Monday, 26 September 2011 my..BOOMSTICK!

If your a horror fan you will know exactly what that title means......If not...where have you been? You NEED to see this movie!

Yes the 'this is my boomstick' quote amongst the other famous ones 'groovy', 'shop smart, shop S-Mart' and 'Yo she-bitch, lets go' are all from the horror/comedy Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3).

I'm pretty sure you all know about my love for all things horror, blood and guts so you can imagine how excited I was when I heard those words....'Army of Darkness Cake'. Once the order was confirmed I spent the next few months telling anyone I could I was making 'a freakin' Evil Dead cake!'

The awesome customer was my friend Catherine who came up to chat about the details. We decided a tall rocky hill would be good with Ash and Sheila in the poses from the DVD cover. Evil Ash and other deadites would be climbing up the hill, and somewhere on the cake...a Necronomicon (that's a book with a creepy face on it for all you rom-com lovers)

This is the poster:

As the 'boomstick' (shotgun) is such a big part of the film I decided to not only include the chainsaw, but to recreate another iconic part of the film with his boomstick:

I was so excited about the actual cake design that I hadn't even started to think how I was going to pull it off. I have trouble with figures, and haven't done many standing ones (maybe about 2!) but to have it in a specific pose with limbs being held in the air etc was a huge challenge.

I baked the 8" round sponges (coloured bright red of course!) filled and stacked them, then started to carve away. Once I had a basic hill shape I started to cut out small cave bits and crevasses, built more rocky areas at the bottom with excess cake and finally covered it in dark grey fondant.

What followed was 8 hours of pure love and devotion on one figure!

I stuck lots of supports inside this badboy to get him to remain upright at all times!
I quite liked his cute little boots and creases in his jeans :)
It was made entirely from fondant with nothing added (usually people making figures would add gum trag, but I think Ive just got into a habit of making them without!)

Next came his manly bod, which I had to make twice as the first one (because of no gum trag!) slunk down and gave him a beer belly :)

You will notice he doesn't have a hand on the end of his right arm, that's because he chopped it off and replaced it with a bad-ass chainsaw in the previous film. See I told you these films were awesome LOL
You will also see a little rip in his jeans which was made with a scalpel and bent back with a sugarcraft tool.
Details, details...its all in the details :)
Then the camera had to be put down whilst I created the rest of him, you have to work quick sometimes before the fondant dries 8 hours later you get ASH:

Complete with ripped shirt blowing in the wind, cuts, blood, dirt and his beloved boomstick.

In the rock near the bottom I added a dirty deadite skull, the Necromnomicon and a whole ton of bloooooood!

I was also dreading making a skeleton from is that even possible!? But when I looked closer some of them were 'whole' and had like a rusty armour across their chests with capes and helmets, so this deadite wasn't as hard to make. Plus he was splattered in more blood :)

Ash in all his glory:

Sheila, who seems to be pouting alot here LOL:

And a closer look at the rip on his jeans, and added chainsaw

Evil Ash was quite a challenge, he has teeth hanging out, lots of veiny bits round his mouth and a type of skull helmet. But if ever in doubt....just throw more blood at it :)

Lumps and bumps in the rocky hill all made individually by my little fingers :)

Rocky hills look messy so you could literally throw bumps at it and cover it, but as I'm a perfectionist (and I cant help it!) each one of these bumps were crafted with tools and my fingers and thumb.

Ready to see the whole finished product?

*trumpet sound* Ta-Da! My Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness Cake.

I loved making this cake, even though the figures were quite stressful! And I'm super stoked that Catherine asked me to do it, its such a nice change away from the pretty pink cakes.

How could I end this post without showing you the cake in action?

Here is Catherine with Ash, and the inside of the cake!:

Dressed as Evil Sheila!:

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