Monday, 22 August 2011

Keeping a Promise

 That's what I'm doing right now in this post. Writing my last post before I go off to Blackpool for the weekend!

Nothing majorly exciting to report, but I did start my CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Scary I know, slap me with a wet trout now for just mentioning  the 'C' word.

BUT with saving up for a wedding I'm trying to be good with my money, so off to the carboot sale it was! We went to the big one in Clitheroe which is pretty HUGE. Now everyone has there own opinions on second hand stuff, but I wont lie...I love looking through stuff! As long as its not totally wrecked, and you got it cheap I don't see a problem, especially as my kids are aged 5 and 2 I'm going to get second hand stuff before they get to the age where they say 'ewww second hand...proper skank!'

I got some good stuff too!

A Mega Bloks pull along truck:
RRP £30

2x Mega Bloks Vehicles
One Yellow, One Green
RRP £10 each = £20

Mega Bloks Play Table:
RRP £30

And a carrier bag of Bloks:

RRP £10

Thats £90 worth of haul...£90!!! Go on make a guess how much I paid?...go on?...No I really do want you to guess! Because now I'm going to hit you right in the knackers with what I DID pay...... 

Now tell me carboots are a bad thing? My kids sure as hell wont mind that someone else played with beforehand, just look at what they got! So that's part of a Christmas present sorted and put away.

What other goodies did I get?
A green monster single duvet set for Kai...£2! I mean come on...Ive saved at least £10 there too!

A Grobag for Abbi. Anyone who knows what these are will know they are expensive!

Something similar to this:
50p I paid!

I also got some cute stuff for Abbi to grow into, a little dress and a few outfits branded NEXT for £1 each

Also got:

£1 each!

I'm actually probably going to miss the carboot this Sunday with being at Blackpool, I'll be craving bargains.
I don't mind rooting through a few boxes if I find a cute dress for Abbi at the bottom, but what I will draw the line at (again each to their own) rooting through a box of underwear! I walked past one woman who was squatting in front of a box, and I peered over her shoulder to find it full of bra's. I'm sorry but there is no way I could ever buy underwear from a carboot, all I can imagine is that some heffer has had her sweaty bangers in one of those hammocks, and I'm not prepared to put it anywhere near me. And Adam....If your reading this, if I find one of those faded grey bras under the Christmas tree with my name on it, I'm going to wrap it round your conk.....FACT! (for those of you with dirty was not a typo...I meant CONK as in...nose!) ;)

I came away from the carboot sale pretty chuffed with my buys, and then got really excited when we walked into Tesco and found this water table (which I was only pining over the other week in Toys R Us) was in the sale!:

RRP Toys R Us £70
In Tescos at the minute: £36.99!


Abbi LOVES splashing around in my mum n dads water feature so this is going to be perfect. Fair enough they cant actually use it at Christmas because it will be too cold....but the price was to good to pass up so they will just have to wait till the weather gets warmer next year ha ha. Cruel!

Ebay is also a good source! Last night we went to collect a Smart Trike 3-in-1:

Roughly retailing at £60-70

And we got one for £15!

So guys, don't go crazy in the shops nearer Christmas and paying over the odds, Ebay, Carboot and get sale items! 

I can just tell this post has spurred you on to go happy carbooting this Sunday, you lucky lucky people. Wish I could go!!

See you all next week :) xx

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Doodles is 2....part 2!

  Welcome back secret readers ;) lol. We will jump straight back in with part 2.

We had been at Gullivers World most of the day, walked round several times and only just noticed another area of the park, seriously guys you really need a map when you get there as there was a whole other dinosaur area called 'Lost World' (very apt title!)
The entrance was disguised above a train ride, and you had to walk over lots of wooden pathways to get there.

 But all the walking and excitement tired little miss Doodles out and this is what happened:

In fact after queuing up a LONG time for the final ride...The Log Flume, her big brother was pretty pooped out too and they had a nap in the car on the way home. Seriously how do kids sleep like that..kissing the seat belt!

 We decided to grab some tea after that and ended up at a Crown Carvery. Yummy :0)

And there was just enough time for a little run around on the park.

Cheeky :)

Home time! There were a few cards and pressies behind the door when we got in so she got to open a few of those

Wooo MONIES!! glad shes handing that to me......:)

And what better way to finish off a birthday.....than with CAKE!

I made a few bits beforehand to give them time to dry. Ribbon roses, lollipops, strawberries, hearts..

Add that to a naked cake

And you get?!?!?........THIS

Believe it or not I didn't even think of this design till really late, I was so stuck with what to make her! But I'm glad I made this one in the end, and I'm ITCHING to do a boys version! Abbi isn't exactly made from sugar and spice, and all things nice (well maybe the sugar as she eats so much of it!) its more like tantrums, screams and devilish curls! She does have her nice side though :)

Well that concludes Part 2. If your lucky you may get another post before I go off to Blackpool with the other half, I just know you'll have withdrawal symptoms if I leave you too long :P lol

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Doodles is 2!

No I don't mean the red dog from the Tweenies, I mean Abbi! She has many nicknames and Doodles is just one (amongst witch, naughty, and the one I seem to say the most 'put it back')
Yes our little madam turned two on the 13th August 2011. To celebrate we took her to Gullivers World in Warrington. I saw that Fireman Sam was going to be there on her birthday, and seeing as Abbi LOVES watching him on TV (Shes actually watching him right now!) then it would be stupid not to.

