Tuesday, 31 May 2011

WOW youve missed alot :)

Yes I've been super busy recently, and yes your probably a little neglected, but I'm here now :) hush hush, it will all be alright!

So what exactly have you missed? LOTS of cakes and behind the scenes talk, and the event of the century for me! But I know how my posts become super long like a bucket of tangled spaghetti so I promise to keep this one simple and include lots of yummy piccies to feast on,

Ok to kick things off we have the 4 tier wedding cake I needed to complete after I came back from the Fern show, lots of ribbon roses to make or 'soft roses' as people like to call them, in baby pink and light pink, this is how it turned out!

The couple were supplying their own topper so I just made 2 small roses to adorn the top with :)
The groom came to collect it and he seemed so excited about the wedding which I thought was super cute! and it looks like they had an awesome day from what I see on Facebook :)
Next was a little dinky....George themed from Peppa Pig! I themed the actual cake part on his 'dine-saw raaawwr' and had a little George sitting on the top:

Close-up of little George:

and the little tail hidden round the back

After that I received an e-mail explaining I had won yet another competition!! I had totally forgotten about it bus was chuffed all the same! I was announced as a runner-up alongside Becky from the Fern show, that was a surprise as I didn't know she had entered but was chuffed for her too, and we both got our goodies :)

Weeee! Really excited to receive this stuff! I haven't used any of it yet, but I'm sure I will get round to doing at some point!

Then I got to do a cake that I had been looking forward to for a long time! A bride who wasn't afraid to have just what she wanted on her wedding day, and did it all her OWN way, not how someone else thinks she should have done it....which is exactly how I want mine! LOL When at first she wanted a New York themed wedding cake I was excited as it was still very different to the 'traditional flowery cakes', but when she changed her mind and went with what her heart REALLY wanted i could have squealed :)....a ZELDA wedding cake! Yep... the little dude in the green costume who appeared in many video games was about to appear on top of a wedding cake...but not just a white wedding cake....nope, a colourful one themed around the game 'The Windwaker'.

I did plenty of research and found some very funky things like painting fish, weird coloured blob things and mini men with leaves for faces but I didn't question it....if it was in the game, it was going on the cake!

Feast your eyes on an awesome brides dream wedding cake:

It was alot of work making all the tiny details and trying to get them just right, but I just love the way a cake comes together when you work so hard on it. Brides, if your listening...go with your heart, and if your heart is telling you to have flesh eating zombies, aliens, or skeletons on your wedding cake.....do it! And I'm your girl for the job ;) ha ha.

Mini details for Zelda fans to coo over
Little hidden tree carving for the bride and groom

One of the signs throughout the game which I tried to get the 'lettering' to as near as possible!

A little creature called a chuchu!

The cute little couple that arrived to me in the post from the bride and groom :) Needed a little bit of a clean as they had been wrapped in newspaper and the ink had come off onto their hair!

Little Makar

King of Red Lions

Deku Tree

And the amazing bride herself!

This last picture was taken by Raymond Lin, a very talented photographer, check his stuff out here!

I also made a waybuloo cake

A cute bunting cake with little cupcakes
And another pink Pitter Patter christening cake

Now if you've got this far without falling asleep the next picture may just wake you up, or if your under 18 press the little cross on your browser right about now :)

 I cannot be responsible to how you react to this one!

If you had a drink in your mouth you may find you need to clean your monitor after the sight of the bottom left one :)

There has also been dinosaur cupcakes

A retirement cake for a man who worked in the high fashion shoe business

A two tier cocktail and bling cake for a 30th birthday party, complete with birthday girl :)

A very special cake for a little angel who would have been 2. Little Pinga is holding a pink bunny to match the tattoo Brooklyn's mummy had in her memory.

Pingu's Dad always ironing....a little bit like Adam! LOL

A very fun Mario cake for brother and sister

A pink fluffy number one with a butterfly theme

An Iggle Piggle first birthday!

A Soap and Glory cake for a very glamorous fan of the range.

A blue Pitter Patter cake

And finally a shoe cake!

Phew, that's alot of cakes you've missed...where the hell have you been? ha ha

Well I'm going to go now and finish my waffle...yes another one :) and will tell you all about my 'event of the century' in the next post, my poor feetsies are screaming at me to sit down.

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