Monday, 10 October 2011

What Have I Done?

Pre-warning, this post will be long, hard to read, confusing and ranty, on the subject of ......WEDDING DRESSES! (kill me now I hear you cry). It must be serious because Ive pulled out my stool to sit on and type.

Ok so for those who read my last post you will know I attended the National Wedding Show in Birmingham on Sunday.

Unfortunately we had a phone call early that morning that my Auntie was unable to make it as she was ill, so we had to set off without her. Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham on the train, step off and your literally AT the show.

Its a huge hall filled with various stands from photographers, cars and dresses, to singers, hen party entertainment and 2 topless blokes wearing Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell masks.

I was specifically going to LOOK at dresses, I hadn't tried any on up to this point so didn't know what style would suit and what I would prefer. There were over 30 exhibitors for dresses, lots of sale/one offs being sold and was like a bride free-for-all. As your flicking through the rails, a bride would snatch one you were looking at from the other side, and a nice quiet stall would suddenly get over-run the minute you went to look. I had a SLIGHT idea what I liked but again, I could try one on and it not suit at all. I tried 4 dresses on (I would like to point out I was FORCED to try these on by my mum and bridesmaid)

The first was around £720, lovely back and front, but the fit on the side made me look like I had hippo hips.

Second was a one off, only one left in the sale at £400 bargain!, again was lovely, and had a nicer front than the first, but the back was seriously lacking something.

Then I came across a nice Ian Stuart one, which I was cooing over for ages but at £1100, I couldn't really pull myself to try it on, plus it was lacking some of the things I wanted my dress to have.

3rd dress I tried on was very similar to the first two. Had a nice back, was more slimming on the hips and seemed to be perfect, but I had a nagging issue with the shape of the beading on the side, it was in an awful big V shape and wasn't keen at all.

4th dress was ENTIRELY different. I was going down the rails when I spotted something 'different'. I looked at it for a while then went past to look at more. I got to the end of the rail and went back just for one last look. As I was eyeing it up and thinking it was abit 'too' different to what I'd been looking at, Louise said she had looked at that one too and thought it was nice but didn't fit much of the criteria I was looking for so didn't show me. After looking at it again and confirming maybe it was too far away from my criteria I was JUST about to walk off when the assistant urged me to try it on. It was EVERYTHING I wasn't looking for apart from one detail (sorry I'm being cryptic but the Groom-to-Be reads this and he doesn't want to know what its like!!)

It was the most slimming of the dresses yet, seemed to fit nice and the more I wore it, the more I liked it (I wasn't sure at first!)
We decided to take another look round and just quickly revisit the dresses again. The second one-off dress had been sold so that was out of the question, and we had 10 minutes till the show was ending. We lost the stall with the 4th dress on and when we eventually found it we had 5 minutes left. I was thrown in the changing room again to try it on one last time. As I stood there I was told its a 2012 design and not out in the shops till February and its not on the internet anywhere, the full price would be £995, and would be too late to order in Feb for it to arrive in time for the wedding (it takes 6 months!) however if I ordered there and then it would be £752 and arrive in time.
 Basically I had 2 minutes to decide if I wanted this dress or not, if I wanted it AFTER the show it couldn't be done due to the 6 months waiting time. Under the pressure I said OK, and signed the Terms and Conditions in under 30 seconds whilst a tape measure was being thrown around my waist. My card went in, paid 50% deposit and was out the door with a receipt. It went by SO fast and I got outside and thought.....Ive just bought a dress....I only came to look, and I only had it for a few minutes!

This morning I found out it IS on the internet, its £750 anyway, not £995, people who stock the dress are closer to home and not Coventry! (though they don't receive the samples till end of this year) and can be ordered anytime from then, not just February.

And because I had found all this out I was mad....which made me resent buying the dress. I'm totally regretting my decision, especially as I wont get to see it for 6 months and then will be too late to order another if I don't like it.

I suppose after a few days I may calm down, sneak into a local stockist and try it on at the end of this year and hopefully confirm that I made the RIGHT decision, and not a wrong one :(

After the show we had a long wait for the train so we grabbed a cheeky beer :)

                                                             Lager, Pimms and Malibu :)

Train home was packed out!

A camera shy bridesmaid :)

We also stuffed ourselves on brownies and millionaires shortbread the entire journey and flicked through wedding magazines. We got home past 10pm and were all shattered!

Just got to keep going over what I've done now till I have the chance to try it on again...........wish me luck.....I'm going to need it.

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