There was one downside to the plan though, she hates rides! even those small coin operated ones. I think it stems from when she sat alongside Kai in his motorized jeep and he set off down the hill screaming his little lungs out that he couldn't get it to stop.....yeah any one year old would be traumatized by that!

So we kicked off the day with the one and only present she had to open that morning....MEGA BLOCKS which she was dead excited about and couldn't wait to open the bag. We decided to wait to get her more stuff as we wanted to try her on a 'smart trike' to see if she liked it....(which we now know she does) so may get her one of those.

Cards to open!

Making a mess before we set off  :)

After the military operation of getting drinks, snacks, getting dressed, packing 'extras', making sure we have cash etc we finally got to set off.

 Wasn't too long of a drive and we arrived at Gullivers World!

On our way in :)

 We had a quick walk round first and spotted this ride:

Which had more adults on it than children! (Gullivers World is a child only park) They have just built one of these at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool in Nickelodeon Land, which is where me and Adam are going on the 27th August...child free so we may just get to have a go! LOL

After entering the part of the park called 'Western World' we spotted a little train that we thought would be perfect for Abbi's first ride. We climbed into the cart and waited for Abbi's reaction......she cried when I tried to sit her down so she spent the whole time on my knee, but she enjoyed it so it was a major bonus!

Straight off her first ride we went looking for more!

 Its rude to point!

And now I know where she got it from.....
Her second ride....I thought 'hmmm some gentle cars...these will be ok for her' which I then regretted as the minute we set off it gave everyone in the car whiplash followed by Abbi's eyes nearly popping out of her sockets. Luckily round the track were some plastic rabbits I could distract her with and she ended up liking this ride too! Kai said he was driving us round the 'city' which comprised of some dated plastic bunnies, and a hut with one of those giant reject stuffed Easter bunnies looking slightly drunk and dirty inside it.

Off to find more!

As we walked back over the bridge we saw Fireman Sam! After months of running toward the TV, dancing to the theme tune and annoying everyone with the constant 'OH LOOK' when he came on TV....she wasn't impressed, what a bummer!

O well, lets have another walk around the park! We walked through a 'circus' part of the park, in which most of the booths were shut for renovation, and passed a block of toilets which STUNK! I had read many reviews before trying Gullivers, and they were very mixed but one thing I remembered was the talk of the amount of wasps, and the smell and state of the toilets....THOSE reviews weren't wrong! You daren't even venture inside with what you could smell just walking past. However I did find cleaner ones in 'Lilliput Land' the only problem was you had to sit there on the bog listening to a tape of an annoying fairy voice telling you that 'this room was especially for the princesses' and continued to babble on whilst your trying to pee. Each door had a picture of a fairy on it and a name, my new identity for the whole of 60 seconds was 'tooth fairy' very fitting to say my teeth are currently knackered and need plenty of trips to the dentist in the next few months. I wanted to be the 'moon fairy' but alas it was not to be....I wasn't going to argue with a 3 year old who had her pants round her ankles...she was a true moon fairy.

We grabbed something to eat (which may I say if your planning a trip to Gullivers, order your food half an hour before you even think your going to be hungry) they take SO long. Just enough time for Adam to rest his feet:

 Ooops how silly of me...that isn't Adam (I know your reading this chuckles....nah nah nah nah nahhhhh *tongue out*)
 hee hee

Whilst me and Kai were queuing for a ride, Adam captured this......BROKEN DOWN AT THE TOP! mwahahaha. I'm so evil....but its so funny! 'help us dooooowwwn'!! LOL

Next is the ride we queued a while took 15 MINUTES to get round the ride, and was painfully slow, and I mean REALLY slow. Not just a gentle float round the bends, we were at a standstill at most points so I made it go faster by reaching onto the sides and pushing ourselves along, resulting in mossy green fingers. In one area there was a small waterfall ...and our boat was heading for it! We would have been SOAKED if I hadn't half-hung out the boat trying to grip the concrete to pull us away from it. Kai had his jacket over his head ready and was stretching away from it, the whole time I'm thinking 'CRAAAAP!!' and clawing at the walls. Luckily minor scratches and dirty fingers paid off as we slowly drifted off down the opposite path. Do you hear that movie makers? I'm now a fully trained stunt woman ready to row myself away from a gigantic waterfalls, £100,000 an hour yeah?

I also have a daughter who does a fantastic impression of a moose:

Funny yeah?....

Ok so if you have no use for a 2 year old moose impressionist, how about a dare devil dinghy dude?

No? O well, looks like I'll have to stick with making cakes then!

 Anyhoo we put Abbi on another ride, wasn't too sure at first and clung on for dear life like a baby koala....but as usual ended up liking it!

Daddy's turn! He took Kai on the highest ride he'd ever been on..

Up they go!

And you can just see on this picture...Kai was LOVING it!

Kai doing a fantastic job of gagging Daddy...

We walked round 'Adventure World' again - beware of the CLONED HORSIES, they wear white streaky facepaint which looks JUST like birdy poop.

Then came the ultimate test, a ride where Abbi couldn't sit on me knee or sit next to me, she had to go it alone on the saddle of a 'peg' ...(Abbi's word for Pig!) and just look how she got on...Loved it :)

Daddy's turn again....back on the cars for a final ride.

OH MY GOD I would NOT, repeat NOT get in the back of a black taxi with that! Look at that evil just know your tights are going to get laddered.

Now I'm going to leave you with that last image because its the end of part one :)
do NOT send me your cleaning bills when you have nightmares tonight  lol