Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Cake Catch Up!

Seems I'm a little behind on posting my cake pictures, Ooops!

So this post will be dedicated on catching up on all the cakes I've missed showing you.

First up is a 3 tier Waybuloo cake, very similar to one I've made before, consists of an 8",6" and 4".

It went to the owner of a play centre to which I delivered it. As I put the box on the worktop people wanted a quick peek....which resulted in lots of people asking for business cards ha ha.

The next cake is an idea I came up with last minute, I was asked for simply a 'dinosaur cake'. So came up with this design :) seems quite popular with other bakers on Flickr!

This next one is a wedding cake decorated with mirrored monogram toppers which I think the bride found on Ebay, a pearl brooch she found lying on the floor in Ikea and some diamond picks. I had to change the brides design slightly to make sure it looked elegant and not too fussy but she loved it :)
 And as everything is getting more official in the cake department I decided to name this design after my Nan who also used to make wedding cakes.

I even got a lovely bunch of flowers for that too!:

 You've seen this one lots of times, its a favourite design for Christening cakes! This time ordered for Marc Pugh's daughter....Halle, who by the way is a little cutie!

I also got to do some awesome themed wedding cakes! As you well know I love brides who have abit of fun with their day, and here was one of them!

This next wedding cake however is alot more elegant, and I just LOVE how it turned out! The bride gave me pictures of the detail on her dress which included black blossoms, pearls and small diamantes. As I couldn't get diamantes small enough I used very tiny silver dragees which worked just as well! The wedding was held at Burnley Football Ground and I heard it had lots of compliments!

Another Waybuloo cake, but this time a simple one tier with Yojojo on it, which I have to say was a relief after making so many Waybuloo characters! Again no set design so I opted for a happy yellow to compliment the orange, and added some dots and stars :)

A two tier wedding cake followed, in cream with ball border. I had never made Frangipani's before, infact I haven't really done flowers before! You can tell cartoon and bright colours etc are more my style :)
But I gave them a go, and the bride wanted a pinky coral colour for the centres. They look so simple to make but they are actually harder than they look! ha ha

Then came the cake I had been itching to get going on for months! Just the word 'Zombies' got me excited and I knew I was going to have alot of fun!
It was an Xbox 360 cake, and his fave game was Call of Duty Black Ops, I asked if there was a particular map he liked playing...which then led onto 'The Zombie Level' woop....wet yourself with excitement feeling right there!
Again I basically had free reign with the design so let loose with all the blood and gore....at one point I thought....oops too much gore, but the parents assured me he would love it. Not only did I have a ton of fun making it, but it was one of the most rewarding collections! Mason's dad was amazed by it and couldn't stop raving over the details, he then took it up to the car where the birthday boy was waiting....he had no idea what the design was going to be. The car-full of kids all jumped out and peered into the box.....queue lots of giggles and gasps and a huge thumbs up from the birthday boy :) awesome!

After that came a quite challenging cake! I had 4 birthdays to get on one cake, an 18, 21, and two 40 year olds, if that wasn't hard enough they had really different hobbies and interests too.
 Sam Aston and his brother Joe Aston (who was also in Coronation st) liked going to the gym. Their older brother Chris liked horse racing, and another family member Alison liked shopping. Again the design was left upto me and I didn't actually decide what I was doing till I actually started it! To tie in lots of different themes and details its a good idea to use lots of colour so they seem to 'fit' more, and this cake certainly is colourful!
I had abit of feedback from the party too and they loved it :)

TOY STORY WEDDING CAKE! yeah you heard right.....it can only mean one thing! Another awesome bride put in a cake order. I just LOVE doing them and I'm hoping alternative wedding cakes will be my specialty!

Alien Bridesmaids:

Cardboard box style Chapel complete with Andy's scribbled 'windows', and Zurg with his dog collar!

For the same weekend I also had this to complete, a QUIZ cake! Again the design was left upto
I presented the birthday girl with a sheet of questions to match the icons on the cake, and she said everybody loved it!

Phew nearly there...I make LOTS of cakes you know! ha ha
Another wedding cake, very similar to designs I have made in the past, with a tatty teddy topper!

And last but not least! A Ruby Anniversary cake for a couple who love their doggies :)
With added little sets of paw prints to give it more of a comical feel.

Right that's my post for today! I have yet more cakes to make this week before I have a WEEKEND OFF! for my birthday Yay!

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