Wednesday, 27 July 2011

If meeting one legend wasn't enough......

I met a few more! Yep I think I've turned into a convention geek :S ha ha

After the buzz of meeting Robert Englund (Freddy) I heard that Mark Patton was going to be attending his first ever UK signing! And if you don't know who that are a few pictures of him in Nightmare on Elm Street 2:

Looking cool Mr. Patton :)

So I heard he was going to be in London and put plans into place. I decided to travel down the night before so we could be there early doors, and my Nightmare on Elm Street buddy accompanied me again.
A few days later I found out Mark had signed a contract saying his first signing would be Glasgow....and as the London date was before Glasgow he could not attend :(
BUT.....someone else got announced, someone I was just as excited about and had been in a ton of my favourite childhood films......................... cue the squeeeeeeeeeeeee!......................


For those of you scratching your heads and wondering who he is......U HAVE NO TASTE!! ha ha nah only joking ;) though seriously if you haven't seen at least one of these following films, you really DO have NO taste ha ha

Here he is in my fave Corey Feldman movie:

The GOONIES!! hell yeah :)

Childhood swoonage :) (aww spell check has learnt a new word too...swoonage!)

Then another awesome film where he played Edgar Frog :) Yep..
The Lost Boys:

Whilst I'm here R.I.P Corey Haim (the one in the middle!)

And of course....GREMLINS:

How Cute! :)

He's been in many other films...but these are my personal faves!

Not only was he there, but so was Christopher Lloyd!

Chris as Doc Brown in Back to the Future

and of course, Uncle Fester :)

So with the news of Corey there aswell I packed my Goonies map and off I went :)

We had to catch multiple trains (3 in fact!) to get there, One of which looked like this:

!!! Its a train from the movies!, Ok maybe not this exact train, but I don't get out much :) I have never ever been on a train where the seats face each other like that, I only ever see them in films! And now I know why people are always reading papers or books. It's not to pass the time, its so you don't have to stare directly across at the local nutter on the other side!

We reach West Brompton in London (right across from Earls Court Exhibition Centre) and we catch a taxi to our hotel. The last available hotel in that entire area! Pleasantly surprised too, SO surprised infact I didn't go inside because it looked too posh and I had to recheck the address ha ha

It was right though and we found our room, we were also greeted by a funny door hanger :)

NO MOLESTE in this room!


And let me introduce you to the fancy shitter, ok, not THAT fancy, and I have no idea why I take pics of the bathrooms I visit...I just do!

Time for some grub! We walked forever and a day just trying to find some sort of McDonalds or something but there were none! So on the way back we called in at this very nice...and empty looking Chinese.

And this is the part were I over exaggerate and talk really fast because it was the best damn restaurant I had ever been in (and that part is not an exaggeration!)

The place was Mr. Wings. Just one step through the door and your greeted by a waterfall on your left which flows from one floor to another I shit you not, greenery and statues of cranes (the bird type) etc everywhere! I didn't know why it was so empty! The man behind the bar then told us to follow him down the stairs to a table. OH MY GOD!
As I walked past the waterfall and onto the last few steps I looked up and was greeted by a gigantic wall of marine fish, with tables at the side of it. All the people were down here listening to a live piano and singer! I suddenly felt ashamed walking in with my sneakers on and black socks upto the knee, and Paddy wanted to hide in his bright yellow t-shirt ha ha.

Stock photo of the restaurant downstairs:

And the little Paddy fish with matching t-shirt :)

I ordered sweet and sour veg, and Paddy had chicken, only when they brought it to the table did I start to panic as I realized that to my right were a pair of chopsticks.....and nothing else.

Begin...a lesson from the chopsticks master.

'Put your finger there, and other two fingers here', 'hold them like this'..'no, like this' 'squeeze' ..'yep thats it' 'no...finger here' Damn they are tricky I thought I was going to learn how to knit with them at one point.
But after two minutes I was picking up rice like a pro.....that was until I had one of those really small slimy round mushrooms, no matter how hard I tried, the little beggar kept slipping away. I tried squeezing it really hard this one time and it almost shot out of my bowl 'pretty woman stylie'!

We finished up and the bill was around £42, which wasn't bad to say I was expecting it to be alot more!

I hurried out in my sneakers and socks and we walked back to the hotel, watched abit of TV and set my alarm for in the morning!! woooo!

