Thursday, 28 July 2011

Previews? Yes Please!

First of all I must say this post may contain spoilers.....I will try my very hardest not to though :) oooo the pressure!

 Ok so I'll start with 'Batman Live'. Me and Adam got preview tickets to go and watch this before it was released, at the MEN arena in Manchester.

Now I'm not a major fan of Batman, don't get me wrong its not that I don't like him, but honestly I'm not really into the whole hero thing like Superman, Spiderman etc, Id rather watch horrors or classic 80's films :)
BUT that being said I rather enjoyed it! So if you ARE a fan of Batman I think you may just wee yourself a little bit if you went to see it - the dumb bloke at the side of us seemed to think it was hilarious too as he was laughing every 2 seconds!

Without trying to give away too many spoilers the story line is based around how Batman met Robin, and me never watching any sort of Batman film or programme before could see this coming a mile away.

We found our seats...which were really good to say they were free! and was greeted by this set:

The bat shaped image behind it was a huge screen which they used really well throughout the show, though the tiny little buildings had me concerned and I was right:

The guy on the left is actually leaning on the building - they were all giants! :)

We felt peckish too so bought a bucket of popcorn, can't quite remember how much this was but I know if you wanted candyfloss or a tiny tub of ice-cream they were £2.50 each.

Nom Nom Popcorn!
Obviously just acting out a story would be quite boring so they throw some acrobatics in there as a circus scene, and even some magic acts when the Joker takes over the circus, mix that with quite an interesting story line, cool costumes, and some fab props and you've got your ingredients for a very magical!

We decided to grab some tea during the interval and ventured out of the Arena. There was a stall selling hot dogs so got one of those and I HAVE to tell you, I mean SERIOUSLY...DO NOT put the mustard on it. WOWSERS it was bad :(
SO bad infact that you couldn't even grin and bear it, we had to get tissues to try and get it off, Ive never tasted anything like it, it was almost like eating burnt plastic in liquid form but much much worse *gag*

It must be bad because my Adam can eat anything....yep nearly everything but this was his thought:

Overall it was a good show, just don't get the food! After eating what I can only describe as yellow pus from a sweaty trolls toenail we were tired and ready for home!

If like me and Batman isn't really your thing, you may like Cars 2!

We were also lucky enough to see a preview of this before its release and we took our 5 year old Kai along as an ultimate critic :)

This time we were at Odeon in Blackpool, and sadly after sitting in that screen I'm not a fan of the place! It was damp, Kai got adult sized glasses instead of child's and the seats didn't seem to be high enough to see over peoples heads so we had to get Kai a yellow booster! Whilst Daddy went to buy popcorn me and Kai killed abit of time with my camera....

3D glasses at the ready!

Kai wanted to have a go at taking one of himself, but he held the camera slightly too close...

I flicked the camera into play mode and showed him his self portrait. The second I held the camera up to him he let out a MASSIVE belly laugh and people in the cinema were turning round to see what he was laughing at! He giggled so much snot shot down his nose:

We still had a little more time to kill so we messed around some more, I told him to pose....


This is his cheesy grin:

Cool dude pose:

I asked him to pose again, and he came up with this...which made me belly laugh this time!

seems I have my own very little Corey Feldman! ha ha

*insert cheesy grin of my own*

Yay the film started! And first it played a Toy Story short of Ken and Barbie which was good too!
I LOVE Disney and Pixar films...ALOT! But Cars 2 was something I worried about due to the whole 'spy car' idea, somehow I just didn't think it would work or matched the first film very well, but again, totally surprised! I really enjoyed it and there's some real good bits, one of which had me giggling for quite a while when Mater mistook wasabi for pistachio ice-cream and told everyone it had 'TURNED' in a booming echoey voice.

Kai found some bits funny too and we only had to leave for one toilet trip which for a 5 year old is probably pretty good! So it also gets a thumbs up from him.

It's since been released and is still playing at the cinema so go an see it and watch out for Mater!

And for the last preview of the post we saw 'Super 8'

It wasn't a film I had heard of till I got the preview tickets but with it being by Steven Spielberg I thought it had to be good! And GOD was I right! We attended at Rochdale Odeon, which I have to say was miles better than the Blackpool one the seating was much better but I'll never wholly be convinced by the aisle up the centre of the seats?!

Heres a little short of the film to save me trying to explain!

Now if there's any girlies reading this who aren't into the whole action, explosion, army stuff DON'T worry, the story line and main actors (kids) is fun in itself and you will enjoy this film!

Its very much like a modern day 'Goonies' minus the pirate Indiana Jones stuff. Its based around a group of friends very much like the Goonies with a sort of leader, a funny fat one, a geeky one who loves gadgets (in this case blowing things up!) 'the girl' and a few other fun tag alongs. I cant tell you how much I enjoyed this and I wasn't expecting too much from the poster and the title, but honestly this one is probably going to become a 'classic' just like the Back to the Futures, Labyrinth, and Goonies did. You need to see it!

I'd also like to thank Odeon for the free popcorn ha ha


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