Monday, 8 August 2011

It came back to haunt me!

The whole Julia Roberts thing in 'Pretty Woman' where she flings a snail across the restaurant? The one I mentioned in a previous post?....yeah, I KNEW it was a bad idea!

Well you guys already know I booked a little time off from baking for my birthday,so the day before (30th July) Adam had arranged for my Mum and Dad to babysit so we could go out, first stop was the cinema. LOL yeah I know, seems like we had been there alot lately, but I like my films!

We watched Zookeeper:

Which basically is about a guy who works at the Zoo losing his girlfriend because of his job, and the animals break their 'no talking to humans' code to help him win her back. Woohoo I manged that without any spoilers ;)...yeah the trailer did a much better job of explaining than I did!

There were some quite funny bits in the trailer so we were looking forward to it, but overall it could have been MUCH better. The best part was probably when Griffin takes Bernie the Gorilla out for tea, but the rest could have been just as good if the dialogue was improved for the animals. I wouldn't say DON'T go to see it, but is probably more of a cheap DVD rental rather than a must see at the cinema.

There were only 8 of us in the entire screen too! Here's a very dark picture of Adam (wasn't going to use the flash!) in the cinema with his quaver collar!

We had popcorn to fill us up a little till tea time! We were planning to go to Flaming Dragon underneath the cinema in The Rock - Bury.

Obviously they didn't have wreaths on the door as it wasn't Xmas! This was just a stock photo :)

Its an all you can eat buffet place, and my first time visiting one!
As we walked in we were shown to a table, drinks order taken and then we were let loose on the food instantaneously! Great if you hate waiting around too much for your food to be cooked! ha ha

They had ALLSORTS! some of my favourites were the veg in garlic sauce...LOVELY! stir fried fine noodles, black pepper noodles, and the sweet and sour was amazing. I know you can get sweet and sour from anywhere but to me it usually all tastes the same, this one was very fruity and orangey!
Every time you went up they had brought something different out and at one point I thought I had stepped through a portal to McDonalds when they had chicken nuggets and chips, the even had pizza! So they cater for kids aswell so everyone can enjoy the meal.

The only beef I have with the place was that it was very red inside! red walls, red lights, you couldn't see the food as well as you'd like, and it was roasting! BUT it was a very humid day.

See! Red, made me look like Clifford the big red every sense of the word :)

Here's Adam's sneaky pic of the buffet:

Now, I had been told that they come round the the tables with food they have freshly cooked on the BBQ for you to try, like wings, meats, ribs etc. I'm not a huge meat eater....and I don't eat those types of things so when they came round with BBQ'd corn on the cob, I thought 'why not!' saves me refusing everything else and looking like a weirdo!

But looking like a weirdo is exactly what happened! It was pointless the man carefully placing it onto my plate because 40 seconds after he did it shot right across the restaurant at lightening speed in unison with a massive 'clank' of my fork almost breaking one of their plates. As Adam looked up from his plate and spotted my corn was missing he quickly scanned the table and then the surrounding floor near us. I didn't even know where it went because I was too busy silently giggling into my hands and trying to absorb myself into the red wall to look. After I muscled up the courage I turned in my chair and spotted it dead central in the middle of the floor in all its barbecued glory. I got up and could see every bodies eyes staring at it as if to say 'where in the chuff did that come from?' shuffling over in my heels I quickly picked it up and scurried back to put it on my plate.
Adam just grinned and said 'Goon' to which I replied 'I know, I can't take me anywhere!'

Thinking back I'm just SO glad that the woman who was hogging all the cakes on one plate wearing a tiny dress didn't get that corn wedged  under her heel, my god could you imagine? It would have been every fat mans fantasy!

We finished our 4th..or 5th, or was it 6th? plate of food and gave up....totally stoofed!

However we did hang around for abit of dessert. On offer was a bowl of melon, a bowl of apples, blackforest gateaux, little squares of cake, ice cream and a variety of weird jelly looking thinks in various colours - word of warning DON'T touch these things!

I went for the gateaux, and said to Adam 'why don't you try one of these caramel cheesecake things?' as I picked it up to put on his plate it was very clear this thing was NOT a cheesecake, it was shaking more than a shitting dog as I plopped it beside his apple slices.

He also had a little square piece of cake which was like gnawing at a car sponge, but my blackforest gateaux was lovely :) LOL

I noticed a few people walking round with crepes (pancakes but bigger!) We found a little stand round the back of the buffet where a woman was making fruit ones and thought hmmm I'll get one of those in a minute! As we returned the booth was empty...sat there was a full bucket of warm mixture (it was so humid!) and a bowl of bananas browner than Gandhi's big toe - we gave those a miss!

We decided to pay the bill and head to the pub for a quick drink. So what do you do when it's your birthday, your kids are out for the entire night and you don't have to be back for a certain time? Have one drink, head home, open one of your birthday pressies as its almost midnight, find it to be a retro emulator for the Xbox 360 so you and your other half sit in your PJ's playing Sonic the Hedgehog and battling it out on Columns till about 2am! First half of Birthday well spent I'd say! LOL

2nd Half, coming soon :)

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