Sunday, 30 October 2011

Meet the new addition to the Rothwell family......

How diddles!

We've had a new addition! He's red, he's an ugly sort of cute, and hes ours :)

But first we have some more cakes for you guys!
It starts today with my brothers birthday cake, he has had a cake every year since his 28th birthday!
His 28th birthday cake was what started this whole baking thing off, the very first novelty cake...Spongebob!

Yes there he is guys, in all his legless/armless glory! My first novelty cake :)

On his 29th birthday he was presented with Oscar the Grouch. My own design which has been since copied many times :)

One of his friends at the time wouldn't believe that it was cake and kept saying it was fake LOL

The big 30 was next, it had to be something a little more ambitious, and that came in the shape of a Freddy Krueger glove cake. Now you know where my love of Nightmare on Elm Street stemmed from! Hes a fan too :)

I did originally make the blades from fondant....but the heat from my mums kitchen made them slowly bend, and eventually snap! (not wholly genned up on fondant at that stage!) So I had to use last minute supplies of cardboard painted silver LOL
This was also my first encounter of splatty blood! You can tell I loved doing that part....its everywhere. :)

31st birthday brought him the biggest cake hes ever had to date. He was a bit of a horror fan in his younger years so I decided to fit 16 movies into one cake....very adventurous, and I had no idea how the hell I was going to do it!

Ok, not sure if I can remember them all but here goes:
From this angle:
1. The Ring - video tape
2. Nightmare on Elm Street - glove
3. The Eye - eyeball
4. Silence of the Lambs - brown mask
5. Arachnophobia - spiders round the back you cant see too well!
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Chainsaw (and more blood splatter!)
7. Jeepers Creepers - small eyeballs (whered'ya get those peepers)
8. Scream - little cloaked dude
9.  Friday the 13th - hockey mask
10. Hellraiser - puzzle box
11. Evil Dead - necronomicon (book of the dead)
12. Halloween - pumpkin
13. Candyman - bees
14. Saw - jigsaw puppet
And another angle for the last two:

15. The Shining - scribbled redrum
16. Aliens - alien pod with mini facehugger.


Wasn't about to make that again in a hurry!

32nd birthday...was another one of his loves.....GAMING!

My very first Xbox 360 cake, which I've made more of since, including COD versions and favourite characters etc.

Where are we now?....Oh yes, age 33! Still on the theme of gaming, but this time his favourite game at the time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 based on the Afghanistan map.

Came with dogtags showing his gamertag, and a mini mini xbox controller!

So this year he turned 34, What could I possibly make for him now?!


Anyone guessed my brothers name yet? LOL

OK, after that LONG trip through a bit of history, lets get right back upto date with a few recent cake orders.

Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse....not a clue what that means, only heard it the other week when I did some research into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I don't get the Disney Channel so I delved into the internet to watch trailers, intro videos, and pictures. One thing I really like to do is make sure I put 110% into research if I'm not familiar with something. The recipient will know everything about it or else they wouldn't request it, so I like to make sure I get little details right, and include things from the programme/theme to make them point and recognize :) And now I know Mickey Mouse has a Clubhouse, a hot hair balloon hand, a blue slide and his usual Disney friends with him. What good would this house be with a red stiletto instead of a yellow boot and 6 bobbled ears on its head?!

Here it is!

A last minute cake order came in, the customer was put in charge of ordering the cake...and forgot. So I managed to save her from the Mother-in-Laws bad books :)

Then just a few cupcakes to share and I'm done with the cake...I promise!

Ok, I'm done....prop those matchsticks in your eyelids and you may just make it to the end!

Any ideas who the new addition is yet?

Well let me show you!

This big guy (doesn't look so big...but he is!) is HERCULES! yay!

You know when you have a tank, and there's always that ONE fish that never dies? He lasts years, he bullies your other fish, and no matter what mishaps happen he seems immortal!?

Well we have one of those, and his name is Butch. He is an orange Parrot fish, and through the years hes bullied his tank mates, eaten his smaller friends and bullied our pink Parrot fish all because he had a funny lip (yeah it was kinda weird looking though!) Our pink fish gave up the fight much to Butch's delight and he devoured him before we had chance to fish him out, nothing but bones left, the bloody cannibal!

