Tuesday, 26 April 2011

And the winner is.......

Tracey! Wow...words I weren't expecting to hear!

I'll warn you now, this could get very long - grab yourself a slice of cake!

Prep started for the cake! I knew I wanted to make this one flash....the last cake I made with sounds effects and lights was too long ago and I had a small fitting containing four flashing bulbs saved in the cupboard for a special cake :)

First I had to drill the holes for it, and it was my first time using this drill for actually drilling holes and not just screwing screws! LOL
However the drill is another one of MY appliances, even Kai used to say that the iron was Daddy's and the drill was Mummy's :) hee hee

After drilling 4 less than straight holes I fitted the bulbs in and made what was going to be the 'backboard' complete with blackpool tower!
Yellow bulbs!

Red bulbs!

And the modelling begins!
I knew we were having a donkey on the beach somewhere so made a tired, pooped out little ass. I almost made a little name plate for it saying 'Harvey' but I forgot!
Made from chocolate flavoured fondant, with my hands and a few sugarcraft tools!

Then I made a few small details for the beach...including this little 99! quite cute if I do say so myself :) probably the thing I'm most proud of on the whole cake! ha ha

Next came Princess Anne sat on Harvey the donkey :)
A few of the heads were taken from the Street Party cake and it was quite fun coming up with new situations to match the expressions to! On the first cake, Princess Anne was abit miffed that Prince Edward was stealing her cupcake, now she is miffed that her little donkey wont get up :) She's sporting an all-in-one green polka dot suit, which she would TOTALLY wear to the beach :D

Again Prince Charles' head was recycled, so here he is about to have fun building sandcastles! Im sure he has a shirt just like that in his walk-in wardrobe too aswell as one of those classic 'kiss me quick' hats Camilla bought him...

Mini Palm trees painted on with edible paste colours!

The Queen's head was another recycled one, and a favourite of alot of people, so I decided to keep her and have her buried in a pile of sand with some lovely seashells and a 99 splatted to her head :D I have my suspicions of who did that to her.........

Here is Kate in a much more lighter wedding dress than last time, something summery and fun for the beach! I also added extra hair to make it look like it was blowing slightly in the wind. This one was quite hard to come up with something for her expression due to the place where she was sat, I almost put a seagull on a wire above her head with its bum hole JUST near......well you can picture that! I thought that was going a little far though so instead I had her pointing down at Princess Anne, though by the time I added William it looked like the new bride had only just spotted her new husbands bald patch! :)
Her earrings are edible as is everything else except the small jewel and her tiara!

Next I made a few shells from sugarpaste, handpainted with slight bits of brown in the creases, and finished off with lustre to give it a pearly shelly shine!

'OMG, He has a bald patch! Someone pass the toupe!' paha...Ive always thought that word was funny!! Its a WIG!!

Looks more like one of the Gallagher brothers though yeah?

Little rolled up trousers and little toes! I have no idea what Williams feet actually look like though, I mean he could have ingrown toenails, dreaded fungus, or extremely hairy yeti feet...I should have really googled it to see.....*mental note to do that later to see what pops up hee hee*

Jolly good sandcastles Charlie boy!
Can't say the same for those kitchen tiles though, I'm going to re-name my workspace 'Noddy's Kitchen' after that little annoying dwarf who drives round in a red and yellow car!

Stanley the Crab....named after our very own deceased crab (the kind you keep in the fish tank...I could tell your mind was wandering there! focus people focus!)

And here we are the almost finished cake, Imagine this with a bit more brown sugar (sand), the sponge support removed and the backboard screwed on and you have the finished product!
I have no real closeups of Harry....but he is all sunburnt!

Then off to bed for a sleepless night wondering if it would survive the car journey!