The next morning we decided to walk to Earls Court as it wasn't as far as we thought, and we queued in a mega long line to get in. I bought a Corey Feldman photoshoot, and a Christopher Lloyd one, but the Delorean ones had sold out :( Luckily inside they were shooting it on it own so managed to get one afterall!

We even got to wear the bubble jacket :) Geek alert, but on the other hand so incredibly cool! My poor little short legs with size 3 feet on the end just would not reach the floor....that's as close as I could get it!

Walking round I managed to capture a few of the other guests:

Ricky Dean Logan:
Who played Carlos in Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddys Dead

Robert Knepper:
Prison Break, Transporter 3

Shawnee Smith from the Saw movies,
Kenny Baker from Star Wars (r2d2)

The Batmobile and Monkee Mobile!
(I have no idea who that bloke is standing there! :S)

Micheal Bailey Smith!

He played Super Freddy, and Pluto (Papa Hades) in Hills have Eyes

I got his autograph too :

ha ha awesome! Lovely bloke too, he stood up to shake my hand, and my god is he tall!

Christopher Lambert....Highlander!

And I managed to snap Corey :)
There were many people dressed up too....which I found out is called 'cosplaying' a new geeky word for ya right there :)

The white Storm Trooper either needed a wee or was doing a naughty gesture :)

I also met Stu Arnold at his own stand, this amazing guy:
I swear to god, you need to meet this guy in the flesh, he is just too cool!, He does Arnolds voice, Keith Lemon and a few from Bo Selecta. He was in 'Arnie' mode, which I just love listening to because he does it so well, but as he turned round and spotted me at his stand he suddenly jumped into Keith Lemon (which I had no idea he could do!) he said i was 'Bang tidy' and then started to do Mel B from Bo Selecta, which were all equally as good! I visited his stand for the second time later in the day and found him out of costume! but still even without his gear on his 'get to the choppa' is just magical ha ha.
Hes a lovely bloke to boot too as he caught me on my way out to talk to me. Apparently he is working on something to do with Knight Rider so keep an eye out for that!

Well it was time for more autographs so we queued for Corey,....I was getting my map signed and I stood there holding it folded up with the doubloon crest picture on the front (you probably had no idea what I just said there....goonie geekiness!)
As I got to the front I just handed it him and within 2 seconds he noticed it was upside down...true professionalism! (I wasn't testing him... honest!...I was in complete awe and handed it to him the wrong way round ha ha) Here it is signed!:

I also had a photo with him, which was so cool!
Everyone before me were going in and they all had the 'stand and do the peace sign', as I'm watching them go in and out the pose didn't change! As much as a picture with Corey was cool in itself I didn't really want a picture that was identical to everyone elses, but it seemed I had no choice. One in one out, one in one out, they all did the peace sign, even Paddy infront of me got that pose, I walked in and just by pure luck he stopped to rearrange the sleeve on his top. He then looked up (with his sunglasses on!) looked me up and down and then just grabbed me into a squeezy cuddle and asked how I was LOL. **WOW** is all I can say. Wasn't expecting that, but I'm damn bloody glad! After the camera clicked he thanked me and I can only just remember coming out the exit, I was jumping up and down at the other end 'Corey hugged me!' LOL

Straight after that we had to queue again for the Christoper Lloyd photoshoot, He was lovely :) and was wearing a very soft snuggly jumper! Again I was so dumbstruck that after the camera went 'click' and I was ushered out I totally forgot to thank Chris! As I walked away I heard Chris thanking me and I had to turn around and say 'Thanks very much Chris!' ...doh! too starstruck to know what I was doing! I'm just glad I didn't try to strike up conversation as Id have probably come out with something dumb, 'hmmm nice soft that Cashmere?'

One thing I was gutted about was that the line was SO long for Christopher Lloyd autographs I couldn't get one :( If I had queued up we would have seriously missed our train so my poor 'Outatime' Number plate from the Delorean goes unsigned :( I'll get him again another day though hopefully!

We run to catch our train and were doing really well till we sat at the wrong platform for one of our trains!

Then the next train was cancelled.....not looking good! As we missed two trains at this point our train in Milton Keynes would have left too! Luckily we managed to get the next one, and another from Milton Keynes all without being asked for our tickets!! PHEW!

It was a LONG two days, lots of rushing, standing and queuing, but it was worth it!

And before you ask..........No I didn't get Corey to sign my other leg, although the thought of a human autograph book is pretty cool......hmmmmm!?

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