Monday, 26 September 2011

They are TABLEAUX's!!

TAB-LOWS that's how you say it!

They've been called tabards, tableaux's, or simply 'those boards with lights and things on'. Whatever you want to call them we walked through them at Blackpool.

First things first FOOD. We called at Tudor Cafe, which Kai thought was hilarious and asked if everything was made from tuna (Tuna Cafe)

 Abbi browsing the menu

 Greasy food time!

 Just how many chips have you got in your mouth Abbi?

Full tums, we headed to Coral Island so Kai could go on some rides. Abbi found her fear of rides again and sat crying at the side of Iggle Piggle (but who wouldn't...he has a head the shape of a giant baked bean!). As soon as the ride stopped she dived off the seat and jumped on me like a koala.

Then it was time to set off on the LONG walk to the 'boards with lights and things on'.

The are currently doing the tower up inside, and adding more lights to the outside. So far its looking good!


Those black smudges on those blocks are people laid down on the see-through glass floor of the tower!

Kai posing on a huge pebble :)

Long walk ahead of us...and trust Adam to walk on the tramlines!

Doodles in her pram

That's it, hold onto Daddy's ears for support...they are big enough! LOL

We FINALLY reached the tableaux's, it took ages to walk there.

Then we reached a dead end after about 3 of them! They were doing maintenance and were sent on a path BEHIND them....what is the point in that! You go to see the tableaux's and all you get to see is the pitch black dark behind them:

 After stumbling in the dark you pop out again and manage to see another handful of tableauxs before you have to cross the road and see them from there.

This crazy mofo was changing bulbs whilst the lights were still on!

Hickory Dickory Dock,
a man changed the bulbs on the clock,
the clock was on,
the man fell down,
Poor dude got blown off the clock, tick tock, tick shock.

Bad-ass Miss Muffet throwing her spoon

Anyone want to know what Donkey (from Shrek) would look like if he was kicked in the knackers?
this is probably it:

 Adam being a big brave boy standing with a scary tree :)

 The resemblance is uncanny!, The tree just needs some specs :)

 We also met Bob the Builder and The Fly's love child. I didn't know whether he wanted to collect money, mend my roof, or suck the sugar from my chocolate bar.

Only in Blackpool will you see teddy bears having a picnic in the pitch black, a man dressed as Noddy in a car, a bus full of Army men, a dog wearing flashing ears and two random blokes in kilts playing the bagpipes at 10.30pm

 And before you ask, no I haven't got a picture of the dog with the flashing ears.

Little peoples legs were getting tired, Kai hijacked Abbi's pram, so she had to sit infront of him (thank the Lord we took our Silvercross Pram!) Adam's feet had turned into plates of meat, and my left leg had developed a weird pain which made me step, then swiiiing the left leg round, step and swiiiiing the left leg round, Now I looked like a donkey that was kicked in the knackers.

 After a while the kids gave in to Mr Sandman.

 My mum couldn't walk any longer and demanded to stay for the night...I'm sure she'll be comfy in that box:

 We stopped for a pancake and jam...YUMMY! Walked all the way back to the car, by this time I was limping like a pirate with a woodworm infested peg leg, and my Dad was dancing around fit as a fiddle on the car park taking great pleasure in our ailments. Safe to say....we wont be doing that again for a while!

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