Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Birthday Girl goes shopping!

31st July 2011....opened my eyes that morning and I had turned 24. Not long was I awake that breakfast was being served to me in bed 'a la Adam' which consisted of waffles, egg, bacon, beans, toast..the lot! Fuelled me up for a day of birthday shopping. We went back to Bury where we hit New look, Republic, and more importantly, shoe shops!

 I got a few items:


New Look




 New Look

TK Maxx

 TK Maxx



I already have a pair of Military boots, but they are slowly dying, I went into Deichmanns and found the identical pair for £20, walked round the corner into the kids section and there were more EXACTLY the same but smaller :) in the sale at £9. Hmmm. You think I could? You bet I could! Squeezed my tiny size 3 pixie foot into a kids 2.5 and walked out with a pair of new boots for £9 haha. The blisters will be worth it.

I also got lots of other goodies for my birthday including a bottle of my fave perfume:

The previously mentioned Sega Megadrive collection:

A new hairdryer because mine is totally busted:

Resident Evil 5:

(which I have recently tried playing with Adam, but its virtually impossible as hes TERRIFIED of zombies!)

A little bottle of yummy Malibu and monies for my purse :)

I DIDN'T however get a cake!? WTF! ha ha I spend almost 24/7 baking in a hot kitchen creating cakes, and no-one got me one :(  ....... but then I was presented with these from Kai:


After a full days shopping and not seeing the kids we treated us all to pizza and garlic bread that night :)

Not only that.....but I came back to a Facebook wall COVERED in birthday messages which I made sure I thanked each and every person individually. It may be virtual....but it meant alot that I had to scroll down....and down.....and down even further to find the first post which was made at 12.01am....one minute past midnight! LOL Thanks to all those guys again :)

I am soooooo lucky!!

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