Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cakey Catch Up

Hi guys!

Not much to report really, so thought I'd update you all on some cakes :)

Won't bore you with them all so here are a few!

First up is a cake that had been ordered for a while. A white Xbox 360 with the birthday boys 'avatar' (that's the little dude that represents you when playing...abit like a Mii on the Wii!) a Call of Duty man, and a Halo character.

The hardest part was the little Halo man sat there casually on top of the Xbox. He has lots of 'bits' on him, plenty of ridges, rivet holes, lines etc, he was a pretty tough job, and I had to simplify it a bit to make it from fondant. The guns aren't edible. Usually I try not to use too many in-edible items but stuff like this is handy to have and use from time to time. These were found in a local pound shop blister packed in an assortment.
Birthday boy was over the moon with it...so that makes me happy :)

Another cake was this guy:

This was him NAKED! filled, stacked and carved ready for his buttercream. I had lots of guesses of what it could be ...a dress?...a Dalek? (I could actually see this being a Dalek too!) But add some blue fur and googly eyes and it could only be one person -


I have a huge fondness for this dude, they are selling an awesome toy right now, which I think you should all go out and buy for Xmas :)

He counts cookies as you put them in his mouth and he talks to you.
Every time I see one in a store I cant help but press his little foot to hear him shout 'IYAAAA' its just too cool :)

There's plenty I would change if I ever made him again, maybe pipe his fur as covering him in fondant was quite a challenge! and try to re-shape his head to look more true to the original. BUT the customer was dead chuffed with him, even though she did have to nurse him on her knee the entire journey home! His big box wouldn't fit in the car so we had to de-box him and he took pride of place in the front seat. :)

Then I was asked to make a topper for a cake. The customer was using the top tier of her wedding cake as her christening cake (a bit of tradition going on there :D )
And some little blocks to spell out her name:

Chubby cheeks :)  I just wanna reach out n squeeze em' :)

Next up is another well known character......
'OOOOOO, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?....


Awww I can hear his little chuckle right now!.......no I REALLY can, the kids have got it on TV in the other room :)

As you will have noticed, this isn't a children's cake....and that's what I love even more about it! I love it when a cake order comes in showing their true love for something, its what makes the cake more unique to them. If Lis wanted Spongebob.....Spongebob is what she will get!

Her husband came to collect and couldn't believe it was entirely edible he was just staring at it and saying...this is edible aswell....and this?' lol
The story was lovely, Lis is mad on Spongebob, a true hardcore fan. She had Spongebob everything and even made her husband wear Spongebob socks and underpants ......yep I said it....Its a vital piece of information we all needed to know ;)

One of her presents was a black pair of Doc Martins with a custom Spongebob on one, and Patrick on the other.....how sweet! I was told she probably wouldn't let anyone touch the cake never mind eat it.....but I really hope they did :) He managed to get all her family who she hadn't seen for over  year to come and surprise her. I hope she had a fantastic time! and I was chuffed to have a cake order like this. 

Come on girls, if your turning 40 and your true love is pink....don't just go for a normal pink cake....go for a pink My Little Pony theme which your friends all know you secretly love :) Let you personality really shine through x (you can see where I'm going with that!)

This next cake is for a customer who has now ordered off me quite a few times.
Jade never fails to order very last minute and somehow I always manage to squeeze her in....which is now a long running joke :)

Without fail she will ring two weeks before and say Tracey I need a cake! lol shes so funny :) she forgets every year! Last year she brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers to say thank-you for fitting her in, totally unexpected and not necessary, shes just awesome. Collecting last years cake she said 'when should I let you know by for next years cake?'  I said...'right bloody now so you dont forget!'  LOL and guess what.....she forgot! BUT luckily, her sister (which is always the recipient of the cake) ordered it herself to make sure I could fit her in. Ha ha poor girl had to order her own cake :) They are a fantastic set of sisters who are both beautiful inside and out. I only see Jade once a year for a cake collection but she never fails to put a smile on my face :)

Fran is into her designer gear, the first being a bag cake, last years was a Christian Louboutin, and this year was Chanel.

The recipient is Frankee. You may know her as being one half of Mini Viva. But now shes moved on and is currently recording. Can't wait to hear her new stuff! Here is her page on Facebook...feel free to join :)

She had plenty of input with the cake. Wanted a black and white theme with the Chanel logo and had lots of pics to look at but pretty much left the overall placement/design  to me, so I added abit of bling for her. Its the first time I have ever done that criss-cross pattern. There's lots of methods for it around the internet (most requiring a tool which I don't have!) so in the end I had to pretty much wing it and hope for the best LOL

This week, I'm working on a Micky Mouse Clubhouse cake, some bright birthday cupcakes, an Animal cake, and a 60th Birthday cake.

All of which I should be doing right now.......oops :)

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