on a 5 hour car trip!
This holiday could not get any worse. He went to sleep in the car, and a few hours later thankfully he was as right as rain. We watched Lady and the Tramp, and then Gremlins. Kai giggled at the exact same part as I did as a kid......the cat lady getting shot out of her stairlift :) hee hee

 We got home...all went upstairs and again....were in bed for 7pm. We wont be planning any trips like that again for a LONG TIME. I don't think my guts can stand it!