So Butch has been all alone swimming around acting like king of the castle for months. That was until we came home with Hercules :) Why Hercules? He's bigger, He's stronger and when people ask his name....I get to say:

We were told a bigger fish would be just what he needed, as he would just continue to bully anything smaller.
We let him loose in the tank....hes awesome :) ugly...but awesome :) which is fine by me.

So Hercules and Butch have been swimming around ok, but I think in the last hour big Herc is trying to show him hes boss daddy now. Butch is still small enough to swim in between all the cracks, caves and plants, but Herc is too fat, so if he tries to get to him Butch will hide, and Herc pokes his little fishy eye out on a plastic plant leaf. I think they are going to get on just fine :)

Pahahahahaha :)


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cakey Catch Up

Hi guys!

Not much to report really, so thought I'd update you all on some cakes :)

Won't bore you with them all so here are a few!

First up is a cake that had been ordered for a while. A white Xbox 360 with the birthday boys 'avatar' (that's the little dude that represents you when playing...abit like a Mii on the Wii!) a Call of Duty man, and a Halo character.

The hardest part was the little Halo man sat there casually on top of the Xbox. He has lots of 'bits' on him, plenty of ridges, rivet holes, lines etc, he was a pretty tough job, and I had to simplify it a bit to make it from fondant. The guns aren't edible. Usually I try not to use too many in-edible items but stuff like this is handy to have and use from time to time. These were found in a local pound shop blister packed in an assortment.
Birthday boy was over the moon with that makes me happy :)

Another cake was this guy:

This was him NAKED! filled, stacked and carved ready for his buttercream. I had lots of guesses of what it could be ...a dress?...a Dalek? (I could actually see this being a Dalek too!) But add some blue fur and googly eyes and it could only be one person -


I have a huge fondness for this dude, they are selling an awesome toy right now, which I think you should all go out and buy for Xmas :)

He counts cookies as you put them in his mouth and he talks to you.
Every time I see one in a store I cant help but press his little foot to hear him shout 'IYAAAA' its just too cool :)

There's plenty I would change if I ever made him again, maybe pipe his fur as covering him in fondant was quite a challenge! and try to re-shape his head to look more true to the original. BUT the customer was dead chuffed with him, even though she did have to nurse him on her knee the entire journey home! His big box wouldn't fit in the car so we had to de-box him and he took pride of place in the front seat. :)

Then I was asked to make a topper for a cake. The customer was using the top tier of her wedding cake as her christening cake (a bit of tradition going on there :D )
And some little blocks to spell out her name:

Chubby cheeks :)  I just wanna reach out n squeeze em' :)

Next up is another well known character......
'OOOOOO, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?....


Awww I can hear his little chuckle right now! I REALLY can, the kids have got it on TV in the other room :)

As you will have noticed, this isn't a children's cake....and that's what I love even more about it! I love it when a cake order comes in showing their true love for something, its what makes the cake more unique to them. If Lis wanted Spongebob.....Spongebob is what she will get!

Her husband came to collect and couldn't believe it was entirely edible he was just staring at it and saying...this is edible aswell....and this?' lol
The story was lovely, Lis is mad on Spongebob, a true hardcore fan. She had Spongebob everything and even made her husband wear Spongebob socks and underpants ......yep I said it....Its a vital piece of information we all needed to know ;)

One of her presents was a black pair of Doc Martins with a custom Spongebob on one, and Patrick on the sweet! I was told she probably wouldn't let anyone touch the cake never mind eat it.....but I really hope they did :) He managed to get all her family who she hadn't seen for over  year to come and surprise her. I hope she had a fantastic time! and I was chuffed to have a cake order like this. 

Come on girls, if your turning 40 and your true love is pink....don't just go for a normal pink cake....go for a pink My Little Pony theme which your friends all know you secretly love :) Let you personality really shine through x (you can see where I'm going with that!)

