Sunday, 30 October 2011

Meet the new addition to the Rothwell family......

How diddles!

We've had a new addition! He's red, he's an ugly sort of cute, and hes ours :)

But first we have some more cakes for you guys!
It starts today with my brothers birthday cake, he has had a cake every year since his 28th birthday!
His 28th birthday cake was what started this whole baking thing off, the very first novelty cake...Spongebob!

Yes there he is guys, in all his legless/armless glory! My first novelty cake :)

On his 29th birthday he was presented with Oscar the Grouch. My own design which has been since copied many times :)

One of his friends at the time wouldn't believe that it was cake and kept saying it was fake LOL

The big 30 was next, it had to be something a little more ambitious, and that came in the shape of a Freddy Krueger glove cake. Now you know where my love of Nightmare on Elm Street stemmed from! Hes a fan too :)

I did originally make the blades from fondant....but the heat from my mums kitchen made them slowly bend, and eventually snap! (not wholly genned up on fondant at that stage!) So I had to use last minute supplies of cardboard painted silver LOL
This was also my first encounter of splatty blood! You can tell I loved doing that part....its everywhere. :)

31st birthday brought him the biggest cake hes ever had to date. He was a bit of a horror fan in his younger years so I decided to fit 16 movies into one cake....very adventurous, and I had no idea how the hell I was going to do it!

Ok, not sure if I can remember them all but here goes:
From this angle:
1. The Ring - video tape
2. Nightmare on Elm Street - glove
3. The Eye - eyeball
4. Silence of the Lambs - brown mask
5. Arachnophobia - spiders round the back you cant see too well!
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Chainsaw (and more blood splatter!)
7. Jeepers Creepers - small eyeballs (whered'ya get those peepers)
8. Scream - little cloaked dude
9.  Friday the 13th - hockey mask
10. Hellraiser - puzzle box
11. Evil Dead - necronomicon (book of the dead)
12. Halloween - pumpkin
13. Candyman - bees
14. Saw - jigsaw puppet
And another angle for the last two:

15. The Shining - scribbled redrum
16. Aliens - alien pod with mini facehugger.


Wasn't about to make that again in a hurry!

32nd birthday...was another one of his loves.....GAMING!

My very first Xbox 360 cake, which I've made more of since, including COD versions and favourite characters etc.

Where are we now?....Oh yes, age 33! Still on the theme of gaming, but this time his favourite game at the time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 based on the Afghanistan map.

Came with dogtags showing his gamertag, and a mini mini xbox controller!

So this year he turned 34, What could I possibly make for him now?!


Anyone guessed my brothers name yet? LOL

OK, after that LONG trip through a bit of history, lets get right back upto date with a few recent cake orders.

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse....not a clue what that means, only heard it the other week when I did some research into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't get the Disney Channel so I delved into the internet to watch trailers, intro videos, and pictures. One thing I really like to do is make sure I put 110% into research if I'm not familiar with something. The recipient will know everything about it or else they wouldn't request it, so I like to make sure I get little details right, and include things from the programme/theme to make them point and recognize :) And now I know Mickey Mouse has a Clubhouse, a hot hair balloon hand, a blue slide and his usual Disney friends with him. What good would this house be with a red stiletto instead of a yellow boot and 6 bobbled ears on its head?!

Here it is!

A last minute cake order came in, the customer was put in charge of ordering the cake...and forgot. So I managed to save her from the Mother-in-Laws bad books :)

Then just a few cupcakes to share and I'm done with the cake...I promise!

Ok, I'm done....prop those matchsticks in your eyelids and you may just make it to the end!

Any ideas who the new addition is yet?

Well let me show you!

This big guy (doesn't look so big...but he is!) is HERCULES! yay!

You know when you have a tank, and there's always that ONE fish that never dies? He lasts years, he bullies your other fish, and no matter what mishaps happen he seems immortal!?

Well we have one of those, and his name is Butch. He is an orange Parrot fish, and through the years hes bullied his tank mates, eaten his smaller friends and bullied our pink Parrot fish all because he had a funny lip (yeah it was kinda weird looking though!) Our pink fish gave up the fight much to Butch's delight and he devoured him before we had chance to fish him out, nothing but bones left, the bloody cannibal!

So Butch has been all alone swimming around acting like king of the castle for months. That was until we came home with Hercules :) Why Hercules? He's bigger, He's stronger and when people ask his name....I get to say:

We were told a bigger fish would be just what he needed, as he would just continue to bully anything smaller.
We let him loose in the tank....hes awesome :) ugly...but awesome :) which is fine by me.

So Hercules and Butch have been swimming around ok, but I think in the last hour big Herc is trying to show him hes boss daddy now. Butch is still small enough to swim in between all the cracks, caves and plants, but Herc is too fat, so if he tries to get to him Butch will hide, and Herc pokes his little fishy eye out on a plastic plant leaf. I think they are going to get on just fine :)

Pahahahahaha :)


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