Thursday, 14 April 2011

Helping to unpack

Thats what I thought Abbi was doing with the food shop as we dumped the bags in the living room. Each time I came in to put another bag away, more and more items were being lined up on the couch. So helpful :)

 That is UNTIL....I heard her saying 'mmmmmmm'....'mmmmmmmmmm' I walked into the living room to find her holding the one and only cheapo mini cheesecake Adam had bought for himself to take to work! She had managed to sink her two front knashers straight through the foil and was sucking all the sweet strawberry topping out! I thought it was hilarious but Adam had a disappointed look on his face, his one and only cheesecake had been stolen. Everytime I see the picture it reminds me of a snake when they sink their fangs into a paper tub to release venom, Abbi sunk her fangs into the foil to get the good stuff  ha ha.


hee hee, I wasnt bothered though, she didn't manage to get through my battenberg wrapper.

Also since my last post things got abit complicated when Fern announced the wrong winner in the next heat of the competition, long story short they have decided to just start a fresh and offer all 4 contestants who had already been on, to go straight through to the final. Which I'm not bothered about really as it will be fun for all 4 of us to meet up and geek out about cake stuff :)

Ive come up with a new design which Ive started prepping for, as its the 21st April, LIVE again. As far as I know there are two Italian chefs on promoting their new book that day, and I'm excited to see who else is on, aswell as Fridays guests who will be there to pre-record. Don't worry I'll try to have my camera at the ready!
I'm alot more relaxed about this competition...because I'm not classing it as one! Just telling myself we are 4 people going to show off some cakes and have a great day! I'm not going to get an opportunity like this again :)

Whilst prepping for that I managed to do a Poker cake for a 21st Birthday, here are all the cakes you've missed out on!

Firstly this cake was made the morning after I got back from London, totally tired out! It was for a man who liked football, cricket, beer and the xbox......which pretty much sums up most blokes!
All fondant apart from the beer cans which are candles for the birthday boy to blow out :)
 I had to grab a quick picture of it with my little camera - the lady collecting it was stood right behind me...that's how much of a grab shot it was!

 Then of course we had Mothers Day on the Sunday, which included quite a few Mothers Day cupcake giftboxes,

And a few customized ones for the two girls in the florists,

I delivered them to the shop on Saturday night, they were mega busy selling bouquets, potted plants and gifts that I just had to sneak in the back to hand them over, they really loved them and insisted I take a few bunches of daffodils which I thought was really sweet of them, thanks girlies!
Apologies for the really cacky picture!

Next was a Burnley themed cake for Nigel who works for Burnley football club. I was mega chuffed he was so happy with his cake! He left a review, lots of comments and a few messages on just how much he liked his cake which was really nice! He said he took it round to his neighbours house and even they took photos of it! And as it's fruitcake hes going to now save it till he next goes to the club to take it with him to show the fans. That is just how much he liked his cake :)
He said the tie the figure is wearing is an exact replica of his own, and the Burnley badge I made was the best he had ever seen on a cake and was better than some of the badges on their merchandise....chuffed or what!
I love a happy customer :)

Then onto an old design which I was excited about re-visiting! I first did this design for Kai's 4th birthday and a year later I had the chance to make it again for a friends little boy turning one!
Sometimes it's good to try an old design to see if you've progressed (or worse LOL)
Id finished it off and it was sat here waiting collection, and I loved how Alfie's dad's first word when walking through the door was  'Wow' (I assumed he was saying wow at the cake and not from the smell of Rex our guinea pig haha)
It had an hours drive to endure but it got there in one piece!

And the last cake of the post is the one I've just delivered! She ordered a Black Ops Xbox 360 cake at first but then changed her mind afterwards and wanted a Poker cake, which also meant I got to revisit ANOTHER old lucky!
This was a guinea pig cake with a new mixture I was trying out and my word it rose like a corpse in toxic waste! I sandwiched two together and it resulted in a very deep cakey (which you can't really see in this photo *bangs head off wall*)       :)


Ive also been busy today making a few bits and pieces for the 'Final' cake for Fern, and some cupcakes toppers I'm using tomorrow....It's all go here at the moment, now I'm going to sit down with a hot vimto and have my last chill out!

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