This next cake is for a customer who has now ordered off me quite a few times.
Jade never fails to order very last minute and somehow I always manage to squeeze her in....which is now a long running joke :)

Without fail she will ring two weeks before and say Tracey I need a cake! lol shes so funny :) she forgets every year! Last year she brought me a gorgeous bunch of flowers to say thank-you for fitting her in, totally unexpected and not necessary, shes just awesome. Collecting last years cake she said 'when should I let you know by for next years cake?'  I said...'right bloody now so you dont forget!'  LOL and guess what.....she forgot! BUT luckily, her sister (which is always the recipient of the cake) ordered it herself to make sure I could fit her in. Ha ha poor girl had to order her own cake :) They are a fantastic set of sisters who are both beautiful inside and out. I only see Jade once a year for a cake collection but she never fails to put a smile on my face :)

Fran is into her designer gear, the first being a bag cake, last years was a Christian Louboutin, and this year was Chanel.

The recipient is Frankee. You may know her as being one half of Mini Viva. But now shes moved on and is currently recording. Can't wait to hear her new stuff! Here is her page on Facebook...feel free to join :)

She had plenty of input with the cake. Wanted a black and white theme with the Chanel logo and had lots of pics to look at but pretty much left the overall placement/design  to me, so I added abit of bling for her. Its the first time I have ever done that criss-cross pattern. There's lots of methods for it around the internet (most requiring a tool which I don't have!) so in the end I had to pretty much wing it and hope for the best LOL

This week, I'm working on a Micky Mouse Clubhouse cake, some bright birthday cupcakes, an Animal cake, and a 60th Birthday cake.

All of which I should be doing right now.......oops :)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sneaky Sneaky

Hello my sneaky secret readers! Again my spies tell me there are alot more of you reading this than you like to admit :)
If you don't want to step forward with arms open wide screaming out your love for the blog you can always anonymously rate my posts, just click the little box under the post saying 'funny', 'interesting' or 'cool' that way I know how many of you are reading and I'll aim to update more - but I wont know who you are. Or you can leave me a comment once in a while, I get lonely talking to myself! :)

There is also an option on the right to follow me by e-mail, so if you don't want to miss out on any posts (die-hard fans!), you'll get a notification each time I publish a new rambling :)

Ok thats over and done with, what shall I talk about next? The bloomin dress!

I went dress shopping AGAIN to try lots of styles of which was a Justin Alexander £3000, woo :)

After a few questions from the shop assistant she was dying to see my wedding shoes and she loved the plans I have in place. I love telling anyone who will listen :) but only if they 'get it'.

So for a long story short I tried lots on and was keen on a few, but still didn't get the 'one' feeling, so I'm trying to hunt down my own dress (which at the moment there is only one of and could be anywhere in the UK right now!) So if I don't track it down I'll have to wait till December/January to try it on again when the stores start receiving their stocks. And hopefully Ill try it on and feel much better about my decision....fingers crossed.

What else have I done?
O yes! I spent an entire morning playing in Photoshop creating some one of a kind little favours for the wedding. All film related and each one features our wedding date. Can't WAIT for them to arrive so I can show you all :)

Those aren't the only favours we have though, we are also putting on a candy buffet/dessert table, with sweets, cupcakes, chocolates etc
We decided to make our own, so we've bought lots of containers, sweets, and imported some cute little scoops from China :) ha ha We will also be hand making the chocolates and cupcakes, talk about ambitious!

My shoes are also getting a makeover....I have a pair of nightmare on Elm street shoes (which have been featured in this blog more than once I think!) but I only have little pixie size 3 feet and I always end up 'walking out' of court style shoes, so they are getting pimped with some bad ass elastic. Ok fair enough there's nothing bad ass about elastic but there is about the custom made things ON the elastic.

Behold the amazing talent of Mr Paul Fortune. This fellow Fred head/kruegerite (Freddy Krueger fan) has stepped up to the challenge of making two mini gloves to pimp my shoes. This guy is incredibly generous and totally creative!

For those of you who don't live on my horror planet this is what Freddy Krueger's glove looks like:

Ha ha, awesome :)

And Paul's job is to make this........but under 3 inches in length! WOW!
Now behold the progress so will ....blow....your....mind!

