Monday, 7 March 2011

Reach for the Sky!!

And if you didn't already know, that was a quote from Disney's Toy Story :)
My big brown eyed boy turned 5 on the 3rd March, we celebrated by opening some of his presents in the morning before school. He got a keyboard, an interactive talking globe, some clothes, lots of money, all 3 Toy Story films on DVD, a talking Woody, a Woody costume, and a poetry book!
After school he got changed into his Woody costume at Nanna's house...sooo cute!

Then set off for some birthday tea at Pizza hut! Where he opened the rest of his presents...

After stuffing ourselves on pizza, pasta, chicken and potato wedges we made our way to Liverpool Echo Arena for......*drum roll please*....Disney On Ice!

Now none of us had ever been to the Echo arena before, and we were in 3 different cars, only two of which had sat nav's. The car following us got lost and made a wrong turn, and the car infront made numerous wrong turns against the sat nav and we...stupidly followed! However we finally got there and parked, ran to the entrance and waited to re-group! Luckily my brother who had got lost (without a sat nav!) finally found us and we were only about 5-10 minutes late. We squeezed into our seats and managed to enjoy the rest of the show....which may I add, Abbi LOVED. She was shaking with excitement, clapping, screaming and stretching to see over people heads, she particularly enjoyed the 'ghosty' part...think shes going to grow up like her mum and have a love of horror movies!

Woo Jesse and Woody

 Abbi's photography! :

And no birthday is complete without...CAKE! 
And its obvious what theme it was going to be! Toy Story.
This was without a doubt one of the most tiring in terms of model work!

And heres a few in progress pictures and close-ups:

Woody getting dressed!

'Kai' on the sole (K written backwards to represent how Andy wrote the 'N' on the wrong way in the film!)


Little Green Guy!



And I made approx 28 Alien cupcakes for all his class at school that morning, here are just a few of them!

I cant believe he is now 5! It's flown by, and before I know it my little Abbi Doodles will be 2! (Lets hope those aren't 'terrible two's' by the way!)

That concludes my post for today! (without a mention of wedding in sight!) Im hoping to sit down with a hot Vimto after with Kai to watch Toy Story!
Bye Bye! xxx

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