The day of the cake competition final for Fern on Channel 4 arrived, and I was running around trying to decide what to wear...too dressy, too casual, too see through, too uncomfortable, too warm...clothes started to pile up on the bed till I just had to pull anything out as it was time to go! I opted for some navy leggings, my new wedges, and a cool white shirt with belt....it gets way too hot under those lights!

We packed the cake in the car, which resulted in a scratched arm on the open chipboard, and we set off on the LOOOONG journey down again.

As you can see I always sit in the back to keep checking on the cake, which is abit pointless really...what am I going to do if it falls? Im not going to be able to catch it, bum wedged between the seats, sprained ankle in wedges, and me staring at the driver behind through the back window with flared nostrils like a gurner?

hmmmm I might just suit one of them there goatee efforts!
Pahaha I had the most awful thought whilst looking at that picture....I wonder what his 'bedroom face' is....something like this I would imagine...poor poor wife :S

Anyway, less about that. We stopped at a service station to grab a bite to eat and here we are feeling rather chilled and relaxed that we are actually ahead of schedule!
Adam with his built in sunshade skull


Everybody, meet my Auntie Sheila! Still chilling outside in the gorgeous sunshine! I almost got onto TV twice! A man and a cameraman asked us if we were off on holiday, if we were we would have been interviewed on ITV aswell! lol

Back on the road again, and very close to Cactus Studios! We spotted this weird looking thing....some sort of half smart car, half ferrari, and part formula one car! ha ha The bloke driving was wearing a helmet too.

Without a doubt the weirdest veichle I have seen...apart from this one :
I mean...I love shoes, but this is just.....wrong! Its like a Lady Gaga car!

And in my last post about the Fern show I promised to show you the huge mirror in the toilets!? well here it is.....it was my second trip to the bog as the first time there was a woman brushing her hair at it....can you imagine me pushing her out the way and snapping pics of it? So it explains why it looks like I'm walking towards the mirror, I had my camera out as I entered to get a quick pic before someone came out of a cubical and saw me being a proper saddo photographing a mirror!

Here is another shot of the Queen surrounded by a few other little bits as I was finishing off at the studios!

This is me setting my cake up, picture of my bum as pictured by Susan lol

Harry and his beachball, Can't see his sunburn that well but hey-ho

This was Adam's view from the audience! And sat on the couch there is John Hannah who was lovely!

And here is a picture of Susan with her cake.....about 1 minute to air! Not that I noticed, I thought we were doing some sort of rehearsal, till I heard them shout 30 seconds to air and I was quickly trying to turn my camera off and hide it behind my cake!

I love this next picture, look how excited! This is Becky and Janne..probably 30 seconds till air!

Then the excitement turned to dread as the camera man kept backing REALLY close to Janne's cake. She kept throwing her arms out as he got closer and closer till 'bump' the cake started to wobble as he nudged it with his bum, me and Becky were almost going to take a dive for it! Luckily Janne's fab support system pulled off and it stayed in one piece!

Make-up time! The two Italians were getting a little shiny under the lights!

Ad break!! Fern on the sofa

Then us live on air! Felt so much better we didn't have to finish them off this time.

The audience!! Theres Adam and my Auntie Sheila at the back :)

Just look at the state of my hair, didn't even have time to do it in the morning, and didn't get to nip back into make-up due to setting the cakes up! ha ha once a scruff always a scruff....

Janne's very elegant cake on TV!

Becky's fun desert Island cake! You should have seen the little crown box on it, cute!

My cakey! Good job I remembered to move that supporting sponge!

Susan's Love bird cake, on huge thrones too!

We only found out when we arrived at the studio who the judges were! As soon as Jane Asher was mentioned I went 'whhaaa??' LOL Here I was just throwing all the bits on the cake to try and get it finished and was then told they had brought expert judges in to get up close and personal to the cakes!! Eeeeekk.
They had Gavin from choccywoccydoodah for the design aspect, Jane Asher on the execution of the cake, and Jenny Bond for the Royal aspect. As soon as I heard that I thought I was dead with the Queen and splatted ice cream idea, I was so glad I hadn't put a seagull shitting on Kate at that point!
I was worried how sloppy my cake was and how the top turrets had slumped slightly in the car, but then I just though, Oh well, what will be will be! I was there to enjoy myself, and I certainly did that!