How freakin' CUTE!!!

Woo! Can't wait to see the finished thing, its so damn perfect already! Hope to be rocking these on my SIGNED (by Robert Englund) wedding perfection :)

I haven't only been doing wedding stuff (I have done alot of that lately!) I also went to see Peter Kay at the M.E.N Arena Manchester.
His DVD also comes out in November so perfect as an Xmas present. My ultimate favourite part is the 'hidden' messages in songs. You know.....where you've been singing the wrong words to a song for years without realising it. The best one has to be Micheal Jacksons 'You are not alone'
To hear this hidden message click play and start listening at 1.55

Didn't hear it? Listen again from 1.55....
and at 2.08 sing 'your burgers are the best'

PMSL awwww was so funny at the time :) he does loads more too
Duffy's - Mercy
'I'll be begging you for birdseed...'

Well that has been a totally random post, a very quick one as apparently 'I haven't updated my blog for a while!' so here I am, and there I go.

I'm sure the next one will make more sense, or then again it probably wont. x

Monday, 10 October 2011

What Have I Done?

Pre-warning, this post will be long, hard to read, confusing and ranty, on the subject of ......WEDDING DRESSES! (kill me now I hear you cry). It must be serious because Ive pulled out my stool to sit on and type.

Ok so for those who read my last post you will know I attended the National Wedding Show in Birmingham on Sunday.

Unfortunately we had a phone call early that morning that my Auntie was unable to make it as she was ill, so we had to set off without her. Manchester Piccadilly to Birmingham on the train, step off and your literally AT the show.

Its a huge hall filled with various stands from photographers, cars and dresses, to singers, hen party entertainment and 2 topless blokes wearing Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell masks.

I was specifically going to LOOK at dresses, I hadn't tried any on up to this point so didn't know what style would suit and what I would prefer. There were over 30 exhibitors for dresses, lots of sale/one offs being sold and was like a bride free-for-all. As your flicking through the rails, a bride would snatch one you were looking at from the other side, and a nice quiet stall would suddenly get over-run the minute you went to look. I had a SLIGHT idea what I liked but again, I could try one on and it not suit at all. I tried 4 dresses on (I would like to point out I was FORCED to try these on by my mum and bridesmaid)

The first was around £720, lovely back and front, but the fit on the side made me look like I had hippo hips.

Second was a one off, only one left in the sale at £400 bargain!, again was lovely, and had a nicer front than the first, but the back was seriously lacking something.

Then I came across a nice Ian Stuart one, which I was cooing over for ages but at £1100, I couldn't really pull myself to try it on, plus it was lacking some of the things I wanted my dress to have.

3rd dress I tried on was very similar to the first two. Had a nice back, was more slimming on the hips and seemed to be perfect, but I had a nagging issue with the shape of the beading on the side, it was in an awful big V shape and wasn't keen at all.

4th dress was ENTIRELY different. I was going down the rails when I spotted something 'different'. I looked at it for a while then went past to look at more. I got to the end of the rail and went back just for one last look. As I was eyeing it up and thinking it was abit 'too' different to what I'd been looking at, Louise said she had looked at that one too and thought it was nice but didn't fit much of the criteria I was looking for so didn't show me. After looking at it again and confirming maybe it was too far away from my criteria I was JUST about to walk off when the assistant urged me to try it on. It was EVERYTHING I wasn't looking for apart from one detail (sorry I'm being cryptic but the Groom-to-Be reads this and he doesn't want to know what its like!!)

It was the most slimming of the dresses yet, seemed to fit nice and the more I wore it, the more I liked it (I wasn't sure at first!)
We decided to take another look round and just quickly revisit the dresses again. The second one-off dress had been sold so that was out of the question, and we had 10 minutes till the show was ending. We lost the stall with the 4th dress on and when we eventually found it we had 5 minutes left. I was thrown in the changing room again to try it on one last time. As I stood there I was told its a 2012 design and not out in the shops till February and its not on the internet anywhere, the full price would be £995, and would be too late to order in Feb for it to arrive in time for the wedding (it takes 6 months!) however if I ordered there and then it would be £752 and arrive in time.
 Basically I had 2 minutes to decide if I wanted this dress or not, if I wanted it AFTER the show it couldn't be done due to the 6 months waiting time. Under the pressure I said OK, and signed the Terms and Conditions in under 30 seconds whilst a tape measure was being thrown around my waist. My card went in, paid 50% deposit and was out the door with a receipt. It went by SO fast and I got outside and thought.....Ive just bought a dress....I only came to look, and I only had it for a few minutes!

