Monday, 1 August 2011

Enter the dragon......

Yeah you know the one, Bruce Lee movie, 1973? Well that was the last film my Dad saw at the cinema!
Can you believe it? Screens all over the country, endless films, and he has not been to any of them.
All that changed on the 28th July 2011 when I took him for his first 3D film experience in a CINEMA!

That morning Me, Adam and the tribe went for a picnic at Thompsons Park in Burnley:

 It was supposed to rain that day but we took our chances and packed the blankets, turned out to be a VERY hot day!

We chose a spot, laid down 3 blankets and dished out the food, which the kids dove into straight away.

We hadn't done anything like this in years! We have either been too busy working or attending appointments for one thing or another. I had booked myself about 5 days off from baking, Adam booked a few days off work and Kai was off school so it meant we could finally do something together, and it was GREAT!

We also took a ball and a frisbee to the park, so we had a game of catch with Kai, Abbi chased her other ball around and later on me and and Adam had a game with the frisbee whilst Kai kept the score :)

Kai also found it hilarious when he hurt Dad with the ball.....totally sadistic, just like his mum :) hee hee

Miss Abbi in her oversized hat


Adam caught me having a little lie down, it was soooo warm!

The kids also made a little friend who came to play ball with them, and its the first time Abbi has really had the chance to play with someone roughly her age, they are always older or younger. She happily shared her ball, which is a good thing and also VERY weird because at home she guards things with her life from Kai most of the time!

Chocolate mouth!

Chocolate kissies!!

 We stayed there most of the day, usually telling Abbi to put the stones back where she found them, and to stop running with twigs but overall the day was really fun and something we can only hope of doing again as we are so busy!

We set off home and called at my Mum and Dads to tell him he was going to the cinema. Yeah you read right, at that point he didn't know he was going! That was because he's one of those Dad's that sits on the couch and can't really be bothered to go out anywhere. If you have a Dad that's happy to sit on the couch with a beer and pick his nose you'll know what I mean. Prizing him off the couch to make an effort to go out anywhere is like getting the Pope into a nightclub.

However, as we caught him just coming back from Blackpool and he had not yet rested his backside on the couch I dragged him back out the door again to the cinema in Bolton.
We got there just a tiny bit late and as we walked round the corner we were greeted by a full seat everywhere we looked......about 5 spare seats on the VERY front row so had to sit there. Not the best place to sit for your first cinema trip but that's what we had to do. Captain America was the film, which is something I thought he would enjoy:

He thought the 3D glasses were going to be red and blue too ;)

He put on his 3D glasses and the film started, he did really well till about half way through the film Captain America threw his shield out the screen.....and my Dad tried to dodge it ha ha
He also nudged my arm as in one scene to the left a dripping tap was stuck right out the screen, as if you could put your hand out and touch it.

End verdict? He liked the film! and not only was it the first time he'd been to the cinema in years, but I also got him to go into McDonalds, which is another huge first!

He seemed to enjoy both which is really good as he could do to get out and do more things like that rather than sitting at home! Just think of all those epic films you miss seeing that are worthy of the big screen!

Although he liked it I have no idea of the chances of getting him back for another one, but I'm a stubborn ass so I bet I could. Challenge........ACCEPTED!

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