Saturday, 20 August 2011

Doodles is 2....part 2!

  Welcome back secret readers ;) lol. We will jump straight back in with part 2.

We had been at Gullivers World most of the day, walked round several times and only just noticed another area of the park, seriously guys you really need a map when you get there as there was a whole other dinosaur area called 'Lost World' (very apt title!)
The entrance was disguised above a train ride, and you had to walk over lots of wooden pathways to get there.

 But all the walking and excitement tired little miss Doodles out and this is what happened:

In fact after queuing up a LONG time for the final ride...The Log Flume, her big brother was pretty pooped out too and they had a nap in the car on the way home. Seriously how do kids sleep like that..kissing the seat belt!

 We decided to grab some tea after that and ended up at a Crown Carvery. Yummy :0)

And there was just enough time for a little run around on the park.

Cheeky :)

Home time! There were a few cards and pressies behind the door when we got in so she got to open a few of those

Wooo MONIES!! glad shes handing that to me......:)

And what better way to finish off a birthday.....than with CAKE!

I made a few bits beforehand to give them time to dry. Ribbon roses, lollipops, strawberries, hearts..

Add that to a naked cake

And you get?!?!?........THIS

Believe it or not I didn't even think of this design till really late, I was so stuck with what to make her! But I'm glad I made this one in the end, and I'm ITCHING to do a boys version! Abbi isn't exactly made from sugar and spice, and all things nice (well maybe the sugar as she eats so much of it!) its more like tantrums, screams and devilish curls! She does have her nice side though :)

Well that concludes Part 2. If your lucky you may get another post before I go off to Blackpool with the other half, I just know you'll have withdrawal symptoms if I leave you too long :P lol

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