This morning I found out it IS on the internet, its £750 anyway, not £995, people who stock the dress are closer to home and not Coventry! (though they don't receive the samples till end of this year) and can be ordered anytime from then, not just February.

And because I had found all this out I was mad....which made me resent buying the dress. I'm totally regretting my decision, especially as I wont get to see it for 6 months and then will be too late to order another if I don't like it.

I suppose after a few days I may calm down, sneak into a local stockist and try it on at the end of this year and hopefully confirm that I made the RIGHT decision, and not a wrong one :(

After the show we had a long wait for the train so we grabbed a cheeky beer :)

                                                             Lager, Pimms and Malibu :)

Train home was packed out!

A camera shy bridesmaid :)

We also stuffed ourselves on brownies and millionaires shortbread the entire journey and flicked through wedding magazines. We got home past 10pm and were all shattered!

Just got to keep going over what I've done now till I have the chance to try it on again...........wish me luck.....I'm going to need it.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

I Just Can't Wait to be King!

One of my favourite songs from Disney's 'The Lion King'.

We went to Blackpool to see the new 3D version of The Lion King. Me, Adam, Kai, my Dad, and my Auntie managed to squeeze in early enough to snag premier seats. I've never sat in one before (usually because they always want extra money and they rob you enough as it is!) But it was free, we could sit where we wanted, so premier seats it was, and to be honest it wasn't ANY different!

                                                                   Disney - nail biting stuff!

Me and Adam made a special effort to go and see this one, as it's his favourite Disney film, and features in our wedding next year :)

With making so many cakes lately, doing photography, wedding planning, Christmas shopping and general day to day school run and jobs I have NO time to watch films.....never mind older films like this one! So it was great to take a little time out and make the effort to see it. To say the original film wasn't actually MADE to be 3D, they did quite a good job, but only 3 parts of the film where you actually noticed, it didn't really warrant to be made again in 3D.

All in all though if you haven't seen it for a while and you've got nothing to do....go and see it. You forget just how good Disney's really are when you haven't seen them for a while, and its easy to see why its Adam's favourite (I'm a 'Beauty and the Beast' girl myself though!).It should be available to book from around the 7th October.

Your probably wondering why we are having Lion King at our wedding, well if you've read some of my very first posts about it then you'll realize we are subtly injecting movies into it - mostly our favourites! And as this is Adam's fav we have decided to feature the song 'Hakuna Matata' at the ceremony, and also on our rings.
Hakuna Matata - It means no worries, for the rest of your days. In our opinion its the perfect motto!

Cheesy?...of course! Wouldn't have it any other way LOL
But we are doing what WE want to do, not what others THINK we should do. Plus, Adam busts some serious moves to this song.......3 minutes and 41 seconds of bottom jiggling.

Whilst I'm on the subject of weddings, I've been practicing my 'poms'. I'm HOPING to have them hanging from a few trees, and throughout the venue, but we will just have to see what we can and cant do with it being in a zoo. I have purple, orange and green paper, but practiced with my purple ones last night and got slightly carried away!...Here are just 3 of them:

They are still hanging from my light fitting this morning. For my very first ones I'm quite impressed with how they turned out, but MY GOD are they a labour of love! 3 days before the wedding....pray for me as I'll be making these all day. LOL

I also have tickets to the National wedding show in Birmingham on Sunday, my victims for the day are my Mum, one of my bridesmaids and my Auntie. Enduring hours and hours of wedding stuff. Whilst I'll be flitting from one stall to the next cooing over things I REALLY want but cant afford, the poor sods will be bored out of their minds with very sore feet. Good job we are going for a beer afterwards before we get the train :)

I'll let you know how we get on :) xx