Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sneaky Sneaky

Hello my sneaky secret readers! Again my spies tell me there are alot more of you reading this than you like to admit :)
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Ok thats over and done with, what shall I talk about next? The bloomin dress!

I went dress shopping AGAIN to try lots of styles of which was a Justin Alexander £3000, woo :)

After a few questions from the shop assistant she was dying to see my wedding shoes and she loved the plans I have in place. I love telling anyone who will listen :) but only if they 'get it'.

So for a long story short I tried lots on and was keen on a few, but still didn't get the 'one' feeling, so I'm trying to hunt down my own dress (which at the moment there is only one of and could be anywhere in the UK right now!) So if I don't track it down I'll have to wait till December/January to try it on again when the stores start receiving their stocks. And hopefully Ill try it on and feel much better about my decision....fingers crossed.

What else have I done?
O yes! I spent an entire morning playing in Photoshop creating some one of a kind little favours for the wedding. All film related and each one features our wedding date. Can't WAIT for them to arrive so I can show you all :)

Those aren't the only favours we have though, we are also putting on a candy buffet/dessert table, with sweets, cupcakes, chocolates etc
We decided to make our own, so we've bought lots of containers, sweets, and imported some cute little scoops from China :) ha ha We will also be hand making the chocolates and cupcakes, talk about ambitious!

My shoes are also getting a makeover....I have a pair of nightmare on Elm street shoes (which have been featured in this blog more than once I think!) but I only have little pixie size 3 feet and I always end up 'walking out' of court style shoes, so they are getting pimped with some bad ass elastic. Ok fair enough there's nothing bad ass about elastic but there is about the custom made things ON the elastic.

Behold the amazing talent of Mr Paul Fortune. This fellow Fred head/kruegerite (Freddy Krueger fan) has stepped up to the challenge of making two mini gloves to pimp my shoes. This guy is incredibly generous and totally creative!

For those of you who don't live on my horror planet this is what Freddy Krueger's glove looks like:

Ha ha, awesome :)

And Paul's job is to make this........but under 3 inches in length! WOW!
Now behold the progress so will ....blow....your....mind!

How freakin' CUTE!!!

Woo! Can't wait to see the finished thing, its so damn perfect already! Hope to be rocking these on my SIGNED (by Robert Englund) wedding perfection :)

I haven't only been doing wedding stuff (I have done alot of that lately!) I also went to see Peter Kay at the M.E.N Arena Manchester.
His DVD also comes out in November so perfect as an Xmas present. My ultimate favourite part is the 'hidden' messages in songs. You know.....where you've been singing the wrong words to a song for years without realising it. The best one has to be Micheal Jacksons 'You are not alone'
To hear this hidden message click play and start listening at 1.55

Didn't hear it? Listen again from 1.55....
and at 2.08 sing 'your burgers are the best'

PMSL awwww was so funny at the time :) he does loads more too
Duffy's - Mercy
'I'll be begging you for birdseed...'

Well that has been a totally random post, a very quick one as apparently 'I haven't updated my blog for a while!' so here I am, and there I go.

I'm sure the next one will make more sense, or then again it probably wont. x


  1. I'll admit to reading your blog Tracey!!!

    Those FK mini gloves are incredible, how talented!!!!

    Pip x

  2. I see dead people O.o....
    o no....wait!! its an actual person commenting on my blog!! wwooooo!!! thanks pip :)