Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

Well hello you lot! :)

I'm now back from my amazing weekend in Blackpool, SO amazing I want to do it again! :(

We set off on Saturday morning with empty bellies, so we called at Tesco for a good hearty breakfast :)
Believe me throughout this trip we ate LOADS of grease filled food!


After demolishing most of it we hopped in the car and set off on the hour long journey....and it RAINED

The weather was not promising at all, but someone was really excited to be going on the Pleasure Beach that day:

 I was super happy because as we arrived the hotel was even closer the the Pleasure Beach than I thought,...almost the next street! We stopped at Sandhurst Hotel, just a cheap hotel to rest our heads, nothing fancy. The owners were really nice and friendly, the room was clean but very basic with the odd wear and tear, but can't complain for £64 for 2 nights at bank holiday weekend. Our room wasn't quite ready but we were able to dump our bags and go straight to the Pleasure Beach where Adam met his worst nightmare......ZOMBIIIIIIEEEESSSS!!! :)

We hadn't been since you had to pay to get in, and WOW its changed soooo much! The entrance is now incredibly posh and you have to queue loads just for your wristbands. When you've done that you walk out the door thinking your free to roam the park and you have to enter another entrance where you have to empty your bags, give your cameras, phones etc, and walk through detectors. THEN after you've been stripped of your gadgets you have to enter a card into a turnstile and get through that, the whole time being eyed up by blokes in suits. Jeez total military operation to get on some rides!

Weather was still pretty dodgy so we decided to check out the new Nickelodeon Land. If you haven't seen it yet, here is a tiny bit of eye candy.

I have to say I thought they had just re-themed a few old rides, but they have definitely gone to town and it looks great! They have really made an effort with the signs and decor too.
Our first ride of the day was the new Airbender ride: (not my video)

Supposed to be a children's ride, and although its tamer than it looks I still wouldn't really put my kid on it.

After that we headed to one of my all time favourites.....The Grand National, which is a twin track racing wood coaster, and VERY rickety. Prepare to walk off with bruises in places you never knew that could bruise.

Happily queuing like a big kid :)

 The queue ahead:

 The weather picked up quickly and it went REALLY hot, so after a few wrong directions from staff we eventually found a locker for my coat!...these are £2.50 for a small one (which look deceiving and will actually fit a coat and jacket in)
After going on a few more rides we walked past 'The Big One'. For those of you who have no idea what this is here are a few pics and specs:

Specs from Website:
Brace yourself for The Big One, Pleasure Beach biggest, fastest, scariest coaster will have you shaking in anticipation and screaming in delight. At a towering height of 235 ft it holds the crown as one of Europe's tallest rollercoasters offering three adrenaline packed minutes of coasting.

It's been in the park since 1994...and neither me nor Adam had ever been on it, and as we walked round near the entrance I said 'Fancy having a go on this?' which prompted a double take from Adam. 'What this?!', 'Are you being serious?'......'seriously?' I laughed, nodded and headed for the queue. As I walked to join the back of the queue I turned round to find Adam only just slowly walking in behind me LOL I said 'do you want to go on this' and he just nodded and said 'I'll give it a go'...with a very worried face.

 Poor Adam :)

We queued for AGES until we finally reached the platform, all the other riders were riding in groups of 3 or 4 so we got to jump the queue as there were only 2 seats left. We were sat somewhere near the middle. On the way up Adam took his glasses off and popped them in my he was pretty much blind as a bat the poor sod. I told him each time we passed a height marker....50ft, 100ft,...150ft....'stop it!' Adam was as scared as a meatball on Vanessa Feltz's plate by the time we got to 200ft. Absolutely cacked his little pants.
The huge drop was upon us as we started to go over the top. The picture captured by the camera saw everyone holding on for dear life....what was my hand doing?

No I didn't have heartburn, I was trying to keep my bangers from flying round my neck like a scarf in the high speed drop. My top was perfectly comfy on, but majority of the rides tried to shake the boys out on several occasions. The Grand National, The Big Dipper, The Big One and even the Valhalla all tried to undress me.
I would much rather have my hand there like a goon than show me wearing a pair of titty earmuffs. Can you imagine trying to stuff them back in round the rest of the ride, pulling up at the station with your hands down your bra?! The shame!

And look at a speckyless Adam! Eyes like pinheads and a 'OMFG' weasel face expression. Not the most flattering picture, but definitely a keeper ha ha

Spotted! The queue for the Avalanche. People who know the park well can see this is a REALLY long queue.

After our little tour on the monorail, which was cool! We went on the little railway. Both of which are pretty underestimated, I mean, not many people in the park will have seen this:

Totally cool skull waterfall! And can only be really seen properly from the train.

After a few more rides we found the derby racers, Adams competitive racing face, you may be fast but your horsey has a white scab so nerrrrrr!! I had a pretty white horse :)

 Then we vowed our last ride would be the Valhalla...purely because you always get soaked! In the queue a couple came down the line and offered us their used macs, so saved £2 there :)
After climbing in them...which were already wet we soon reached the platform. About 12 people still queued in front of us but they were ushering again for only 2 riders. We nodded and were told to climb through the barrier and get in the moving boat (which never stop to let you in!) So as I found a gap in the fence I ducked through and stood on the narrow platform. I turned round and was just about to head for the moving boat when Adam barged through the fence and bumped into me. My instant reaction was to get my kitty claws out and dig them into him as I was nearly send flying into some very cold water in front of a boat. I was about to get wet enough on the ride, the last thing I needed was to be sumo bumped into the path of an oncoming boat. The seats were right at the back and as we climbed in there must have been about 4 inches of water already in there....alas my tired little feet in my military boots were SOAKED and we hadn't even set off. As we made the first climb inside the ride broke down, and we had to sit and stare at the holographic viking face talking to himself until it was fixed. After a few minutes they announced we were setting off, and off we went into the dark. From the panic of almost falling in, and then being greeted by 4 inches of sloshing water I had somehow managed to sit on my hood, Adam was tugging at it, I was trying to hover in the air and before I knew it, we were almost at the first dip. I pulled half of my hood up before it promptly got blew back off and got a thoroughly good soaking. The riders at the front shouted to their friend in the middle 'is there anyone sat behind you?' he replied 'yes, 2 at the back...the poor sods' Poor sods indeed! We got all the water from the front of the boat AND all the water spray.

Adam almost added some warm water of his own to the back of the boat when the fire explosion went up in one of the rooms and he jumped out of his hairy skin. The ride is brilliant, and probably the best 'water flume' around but believe me you will get wet...if not totally soaked. Surely worth a ride with a wristband, but if your paying for separate tickets you may as well stand in the dark and piss yourself. 1. Its cheaper, 2. It will be warm, 3. You will only be wet from your legs down and 4. You don't need to queue to do it. In fact...If you did it IN the queue you might just get to the front quicker.

And that's the end of Day 1, Part 1.

Stay tuned for Day 1, Part 2. :)

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