Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sorry but I have to say the C word


Yeah sorry about that guys :)

But its coming and I'm excited!

Has everyone been good this year so Santa will bring your Christmas presents? What did you put on your list?

My list is very weird, because I always want loads of random things, BUT I have been a very good girl this year so Santa please bring me:

A Fiorelli bow bag

A Fiorelli gene slouch bag

Yep, I can never choose just ONE bag!

A Loungefly skull bag (yeah it wasn't long before a skull crept in was it?!)

A keycap for my house key so I stop getting mixed up! There are MANY cool ones out there :)

Sugar skull


Tattoo inspired


Keytars! he he

Blast from the past, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! waaaaaw (sorry bad imitation of air guitar there)

Pacman Ghosts!

Yep there is a keycap for EVERYONE out there, hundreds of them, and they make great stocking fillers or surprises in crackers....*hint hint* :) LOL

and check these out!
Zombie slippers! They'd never fit me in a million years, I only have tiny pixie feet, but aren't they cool :) I couldn't buy them for Adam because he has a fear of zombies, real bad! So I'd be awoken in the middle of the night by shrieks and him thrashing about on the bed because he had forgotten to take his slippers off. NOM NOM! To be fair, if there was ever an outbreak Adam would be perfectly safe because alive or dead....nothing will go near his feet (or his backside for that matter!) hee hee.

Also Santa I would really like a book this year. I must have been bad the last couple of years because no matter how many time I asked you for it, you never brought it :(
I'm not a huge reader, I'm more of a film person, so when I read, it has to be something special. This, is VERY special :)

But maybe the reason why I didn't get it, is because I maybe went a step to far and wanted it signed LOL
I don't want any old message...'To Tracey etc'
 Id love a kick ass comment in there to make it extra personal, after all I do have this guys name tattooed on my leg/ass, its the least I could ask for right? and its not a hard task...he has a website! LOL

Lets just say if you don't bring it this year I'm going to wax your genitals, and tie you above a pit of zombies with your beard. They love a screamer :)

Like I said, I've been really good this year....so my list continues :)

Yet another bag, and another skull!
Iron Fist lacy days bag

And another bag, but used for overnight stays....its AWESOME:

And the back.....

More things I'm in need of a are long line necklaces, mine have either snapped, the kids have broken them, or one disastrous breakage was caused when I got one caught on a chair in the kitchen, and it sounded like a rain stick as hundreds of tiny beads cascaded and bounced all over the kitchen floor. We were finding them for months after.

I like lots of styles, anything abit quirky, retro, cute, or a bit rock n roll, but I also love the 'normal' stuff to. Here's just a few Ive grabbed from the internet:

Just Acces Key necklace from Asos
LTD lightening Necklace from Asos

A 'normal' looking heart bracelet...but nice all the same! From New Look:

Black Heart necklace from River Island:

And check out this cute little movie camera!:

And a little ghetto blaster necklace from Chelsea Doll

Phoenix Necklace from St8ment
Wings of love Necklace from Babi-online
Theres plenty more necklaces out there :)
Santa...bracelets and rings wouldn't go amiss either ;)

Some new gloves to keep my ickle fingers warm (all my gloves keep unraveling!)
Cute! Koala Mittens from Next
 Just found a cupcake case too! from Pink Cat Shop

 Oh, and theres also a few big boys on my list too:

Who doesnt want one?! LOL

And the highest priced of all which I can only dream about, the BEAST that is the Canon 24-70mm 2.8


I wont even START on the shoes, girls love a good pair of shoes for Xmas :)
My list goes on, and on, and on, but I wont bore you anymore with it.

I hope this had put you in a Christmassy mood, given you ideas, and inspired you to shop :)

Now where did I put my credit card?

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