Friday, 15 July 2011

I met a LEGEND!

Hi Guys, long time no see again ;)

I mentioned in my last post that the event of the year happened  for me, to meet my all time favourite horror character (actor) Mr Robert Englund, and for those of you who aren't horror nuts like me you'll recognize him as this guy:

Hell yeah....FREDDY!  People may think I'm a little crazy right now for loving horror so much, but if your only just thinking that....then where have you been since I started this thread?!

Ok so it goes like this, since a young age I've loved the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, why? because the story is so original, what other killer can only reach you through your dreams, and you HAVE to sleep at some point, so theres no getting away from him! Meeting Robert was on my list of things to do before I die, and I had no idea how I was going to do it as I'm in the UK without a passport and he lives in the US.
But a friend of mine mentioned he comes to the UK to do conventions (I didn't even know these existed!) *insert me getting very excited here*
So I bookmarked all convention pages and signed up to newsletters, I even e-mailed Nancy Englund (his wife) and she said there were no trips to the UK planned yet. After hearing this news I gave up a little and thought hmmmm maybe one day! and dived into making more cakes.

Then one day maybe 5 months later I was clearing out my inbox and saw an e-mail saying 'Milton Keynes Convention is almost here' and it went straight into my deleted items with all the others as I knew Robert wasn't in the UK. Now I have NO idea what happened next, but about an hour later SOMETHING made me dig it out of the deleted items, I still have no idea why to this day! I was just casually flicking through the guests and then spotted this picture:

I thought wait a minute...its got to be some sort of stunt double, creator, or something that is attending .....yet underneath this picture it said ROBERT ENGLUND.
All I can tell you that happened next was I went running into the front room jumping up and down at about 11.30pm and shouting at Adam in a chipmunk style voice n speed..'Where the hell is Milton Keynes?, I need to get there!'
When he said near London my heart sank as I knew it was a LONG way away! The convention was in 3 days so I had to sort out what cakes I had to make, trains, accommodation and tell my Nightmare on Elm Street mad friend he was there. (he would have killed me if I went without him LOL)
Once everything was booked I was mega excited and couldn't believe I was eventually going to meet HIM.

We traveled down the night before and stayed over so we could get there early doors, it was my first convention and I expected everyone to be queued etc....I wasn't wrong! We got in bought our tickets for autographs and photoshoots, I spent £75 on Robert! 2x photoshoots and 3x autographs. I also made some Nightmare on Elm Street cupcakes. No-one hardly ever requests anything like this, its always flowers, butterflies and pretty things so I grabbed the chance with both hands and finally made something that was more my style :)

Again people who aren't really major fans like I am probably wont know what half of it is! From bottom: Little mini replica glove, then 1428 Elm Street...the iconic house, elm street sign complete with blood splatter, the unmistakable red and dirty green stripes with the first line of the Elm Street Rhyme, and the last one is a doodle that Robert Englund draws himself for fans with signature.

We started queuing for Robert and he was telling stories non stop! Even when we got near the front he was talking to me and Paddy through the people in front of him, stories about the Freddy make-up getting stuck to his face LOL We then got right to the very front only to be told by crew we needed to swap our tickets for an autograph slip (DOH!) Robert looked puzzled as we had to leave the queue and was saying 'whats going on?' ha ha. We finally got the correct tickets and queued up again, which actually was pretty cool as we got to hear twice the amount of stories, he was amazingly talkative!

me looking slightly nervous now:

 Paddy brought his book for him to sign....and there you have his signature doodle!!

Then it was my turn...what do I say to a man Ive always wanted to meet?.....turns out he was dead easy to talk to as he did most of the talking ha ha

First glove, yes guys I have a glove, why? because its an awesome piece of memorabilia to have if its your fave film! What? you think that's weird? You ain't seen nothing yet :) ha ha

Next shoes, Nightmare on Elm Street shoes...the coolest darn shoes on the planet :)
I have 'Robert Englund' on one and 'Freddy Krueger' on the other (which is actually two signatures but I got away with only paying for one!)
And they are my second pair of wedding shoes!

Ha, when you've picked your jaw up off the keyboard I will explain. Our wedding is all about 'us' and what WE like, and what WE want, so why have a traditional style wedding? because its expected of everyone? its the norm?
Well we don't want the 'norm', we want it to be about us and what what we like. However Adam HATES horror films, and I mean hates them, totally wimpified. Think Ned Flanders scream and you wont be far wrong!

But as I'm a massive horror fan I can't exactly leave it out on my big day! So I'm sneaking it in with my blood splattered shoes :)
Paddy mentioned to Robert that I was getting married in them to which he smirked and said 'o A Nightmare on Elm Street wedding!' ha ha

 I was really really chuffed as Robert signs SO many NOES (short for nightmare on elm street!) items hes seen them all, but when I presented him with mine he said it was the first time he had ever seen them....result!
The girl crewing with him was quite awesome too! She also liked my shoes and was amazed by the cupcakes I made him:

He liked them too and said 'Im going to eat one of these right now!' and grabbed one out of the box. Something I wasn't expecting.

Nom Nom

Ok that's 2 autographs down, and one to go. What else could I get signed? Well that's just leg :) lol

How do you ask a legend to sign a body part? Nervous was an understatement, I knew where I wanted the signature, but that would mean pulling my backside out on the day to everyone queued behind me aswell as the man himself! But I needed that signature, so I went for it. 'Erm, I'm just wondering if you would sign my leg?..' As quick as a flash he stood up and said 'I'll come round to you' which I knew was a bad idea as millions of cameras came out at that point! I proceeded to try and expose my leg without getting too much else out as Robert said to the queue 'Its a dirty job but someone gotta do it' with the most awesome grin on his face ha ha. He signed it for me, stood up and said 'all these people behind you have a picture of your ass!'

He was the most amazing person ever and so down to earth! So much so I have no problem with paying to go and see him again!

So what do you do when you have a legends autograph on your leg?
.....get it tattooed of course!

A permanent reminder of the most awesome day I had with Mr Robert Englund.

Me and Paddy walked out on a total high of what just happened and there was more to come as we had booked photoshoots! I was totally buzzing by that point and Paddy reminded me that 'Robert Englund touched your ass' ha ha

We queued up for that too and you could clearly see Robert was in charge, he would just grab people from the queue and stick the glove up to their throat, or on their head, it looked like so much fun! Paddy went in before me and had previously said he wanted to have a normal face and not a shocked one, but that was until Robert grabbed his throat and let out a very loud Freddy cackle.....cue Paddy's worried face.

I walked in holding a cupcake I had saved back for the photos, he spotted it, grabbed it off me and told me to put my glove on his chest *WOW* then he said 'I'm gunna lick it!' which made everyone laugh and started to tongue my cupcake Freddy style.

Then I had another shot left, just within the split second Robert said 'hmmm what shall we do now' I grabbed the cupcake off him and stuck it on one of my blades to which he smirked and said 'oh now that's funny!' and we did a vs. pose :)

He is now firmly at the top of my 'favourite people' list! Lots of people have had bad experiences meeting their idols and people they love only to be disappointed, but he has made me love him even more :)

Many think I'm mad for having his name tattooed, but all I can say is that each one I have is going to tell a story, my first tatt is of a cherry with a skull face that I designed myself for my love of skulls and cherries..and obviously its story will be 'my first ever tattoo' what will the story of this one be?

The day I met a Legend