Sunday, 1 May 2011

Fern Final Part 2..

I last left you in the greenroom at Cactus TV with John Hannah :)

After that we made our way to the apartment they had booked for us near Tower Bridge in London.

We had to buzz to get through some gates and park the car. Checked in and off we went to find our apartment - up the lift and across glass floors (everything was glass!) we walked through the door to find this:

Our room with en suite wetroom!

My Auntie Sheila's room

After we got ourselves settled and bags in, we headed off for some tea! We had no idea where we were going or what was around so we just walked....until we saw Tower Bridge!

Standing on Tower Bridge for a quick piccy, it was quite windy but still warm :)

Me and Adam on Tower Bridge:

We walked past a few places that had stopped serving food by this point but after crossing a few roads we found a lovely little Chinese!


It was YUMMY!

I had sweet and sour veggies :)

After stuffing ourselves silly, we made our way into next doors newsagents and picked up some celebratory drinks! I had a small can of Pimms, Auntie Sheila had a Smirnoff and Adam bought a little bottle of Bud :)

Long way back across Tower Bridge and to the apartment feet were aching, and the best feeling in the world is kicking your shoes off and slipping them into some furry purple slippers :)

ahhhhhhh comfy!

Stick some comfy PJ's on, drinkies and reflect on what happened only hours before...

Off to bed after that....yeah we know how to party hard ;) lol

Next morning its Adams 26th birthday!! Crawl out of bed with your bed head on and open your cards

How very true :)

Brews and biscuits to wake us up....just look at the view from our balcony....early morning rays!

On the balcony cooling off

Glass, glass and more glass!

Then off for some proper breakfast at the nearest service station, now THAT is what I call a breakfast!

Off for a long drive home....but we had a great time!

All the excitement was too much for some though :D

And heres my prize!
Everyone meet Betty :) a brand new girlfriend for my existing mixer Alfie :D

And I received an awesomely cute card from my brother and girlfriend


Heard when I got home I wasn't the only person to blubber when I won, people at home did too! And some of them weren't even family ha ha.

Well that completes my adventure to London and TV appearance, and aren't you chuffed there wasn't as much text this time!
Since the show I've been on Real Radio, Blogs, BBC website, local newspaper and radio station websites/facebook. Its CRAZY!

Next post will be all the cakies Ive missed showing you since the trip!

:) xxx

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