They commented on the cakes and showed the dreaded VT's again!

Gavin: 'I love the sandcastle one, it's just so funny and clever, and its so well balanced, the detailing in the faces is just exquisite'

Then it came the time to announce the winner, in all honesty I was expecting Janne to win with her elegant cake! And as they started to describe the winning cake I was sure it wasn't me...

Jane Asher: 'For the combination of a brilliant idea, with a little bit of lateral thinking, and the most extraordinary immaculate presentation of this idea...... we had to go for Tracey and her sandcastle'

WHAAaaaa? did she just say my name? OMFG!

That face pretty much sums up how shocked I was! SOOO shocked infact that off air I started blubbering like an idiot! Ive often watched people cry when they win something and think, god you've only won 'come dine with me' not a lifetime holiday! But now I know how they feel, it was just so unexpected! Getting soft in my old age! LOL

Clappy clap!

They then announced that the cake would be given to charity (Trinity Hospice), and I had won a little surprise, it was a brand new KitchenAid! How cool, I wasn't expecting any prize!

You can tell I'm not quite with it as I start clapping for myself like an retarded seal and my eyes are wide with shock LOL

Adam and my Auntie Sheila were also shocked and said they were clapping so hard that they would have looked like a right pair of idiots if the camera caught them! They said they were one step under hugging each other pahaha that would have been so funny live on air!
We got ushered into the greenroom after this was announced so we didn't get to see the rest of the show, all the crew were either hugging me, saying congratulations, or asking if I was ok LOL, the lovely Nigel ran and got me some tissues too! I went to the big classy mirror on the wall to see my smudged black eyes...and didn't notice till later me and Becky still had our mic packs on....I think she went for a wee with it still on ha ha, I wondered why a crew member burst into the womens toilets and asked for the mic's :D, its a good job I wasn't that shocked it gave me the squits and I was sat plopping on the mic for everyone to hear haha

After the show had finished it was time to grab a few pictures with the guests on set!

Me and Jane Asher, I think this is the only time you will hear me say, I wish I had the body of a 65 year old ha

We squeezed on the couch for a few cheeky pics before the next show started:

 Well I guess I should label this one 'the winning cake' still can't quite believe it!

This is John Hannahs adorable little poochie, Coco

Me and Jenny Bond who was really lovely! She actually came over talking to us off her own back which was really nice, she was commenting on my cake and told me to go and get my phone to see what messages I had! She is also the reason I managed to get a picture with John Hannah, I did'nt want to disturb him as he had his picture taken loads already so let him breathe for a bit. But then he got up to leave and my Auntie Sheila was pushing me forwack saying 'get him quick quick!'. I said it doesnt matter hes going now, Jenny Bond then shouted at the top of her voice in the green room 'JOHN, DONT GO!' ha ha he turned round and I just said 'I wanted a picture but if your going then its ok...' but he put Coco back down and said no of course! He was lovely too! he chatted to me whilst we were having our picture taken and turns out not all celebrities are snobby! Jenny Bond and John Hannah were absolutely lovely!
So thanks Jenny Bond for grabbing John for a picture!

I was then handed my prize! A lovely new Cream KitchenAid.
The celebrities slowly filtered out, and we were left with only a few of us in the greenroom. I loved how Becky got a runner up prize of her own! A bottle of wine from the refreshment table ha ha it may have been presented to her in secret....by herself but I hope she enjoyed it as she deserved it! lol It was her biggest cake to date.

Then it was time to pack up and head to the apartment they had booked for us! But that was a story in itself so I'll save that for the next post!

Now hands up who googled Williams feet before you reached the end of this post?