Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Awesomeness Arrived!

Woo Hoo Mr Postman I love you :)

What dropped through my door? My cute little favours (well half of the favours...the other half is the candy buffet!)

I designed them all by myself in Photoshop. A few images have been stolen but I've reworked them and did the overall design.
They are cool because they feature films....another great theme from our wedding, and the best part - they all include our wedding date!

Behold my creations!

 Pahahaha, fantastic :)

Hakuna Matata badge for our theme of films/zoo animals, and an on running theme throughout other stuff.
How Sweet, Fresh Meat! - The one and only Mr Freddy Krueger. Come on guys you didn't think I was going to leave him out!?
Goonies Never Say Die - One of my favourite film quotes :)
Johnny 5 Is Alive - another awesome film - Short Circuit. Adam wants a Johnny 5 wedding cake (aswell as a Wall.E and Eve one!) but somehow I don't think I'll have the time, or the nerves to transport such a fragile cake, so he will have to put up with the badge instead :)
Movie Geek - iconic film symbol the Ghostbusters, but with a part of my personality stamped on it!
Truffle Shuffle - without a doubt one the best parts in the Goonies (there are many!) <3 CHUNK!

 Badges Badges Badges!

I REALLY wanted to make more (in fact I made a Mogwai one - Gremlins) but forgot to e-mail it! I would have loved a Sloth loves Chunk one, but we already had 2 Goonies themed.
I could have gone on forever designing these things, it was sooooo much fun, but I'm happy with the ones we've got. Trouble is, will the guests? Half of them probably wont have a clue what any of them are, but the fun part is, if they don't like the badge they receive they can play swapsies with the other guests :)

*sigh* I love my badges :)

I think they rock:


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