Tuesday, 5 April 2011

'Sorry I have sticky hands!'

That's exactly what I said to Michael Ball as he went to shake my hand, nothing else I could think of at the time haha!.

Ok, so as you will have gathered I managed to get the cake ready and down to London (and I'd like to point out we were an hour late!)

This is the state I left my kitchen in Thursday morning! Cake making is a VERY messy business!

We had a mishap with the cake just putting it into the car! It was a VERY windy morning and a few of the bunting flags blew off, and then one of the Corgi's ears got knocked off as we were positioning it into the car. I had to whip my toolbox out with my edible glue and try to stick it back on before we carried on.
Finally on our way:

It was soon dinnertime so we stopped at a service station to re-fuel - ourselves :)
and theres nowhere better to do that than:

The good luck and well wishes started to flood in!

We travelled some more, and after lots of beeping cars, traffic jams, traffic lights and shouting at the sat nav we arrived at...

The rest is pretty much a blur after this! I went into the greenroom where I met a roller skating gran, got whisked of to make-up, had to transport the cake into the studio, get all my bits and pieces and I took one step into the studio and started shaking...not good!!
We literally got all our tools in before they were shouting 10 minutes till air! A make-up woman rushed round the corner clipped my fringe back and dusted my face, another bloke mic'd me up and we were told Fern would come to stand in the middle of us, introduce us - show our VT's and then leave us to it.
Before I knew it the show had started and Fern was in full swing! I was told to stand round the front of the flag (our cakes were hidden behind them unfinished) and Fern walked over to us and asked live on air what we were doing! I thought noooo this isn't scripted...luckily Susan was making some sugar roses which she did a fab demo on, and all I was doing was rolling a little black string out ha ha so totally had to make it up as I went along.

The VT's were shown on a small monitor to the side...I was that nervous and stressed upto the eyeballs I cant even remember watching it, but I did notice that the ninja spoons weren't on there...RELIEVED!
No ninja spoons for you!

They did however include my mums hat flying off, and my brother laughing at her which is so far everyones favourite bit  :D

Heres a picture of me pretending to be doing something important and Fern did a fantastic job of doing things unscripted...a true professional!

Look at my pinned fringe! You can also see my very cheesy cupcake earrings! Adam bought them me so I thought it was the perfect occasion to wear them :)

The rest of the show went SO fast and we had a lot less time to finish the cakes than first thought! I don't even know what happened on the show or what the guests said, I was stressing out behind the flag trying to get finished - I was told to leave 'plenty' to do LOL. Susan had finished hers and kindly lent me a hand putting all my little model sandwiches on plates, hats and cups on the street etc. I just had to throw a hat on the guard, stick some shoes on and literally blobbed 3 buttons on his jacket.....it was all under-done and very fast paced but I finished it in the end.
It was time for the big reveal, again I was still very nervous and you can tell by my face on this picture....I was concentrating so hard on when to drop the flag ha ha

Eddie Spence was then asked his opinion on the cakes, I'll never forget what he said after the show..'I dont know if you know who I am but...' I was like.. Of COURSE I know who you are!! haha. Bless him, he was lovely :)
Fern also mentioned after the show 'Did you hear what Eddie said about your cake?' Apparently he had said there were no cracks in my sugarpaste and it was nice and smooth, to which then Fern said 'and Eddie knows whats hes talking about so you did well!'...I was mega chuffed by that :)...but of course I know he was only saying it to be nice haha

My Cakey on Tv!! eeek! All those figures were handmade in about a week, I had to leave a few arms etc till last minute as they were interacting with the table.

And this is the part where live TV went wrong! The audience were then asked to vote on which cake they liked the most (bearing in mind the audience were at the side of us behind a partition!) The monitor on which they were supposed to view the cakes didn't work so the poor people had to vote blind! The outcome was B by about 14-9, and Fern just announced the winner..

You can see my face on this one as the realization hit me that I had to come back on the 21st when I was busy with a wedding cake and a birthday cake!

The show ended promptly, Michael Ball, Julian Fellows and the audience rushed over to see what they had actually voted on, Adam informed me they couldn't see when voting and then they all got ushered into the audience greenroom where apparently a woman jokingly informed they didn't even know what was going on. To my relief they did a re-vote which is only fair, and I'm so glad they did that as I certainly didn't want to win just by chance and it was majorly unfair on Susan! Cactus TV crew then informed us the outcome was still B after the re-vote and if it had been any different they would have announced it on the next show.
Even though they voted again once they had seen the cakes I cant help feeling that I'm still not good enough...something Ive been trying to overcome for years! My cakes are certainly not the best by far, but I was hoping I was getting somewhere and progressing with my designs...maybe not?!

The studio was quite small really...but I suppose that made it easier as it probably wasn't as daunting as doing one with a huge audience!

How rude of me not to tell you to make yourself comfy and stick the kettle on...this is rather a long post, go on...go get yourself a brew and a biccy, I'll still be waffling on when you get back :)

Anyway, we hung around the studios waiting for them to finish filming my cake (which they may use in a future VT) and I could get the cake into the car. Adam and my Auntie Sheila were waiting in the car park and they saw Richard E Grant arrive for Friday nights show, they were pre-recording it! Not only that but I didnt hear until on the way home that one of the people who I had hoped to be on the show - well thought about meeting (either Alan Carr, Peter Kay, Bon Jovi, or Michael Buble or someone like that!) was actually at the studios for Friday nights filming.......I WALKED PAST HIM, and didn't even notice, you can't get more gutting than that! it was ALAN CARR! :( not happy I missed that at all ha ha.

The sat nav decided not to work, so we couldn't get out of London, we did pass this though:

Which I thought was rather smart :) and also the HUGE natural history museum, where my Auntie told me they had the dinosaur, I instantly thought of the film 'Night at the Museum' how cool!

We just drove and drove till we got out of London (followed signs for Heathrow hoping it would lead us to some sort of motorway!) and the sat nav decided to revive. Trouble was the main motorway which we were to travel 70 miles on was closed!! so had to re-route an hour back where we came from to get on another. This is what time we got home...yeas it AM, not pm!

Ooo look how pretty my wallpaper looks :) ha ha

We went straight to bed...absolutely shattered! The next morning I opened the pressie and card I got from cactus TV...

This handwash decked the walls in the bathroom at the studio...and they had a stunning mirror in there!! I must take a picture next time I'm there to show you :) was lovely! ha ha

I also had a cake to make this day but I'll save that for the next post!

Soooo I have to go back on the 21st April for the final, Which I'm probably even more nervous about as I'm against 2 other winners and I have no idea what their cakes are! I also don't know whether to modify the design I already made, or come up with a new one, the easiest/quickest option would be to just modify but I don't want to come across as lazy, but if I do a new design I don't want it to be the same as another contestants without me knowing! arggghhh so stressful :)

Been abit of confusion too regarding competition rules and what is fair and what is not...didn't know it was so complicated, afterall they asked ME to go on...I didn't apply! Im sure they will sort it out though, they have a good team! Tell you what they don't half run around after you there! They make sure your totally fine with everything, run to get things you need/drinks etc, they are fantastic, I only asked for a bottle of water once the show was over with as I didn't want to give them extra work, they were all over the place! Really excited to see which guests are on the show that Thursday, and also if they will be pre-recording Friday's show in which case I hope to see those celebrities too! Keep you posted xxxxxx
T xxx

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